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Dear friends

after 4 months stop, european football leagues restart and this august will be a very busy month.

Last year we follow our beloved small team Dudelange, but this year, due to coronavirus, all is changed, so first need to end the 2019/2020 competitions, than will start again the qualification round and we will support our team.

Now we can propose to all steem and hive users to bet whatever they want and we will give to every winner an odd of 2!

So these are the games will be possible to bet:


we will accept these bets within wednesday at 6 pm CET


we will accept these bets within thursday at 6 pm CET


we will accept these bets within friday at 8 pm CET

All what you have to do is send to @intellihandling the quantity you want bet and un the memo the kind of bet you want to do.

To who will loose the bet, we will give same amount of lost bet in INTEL coin.


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Bet 5 steem for Juventus!

Yeah! Your bet won! We sent you your reward

Thank you, but my wish was to qualify, but they didn't!

You can't bet with Intel coin,

INTEL coin is not use for bet but as reward, so if you will bet for example 10 hive, you will get 100 INTEL, no matter your bat will win or not

Very interesting proposal, you could send the encrypted bets in the memo if you wanted, so that other people do not find out what you are betting on. Very good idea

Dear Reinaldo, it is very easy, you can send your bet with memo of team you want or draw if you think at the end of 90 minutes the game will be decided on extra time and you will get as reward the same amount of bet in INTEL coin, no matter your bet will win or loose...