Dublinmaker in Ireland, come and see my droids!

in #starwars3 years ago

I finished my new droid BB9E, the first public appearance will happen on Saturday in Dublin. If you are around, come and check us. It is Dublinmaker, the free event for everybody interested in the Maker movement, DIY, science, and technology. Bring your kids, there will be many attractions for them too. You never know if this will be the event which inspire them to build real robots and change the world :). Bring your friends who are Star Wars fans, to touch these full scale robots, see how they move and take selfies. Bring your good camera and skills, I want to see better photos of this cuties. From what I know they are the only copies in Ireland, so one-time possibility :) We are in Merrion Square whole Saturday. You can see the list of exhibitors and photos from previous years on the Dublinmaker.ie website. If the weather is great, you can sit on the grass, listen to music, eat food served on site and enjoy the positive atmosphere.

Last year I built BB8 for this occasion, now I added his evil brother to the collection. I started building it a few months ago, but in the meantime, changed my home and became a father to the little baby girl. That took me away from social media and my work for a while, but I was able to finish this model on time. It helped to have the molds of all major parts ready from the previous build. That saved weeks of work! You can see the description of the initial stage of this build in one of my previous posts. I will write a more detailed post after the event, where I will get more pictures outside. I am packing my 3dprinter, all wires and getting ready to see you outside. I am also trying to decide, which robot should I build for next year. My list would be Wall-E, MO, R2D2 or C3PO. Which one would you like the most? Do you have your own favourite? leave the comment bellow.


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Thanks for your great service. I noticed recently many tiny flags even on my old posts.

A full scale C3PO would be amazing, and my 5 year old would be super excited to see a "real" Wall-E!

These BBs are awesome! Very nicely done!

Yes, Real Wall-E is on my mind for a long time. C3PO would suit me very well as a costume because I am skinny :) So many cool projects on my list!

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