Tenx Spend Your Cryptocurrencies Anytime, Anywhere For Daily Use

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Tenx : Connecting Blockchain Assets For Daily Use
Tenx is a wallet where you can use cryptocurrency for daily basic. Tenx is a cryptocurrency platform which contains debit card and also bank account. In Tenx we can use any cryptocurrency according to our need like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. So, there are a lot of things that you can do with various cryptocurrency and use them in your daily life as a debit card. Tenx wants to introduce products that make it easier for you to use your cryptocurrencies in the daily life.
TenX iz built on the Comit Network, the frictionless payments platform where there is no charge during transaction. So, it is free and its security is onee of the finest Security where all your transaction and accouny is secured. There is no fee for transferring and receiving.


How to login
Login process is litlle bit complicated as the process is long and complicated to people who just started just working on cryptocurrency. Lets start with the process.

  • Click on Sign up
  • Fill the form wih your citizenship country and resident.
  • Then fill the second form witg your birth of date.
  • Option of filing name comes after that form.
  • Fill your gmail after that.
  • Then verify your gmail.
  • Then you need authentication so for that you will given two options after clicking on "Proceed".
  • Click first option and download google authenticator, the. Use the code from Google authenticator.
  • Then put a code and your account is created


Finally we are logged in. The pictures show three thing first is card. Card means tge card which you will receive for use of daily use but it is only available on some countries and there is cost for card payment. But after that all are free. After card come s the receive where you can receive cryptocurrency by wallet address. So, wallet address is really important to send and recieve cryptocurrency.Sending and receiving in Tenx is free without no cost


There is option to add more cryptocurrency. Like when you open account you can transfer and receive bitcoin. But afterwards you can addd Ethereum or Litecoin according to what you have. So, you have choice of payment.


Advantage of this DApp
There are many advantages as the Security is the finest according to me. It is secure to send and recieve. In setting you can edit it according to your need. You can do payment with card with various cryptocurrency. The popularity of Tenx is increasing. So, using Tenx is beneficial and using it is safe as no one can login except you.

Disadvantage of this Dapp
Everything have some disadvantages and there is a complication of login as the login process is long. You have put your code each time when you open the app. Card service is not available on all the countries. So, this app cannot be used all the country. Tenx is an amazing app that is loved by everyone.

My thoughts
Tenx is an amazing wallet dapp that i loved. The features are amazing and the Security is ome of the finest. Transaction is safe and everything is recorded. There is some advantage as well as disadvantages but still is great dapp where you can buy daily products and services ans it has its own card. Tenx has brought a revolution in the wallet as bring debit card and you can use Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin for your daily use. No one thought that a person will use cryptocurrency even for buying our daily things. Tenx is revolution in the blockchain.

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