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As noted in my last jewelry post, I have been working on various projects and trying to start using up my collection of findings that has bloated frighteningly since I had the brilliant idea to make a few Christmas and birthday presents for people.

Below, I made two necklaces using pink glass beads and copper charms. On the left, the chain is intentionally a bit longer, and uses a lobster claw clasp. The charms were chosen with an eye for fashion. There is a bowler hat, a corset, goggles, and a teacup. The other on the right has slightly shorter lengths of chain, and uses a toggle clasp. It has more of a nature theme alongside the keys and clockwork. Both use lightbulb charms as a centerpiece.


In the next photo, the earrings on the right aren't steampunk, but I found the pendants I had made a while back as an experiment, and decided to add some ear hooks. The necklace incorporates a gunmetal gray chain with a thin gold chain woven through it. I bought the chain as it is here, clasp and all, and just added a pendant using a bail and various bits and bobs from my stash of supplies. This pendant is reversible, with gold and gray gears back-to-back, so there are two ways to choose the predominant metallic tone of the piece.



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