Steem-Bounty - A New Way To Reward & Be Rewarded!

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In this video I'm talking about a new BETA app on the Steem blockchain "Steem-Bounty" ran by @steem-bounty (This video WILL HAVE A BOUNTY continue reading to find out how to win.)

This app lets you set a "Bounty" on your post to be rewarded in additional to regular Steem payouts. Watch video to learn how to use @steem-bounty and even get the Bounty from this post!!

How To Create a Bounty

Click image to see source

This article breaks down exactly how everything works by @steem-bounty

Wanted: Bounty Hunters. Our first 50 active bounties

Click image to see source

BOUNTIES ARE ACTIVE NOW, click the image above or search for the tags: "bounty" and "steem-bounty". To see list along with bounty amounts visit for now as the official "Steem-Bounty" website is not ready.

Bounty Word: - Watch full video for "Bounty word" and comment it below to win BOUNTY!

Enjoy the video!



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Future contest will be held on


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Wow, thank you for explaining! You did a great job!!!!

btw the bounty payout depends on the post. The reason we make this 7 days as well is because we do not want to have comments that cannot be upvoted. We are going to have bounties with different timeframes in future versions.

Thanks for the clarification!

I will definitely be using Steem-Bounty in the future. 👊

Congratulations! Your submission earned you 0.104 SBD from this bounty. You have received 0.080 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.024 SBD from the community!

I have only just come across this today
It looks like a really neat, well thought of project, rewarding all parties involved
I am now hunting bounties, finding great new people to follow, and will try out putting a bounty out on one of my future blogs, just to test the waters on both ends
Sofar, I am loving the experience of getting involved in this community on a whole new level 🤗
Will resteem for more attention

Wow thanks for the resteem!

Yup that was my plan as well lol... start slow test things out.

Congratulations! Your submission earned you 0.076 SBD from this bounty. You have received 0.064 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.012 SBD from the community!

A bounty of 0.200 SBD has been set on this post by @digitokash! You can read how they work here.

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awesome champ. keep it up!

Really Good

Oh ok that explains a lot
Can i have the bounty hahahhaha