Bounty: How many of you are on Hive?

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Hey guys,

I am thinking of moving the voting club and steem-bounty onto hive.

Not sure how many of you are using both steem and hive?

So would like to know do you use one or the other or both? And why?


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I'm slowly adding a little time back into steem & hive. Haven't decided fully what I'm doing. But I would say Hive looks more active from what I've seen.

Good to have you back. It seems that way, but post wise it also looks the other way around.

Seems like most of the people who I interacted with the most moved to Hive for real posts and if they are posting on Steem it's purely for BS posts trying to milk some steem to use for buying more Hive. Not sure I agree with that approach, but everybody is free to do with their stake as they see fit.

I'm still hanging around STEEM for the moment but that is only until my powerdown is complete. I will probably hold a small bit of STEEM out of curiosity but all of my interaction will be on HIVE. That is where the people and the future is.

I use both, don't have any reason not to, and j don't know which one will be a success

@knircky i do make use of the platform because of the easy accessibility to various communities....

I am using one now, steem. But, I will definitely start using the two. Immediately I will go and sign up at hive!

I think it would be appropriate to switch to hive. Because interest in steem has decreased a lot. Future plans can be made for the hive.

Thanks for the feedback!

i am no where any more. i have enough from that hate every day

that is sad to hear,but i understand

Currently using both chains. I think I post a little bit more on HIVE. It's super easy to use both chains and when I write my occasional article I post on both chains. Why not have steem-bounty on both chains?

Yes, that makes sense


I am 100% into Hive.
Getting out of Steem!

At the moment i am using both. But i will move 100% to Hive


Dear @knircky, i am doing post on both platform because i would like to keep contact with all people was before on Steemit, so i do not choice one or another, just doing my post on both socials.
Anyway in hive there are not upvote and steem-bounty service, so my post are most of time unread and even i do not feel it well, for me is not a big problem to make copy and past of my post i make in steemit to

Yes i think that is very sensible

I do not find any friend in hive, so I keep here...

I'm still on both. Been just a currator for a while and figured I might as well keep getting more crypto. But Hive doesn't seem as active. Powering down a 3rd on both chains too. I think DPOS lost the most after this steem debacle . But keeping the rest incase either one goes go somewhere

Thank you guys for the feedback! It seems most are on both. Which is kinda what I am doing as well

Die Hive Verantwortlichen gehen mir nicht!
Also Steem on❗️

I am using both hive and steem and really would love to have the vote exchange club on both chains. This is the most helpful tool for me.
Thank you very much.

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