The Dublinmaker, annual event for makers in Ireland

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The Dublinmaker, annual event for makers, tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, artists, science clubs ended on Saturday. It was a one-day event, part of Festival of Curiosity in Merrion Square Park, where families can see all sort of inventions. It was the 7th year and the fifth time I exhibited my work there. It is always great to leave my cave and see how people react to my work. I always try to surprise and raise my personal bar with each project I bring with me. I grew my collection of full-scale droids, with another BB unit. During the event, I started printing my next one, MO from movie Wall-E I am planning to make him animated with use of multiple servo motors and Arduino boards. I would like to own Wall-E too, but he is too large for my limited space in the apartment. I also bought BB8 remote controlled toy and will be converting it to tiny blue BB droid from the computer game. That’s the plan for next year, but it can change of course. I also need to save some cash for more servos and materials, it would be really awesome if the Steem price went up and help me fund this project. So far it sucked my funds when I invested in Steem Power just before crypto market crash.


Here are some photos from the event. The weather was stable so people could enjoy a festive atmosphere, music and food sold in a few booths. Hundreds of children and their parents had lots of laughs seeing the robots in action. They were touching and hugging them, and saying goodbye, just like to the real person. It was so much fun to watch. Very happy I could bring this characters from movie screen to life. Now need to polish the BB9E from all fingertips, sugar and traces of ice-cream and have him ready for next year.

I brought them to the event using car sharing service Gocar, very handy for situations like that when I don’t have my own. I would not need car at all if they would put more stations in my area, if you guys read this, please add more outside of city centre, You know I gave you lot of business recently ;)

I met few usual visitors, some of them even bought the 3d printer after my recommendations last year. I am always planting the idea of owning the machine or requesting one as a gift for Christmas. I think it is the best toy parents can buy. It would change lives of the crafty person, teach the new programs and skills. There should be more machines around, there are no excuses for not owning one.
If you like what I make, help me with your upvotes reach a bigger audience. All funds this post will collect will help me fund the next project for next year event. Thanks for your attention and support.


Pretty awesome stuff brother. Resteemed!

Thank you! There will be more so check my feed. I bought this remote controlled BB8 I am planning to modify for another BB unit. I also made few art toys I didn't publish yet. I hope you will enjoy my posts.

Looking forward to seeing more from you. This was awesome man.

I'm ready to start my own BB8 and was searching for a good guide...trying to register for the BB8Buildersclub but my registrations aren't accepted. Do you have an idea where else I could start finding STL files and Guides for the Motors... i want to build a working one :D

The stls for exterior and frame on bb8 builders club. Give them time, they will accept you. Join joes drive, vonjet bb8 sphere, daver's RCD and droid designs on facebook for more options for driving mechanism. 2 last are in beta testing stage but look like very beautiful mechanisms. Joes drive is well tested and looks like it works but I prefer other 2 for clean and compact build. If you want it rolling, I guess injection molded frame will be a good base. I would also consider vonjet design where you don't need inner frame. I would go this route if I was just starting. I didn't like that panels could shift and move little when attached to frame and the big gaps appeared. It was probably caused by my resin cast and slightly flexible panels.

Also, if printing all the droid, try to do it the biggest parts possible. It is much less cleaning and gaps. Choose the rings and inner panels joined together. It is so much faster to mask the orange or white than sand and later fit them together.

got accepted by now :D busy reading the forums ...will look into the drive mechanics...

Awsome! I am curious about your experience. I bought the rc BB8 toy and after few minutes playing with it, crashing on furniture, head popped tens of times., I realized I would be so angry if I had to fix it after every public appearance. I don't have the hollywood budget for red carpet events :)

I would define it with my live and don’t let others play with it :)

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Very nice realization dude

I've seen both the BB-8 and BB9E since I've been following you here on Steemit since you joined, but it's so cool to see them in this setting. It nust be so awesome to see all the other people getting so much enjoyment from seeing them, and a little bit nerve racking too I would imagine since you let them touch the droids. Nice group photo you got with them too, haha. They really look fantastic. Amazing work! Couldn't be any closer to looking like they're the real droids.

I know its amazing, you are always here from beginning :) I was away from platform for few months because moved to new apartment and did all work by myself. Lots of diy and new skills. Then I had a first baby and lots of new things to do around my place. Finally can go back to crafting and writing in free time :)
I let kids touch my droids, hard to stop it. They are made for that and maker faire is not museum. Its all hands on. Just had to watch so they don't stop the motors doing their work and dig with finger nails :) everything else is welcomed.

Lol! That last photo of them in the back seat. Your bots are cool. Better than the steemit bots that's for sure.

Thats true. They made Star Wars world better. I was inactive for a while and see much more new bots here. Flagging swarm, flag fixing bot, upvoting bot for not using bots, curation guilds which send swarm of upvotes without checking the content. This whole ecosystem looks like we write for bots and just very few people who read. All of this should be banned completly but before that I will need to use one to increase my reputation to 60 so I can try this byteball airdrop everybody is writing about.

I would agree with you on that. I don't know where steemit is going, TBH. You forgot to mention the byteball bots! Also, you can claim them yourself without getting a referral. Might as well get in before they are all gone. Getting to 60 could take a while.

I only need another 0.322 to reach 60 so should not take that much time. I thought one big upvote from the bot will solve that but spending 35SDB was not enough :) I hope I will have enough time to sign for airdrop.

Would have loved to have made it to the event but was away working. The bots look great.

No problem, we will finally meet on one of the meetups and have a chat.

That seems pretty amazing bro

Thanks! It was cool project to make. Can't wait for next one!

Glad the event went well for you. I meant to get over but plans fell through as so often they do! Great shot of the 2 lads in the back seat.

Yes, it is always great fun and an excuse to create something new. Sorry you didn't make it. I need to go for a chat with you for one of nex steem dublin meetups when I will find new balance with my new life :)

New life indeed! I read in your last post you have a little one now. Congrats on that and I'm sure your life will never be quite the same again;)

Thank you. Yes I see it already but love it so far.

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