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Wanna hear a funny story? In order to promote our up and coming RPG for PC, "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Enjoy the End of the World", I joined a few "RPG" groups on MeWe. Recently, once I had a playable demo and GoFundMe campaign ready to go, I went ahead and posted those into the RPG groups I joined. Before I knew it, I was swarmed with comments telling me,

"Dude, you know this group is for Tabletop RPG's, right?"

I was so embarrassed. lol....

However, I kept my cool and explained myself. The owner of the group, understanding the confusion, told me to go ahead and post about my game if I wish. Talk about a cool group of people!

This lead me to search for an actual RPG group that dealt with video game RPG's. To my surprise, there were none, outside of a few dedicated to specific RPG's like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. This inspired me to create (maybe) the first group on MeWe dedicated to RPG's in the world of video gaming. Go ahead and join! You can share anything RPG related that you want to share. You can even promote your own RPG creations, whether they are original or a Rom-Hack.

Sure, Steemit is awesome but, sometimes people want to post to their heart's content without a lack of SP holding them back. Hope to see some of you there! Keep on Steemin'!!!


(My SNes Controller!)


I am sorry, I am burnt out on social media.

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