My 3d printed BB8 shaking hands with politicians

in #starwars4 years ago


My droid was invited to announcement of a national investment of 4.4mil euro through Science Foundation Ireland's Discover Programme. The funding has been awarded to a range of projects dedicated to educating and engaging public in STEM (not me :) )

Steepshot_footer2.PNG Steepshot | IPFS | Google Play

a great post, thank you for sharing with us beginners in steemit, hopefully we can follow as your footsteps.

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Wow! Would love to get my hands on a little
minature version 😍

Yes, it is a great character, miniature version would be good. He is standing here in my living room now and I need to be careful not to hit it with furniture :) I already started working on his dark force brother bb9e :)

Can't wait to see how that will turn out,
hope you will share the results here ? 😇

Congratulations on your achievement so that you get an honorable invitation, really happy if I get the invitation

Thank you. I built it for our maker fair, I attend this every year with new projects to promote "making" to children. It is nice to show them what can be made if you have passion for creation and a lot of time :)

Nice to finally see a picture of your BB8 :-)

Strange on Steemit it shows 12 keywords for this post...did they raise the limits ?

I need to write a longer post about making it and with more photos. This was posted in stepshot app, it is like instagram but on steem blockchain. It allows for more tags but the very short text and I cant add more photos.

yea looking forward to learning more about your BB8 and how you did build it!

cool bb8!!👍👍 Thanks like it my instagram 😎

Fantastic. Great work.

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