Yeah, sorry about any confusion. The announcement post was censored (the only way to find it is by direct link), and the latest one may not last long, so please check on hive for the latest news. Also, you can always ask in the help channel on the PAL discord.

Hi @r0nd0n, as you said PAL now are in Hive engine, but what about promised airdrop? I still have the same amount as before!

The last scheduled airdrop has not happened yet. We need to make sure everything has moved over to hive without problems and test the necessary tools to make it happen. Sorry for the delay, but we still plan on doing the stakedrop another 5 times as announced, but because of unforeseen circumstances, we have to delay the last one a bit.

I see now PAL is no more on steem engine, I hope promised airdrop will be soon...

Dear @r0nd0n, i had airdrop, how much was the minimum amount of PAL to get this airdrop?

We did a Hive airdrop, which just moved all PAL tokens from steem-engine to hive-engine, and the future stakedrops require a min of 500 PAL staked to receive them.

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