I am powering down and going to leave


Dear friends

after long time here in Steemit, i fell is the time to take out my coins and going away from here.

Coin value is no more on the top 100 of market cap and hive too, so it seems market punished the division of social.

After scission, i really feel bad, both social, steemit and hive, have no more appeal for people and even my beloved @steem-bounty is almost die and none is using it.

When Steemit was the one, my post was rewarded with at list 2 usd, now i cannot even reach 0.5, so what for loose my time in a death place?

So this is my last post, i hope someone can leave a comment giving some reason why i should keep here, but i am worry this is really my last post.

Thanks to all my friends i find here and i wish them all the best


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It is very sad but true what you wrote, I am powering down too, may be could be a better way where to put our steem

I am checking an investment using Tron, i will weite a post about soon...

Yeah.. I think it is over with Steemit. I might also take the same decision as you in the near future.

Since Justin Sun took Steemit, Steemit is only going down and down