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One of the most essential part of the life of a traveller is having a place to rest or pass the night in between travelling. This is the main reason why we have so many B&B, hotels, guest houses and motels around us. This helps us stay safe and also create an haven far away from home. Since the inception of hotels, customers always pay for the services they receive and this field is dominated by centralised bodies. With joy I am proud to inform us how customers 'loyalty deserves recognition' and Trippki is helping to change this narrative with its booking and reward services.



Trippki was built by Edward Cunningham on the Ethereum technology with the intention of turning the hotel booking system around by making sure both the customers and owners are rewarded thereby making it a win win situation for both parties. The first step is by cutting off the middlemen because, it is these middlemen that gets the higher share from the profit pie. By discovering crypto, Trippki is making sure loyalty points obtained by customers are redeemable. Trippki is changing the narration by making sure only the guest and the owner eat from the table of value.



Once you log on to Trippki, you see the column to type in your location as you can see in the image above and it also displays suggestions like landmark or places you might want to go as seen in the image below.


After choosing where I want to go, I got different hotels as suggestions around where I chose as my destination as seen in the image below.


I also got an option of narrowing down my search box with this filters which in turn led me to select among the hotels I desire.


By clicking on the select room as highlighted in the image below with its price displayed in bold print by the side.


It then displays the profile of the hotel, amenities including side attractions or nearest landmarks.


Due to the impact the platform has made in a short while and the prominence given to it by been listed on stateofthedapp marketplace, Trippki is also beneficial to hotels on the platform in the sense that, they pay little amount for bookings and also will be able to maintain a good relationship with their customers.

EXCHANGE: This is an exchange system on the platform that processes the buying and selling of the Trip token into other fiat or cryptocurrencies.

VAULT: This is the smart contract room that holds 40% of the Trip token supply.

ORACLE: This process works hand in hand with the vault and the identity service. It will identify the said customer and then provide reliable data to the vault and the reward service.

IDENTITY SERVICE: This is the way at which both the hotel and the guest are each identified with their own passcode. It is a process that helps simplifies the act of generating cryptographic keys on the platform.

REWARD SERVICE: Whenever a guest checks out of a hotel, the hotel purchases trip tokens from the Trippki platform which they give to the guest as a reward for their stay.


  • In the process of me trying to set up my bookings, the page suddenly gave me a 404 error which prompted me to go back to the landing page to start afresh but still got the same message. It is requesting that I select another location which is a turn off for me. What if this is the only place I would like to visit and no other? it automatically means I might find my way from the platform to another means of booking.


  • I also got a limited time displayed on the booking which is really stressful for me. In the sense that, I might make an error while rushing to meet up with the time. Why not give me enough time to fill in the form with ease and patience unlike the 10 minutes time cap I was given.


  • While trying to fill my form I noticed the option for cryptocurrency was not available and this means I can only pay with my credit card alone. Due to security breach and password theft, what is the guarantee my card details is secure on the platform?


  • I also noticed that there is a section for account opening when booking your hotel but it cannot work except you pay for the hotel you are booking. I could not open an account because I didn't put in my card details which is not really nice. I would like to have an account on the site so as to ease my login on the platform for future bookings.


Trippki has provided a proofofstay for its customers in terms of rewarding them with their token called TRIP. This trip is to encourage customers to continue using the platform by making sure that from little things like writing a review for an hotel they stayed either good or bad gets rewarded with the token. This review can only be accepted if the customer show their proofofstay. This token can be spent on the Trippki platform for goods and services or hotel bookings. It can also be exchanged to other currencies as explained above.

I will be rating this dapp 3/5 star due to the positive disruption they made in the hospitality industry. Especially the part where guests get rewarded for the services they enjoyed. Also, customers writing a review about their stay in a particular hotel also attracts its own reward too. Lastly, It relieves the hotel services the weight of paying exorbitant amount of money to showcase their hotels on various platform.


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I'm checking out Trippki now. I'm anticipating lots of travel in the future so it'll be nice to use my crypto and earn crypto while traveling.

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