Any curation trail tools left on Steem? Collecting recommendations

So @steemauto have left Steem and good on them, I completely respect your decision to part ways with what has been going on here lately. Just sad to see my favorite automation service leave close down this way - following voting trails and organizing my choices of whom to support in an automated fashion have gone out the window. And I see it as well in other accounts - maybe that will be the true death of the usability of steem, apart from all the obvious reasons when it comes to merit, reputation and credibility. still offers the option of following someone else's curation, allowing for percentage weights of their voting decisions. But when it comes to organizing all single specific accounts I want to dish my votes out for I am at a loss.

@steembasicincome is still automating like crazy, but you have written your own code for it no? What about @qurator? What about my beloved @tribesteemup?

While Hive is the place to be I still see Steem as a major candidate for some major upside in the future because of the audacity with which it has recently been violated. I see great plans on the horizon and I want to make the most out of it for when that day comes (provided Steem isn't soon to be swapped with TRX, lol)

So to all of ya: What tools do you guys use on here if any? I know many people are bailing on Steem and there are good reasons for it, but to those who still publish to both chains or who may even be betting on steem to make the race: Got any good recommendations for me in terms of automation?

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We understand that is still in operation.

You are priceless, thank you so very much for that link <3 Had not had it on my screen thus far.

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