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I love doing this, and I will do everything to try and make it work,
BUT .....

There has been some big changes to how the steemit ecosystem functions. Unfortunately this has trickled down to us 'real people' on the Cypher Jam and the steemit music community as a whole. We could spend along time discussing if this is right or not, but this is a waste of time, as it is a reality. Please see this post by @therealwolf as he can explain it far better than I ever could.


I could, in theory, give away the funds I have earned so far as prizes, but on top of giving my music that I spend many hours making, I am not prepared to do this!!! I am not a 'big fish'. Bottom line is, as of very recently, there is now no vote/prize from dsound. I have bumped up this round a bit with bots, but this is still a tiny prize and causes me to run at a loss ... and pays those who already have the monopoly. Fuck that!!

So, it seems we have a choice ...

  • Hold off for a bit until we can maybe find some kind of funding.
  • Move the whole operation to Whaleshares or another site.
  • Have a prize that is not currency /no prize (all I really have to give is my music).
  • Jack it all in and take up killing instead.


I am not here to be sentimental. I am here to use this technology as it presents itself and make it function to benifit us all, and that means evolving and adapting.
Please tell me your thoughts and ideas!!
This is your Worldwide Cypher Jam, your existence, and together, we are very strong!!

... Lets f**kin' jam!!!!!!!!!!


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My feelings for you termite. Is that you should definitely keep your music here I mean $5.00 a post ain't bad and I have a feeling all crypto is about to make a push back in a favorable position.

But for the jam yea I think with the right sponsoring, could get the jam pumped up to a good amount when all rewards are up over at whaleshares we just have to show the hip-hop people here that the switch to whaleshares is a good thing. While Whaleshares is and was started by a small group of tight people from Steemit. I think that it is now big enough we can have a small group there just there for the music most of all and start more bigger projects like One Project!!(you are gonna like my lyrics termite!)

I will most likely have wifi next week and I can help plug and promote the jam on whaleshares.

be good (maybe ...haha) to have a huge group chin-wag on discord at some point?? ... at least, if no conclusions are reached, i can still get some good samples!!!!! haha

Whaleshares is the move in my opinion. Steemit is no longer a feasible tool for benefiting a community through competition. No matter where we go, the jam continues!

yeah. maybe, Im wondering if theres some kindof reward that would work across platforms, but it gets complicated!!! either way, yeah!!!!!!! the jam cannot be defeated!!!!!!

we will figure something out bruv! Got my internet back so it's on!

For me the Cypher Jam has always been about -- the Jam, of course! the rewards pool ... well maybe if Steem kept climbing past 2017 highs ...

Anyway, the plot has thickened, here's two posts about the latest steemit fin news from trusted witnesses :

... and this next one is from I think the witness responsible for MSP Waves if not MSP itself: