Steem-Bounty has a Telegram Group

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Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 7.33.24 PM.png

We have just launched a telegram channel in order to be able to interact with users of @steem-bounty more quickly and effectively.

We noticed that there are still many users that have questions about how bounties work or what they are designed to do, so we decided to open a telegram channel to be able to more flexibly answer any question you may have.

You can join the group via this link:

At this point the channel is public and free to join and we plan to use it to answer any general question and also be available should anything be add odds with any of the bounties.

Put a bounty on it!

Steem-bounty is a project that allows you to put a bounty on any post that has not yet been paid out.

Simply send any amount in steem or SBD to @steem-bounty with the post URL in the memo.

After the voting period, in which user can submit their comments and earn upvotes, the bounty will then be distributed according to the upvotes of the bounty creator, which will make up 80% or the rewards. The rest will be distributed according of the votes from everyone else. Check out this post for a more detailed description and this one for descriptions in various languages..

List of active bounties

You can find a list of active bounties in our bounty hunter report, which we update every other day.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 6.13.47 AM.png

Support our witness

Thank you very much for your attention and we hope you will vote for us as witness!

In order to do so you can go to:

And enter the "steem-bounty" account into the text field and click vote.
Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 6.00.03 PM.png

Or use steem-connect to vote directly for us as Steem witness!


At first link we shared was for a channel, we have now created a group in order to allow anyone to participate in the discussions. So if you already joined the channel please hop over to the group. You will find the link to join now updated in this article and we have also shared this link into the channel in case you already joined.


@knircky Nice work on Steem Bounty's. you guys are doing awesome work.
I am filled up on my witness votes, but looking for someone to drop to fill you guys' in.... keep up the great work!

Thank you for your support! Also love your tipping project! Well have to chat about it some time.

How does't work?

Still don't understand how it work, but I will try it out

Have you read how it works?

Yes, I did. Still don't understand

what exactly is confusing?



I dont get it :/

Good news, live support is always good :)

Thanks for this great work

why not Discord?

Nice to have this!

This project help us a lot to increase communication with each others. Thanks for creating such a great project.

Great. That is what we are trying to do here.

thank you. good project indeed

Ye steem bounty programme to bahut achcha h

Owo! its a great news....

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I lıke this

This is a great idea. I will join

This is really great.
It is a lot of help to us minnows..

I have one quick question ... What will I gain from voting for some witness ? I am curious ... Stay good

My suggestion: Ask this question via a post, put a bounty on it and get some good answers.

This is a very nice reply, LOL! ;)

I was thinking abiut why steem-bounty is not having any chatting channel well here it is ..
Thanks @knircky.

Me too :-)

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Looking forward to prove steem-bounty in my next post, sounds very good. So before the 7 day of publication the author must upvotes the comments that he likes the most? As a creator how do hay give more % of upvote for one comment than other?

Use your %-age slider.

Dear @knircky,

I love @steem-bounty, so voted for witness and joined the telegram group.

Thank you, a big hug from @amico! ;)

Thank you!

Your post is very good!

Now look me in the eye and Follow Me @cryptopay-blogYour post is very good

That was funny

we always wit for these type of news... :)

i am going to join this channel as soon as possible

very good friend and I'm using it to reward some post.

Better join that telegram channel then :)

Postingan yang sangat luar biasa saya sangat menyukainya

Will be of good help for those who have not yet benefited from the post

yes you are right i also gain rewad from this

yeah bounty is a great

Can we make money from this bounty thing..

Yes, the bounty creates a new incentive layer ontop of the existing one steem provides.

In other words the entire point of this is for you to be able to make money.

You can follow the bounty hunter report and see where you can make some bounties.

A huge step forward!


good news dear friend

Thank you for ur support

its very good news for me sir.
thank you very much for this post.

@steem-bounty is the best one and it is great congratulation

After a year on steem and 3000 posts, I am still confused as I was on day one

This is a great news. It will be better than others.

Help me develop my account please

Hi.. i still dont understand how steem bounty works but hopefully this telegram group will help me learn about this...I just joined! Thanks for the information.

Well hop over and ask away.

i dont understant how this is works.i would like to try it.

best wishes for the telegrsm chanel @steem-bounty, will be the best one hopefully.
ill joined and thanks for shsring.

Im deff going to add and try this out. Telegram is LIT

Good news! At least there's a chat room now for updates and announcements for steem-bounty.

Wow this is a good news. A welcome development. This will enable easy access and communication with a large number of people

Saludos, buena publicacion, lo felicito
. gracias por compartirla.

I liked this post very much, it's a good post.I have realized a lot in reading this post. This post is very good, especially I have benefited a lot. Thank you for sharing this post with this post...

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I was thinking abiut why steem-bounty is not having any chatting channel well..

very nice commitment for telegram and channel.

I like your for post

Steem for steem bounty is good but its makes us wonder how do i getting it. I think this is good way to we should go.

Why would I join this cool program, am in in-full. Username @saingtopic

Good news @knircky, live support is always good 😍

Alright. I guess I should be the first member on telegram.😃

indeed you are, aside from the two moderators!!

I deserve some accolades then😂

Good ideas should be taken advantage of all of them

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This information is being presented in the interest of transparency on our platform @knircky and is by no means a judgement of your work.

Wow! This Good Great News!.... Congratulations @steem-bounty and @knircky!

You and all that made this project to be possible have done noble!

Good idea Philipp, I already joined, I think it's a way to be quicker and more effective in the explanation, we can do technical support in several languages, I can help you with the users in Spanish. What do you think?


Thank you so much for your support! That would be awesome!

Hmm Steemit Bounty Hunter. How oh how could I myself this young artist fresh out of the military with personal relations skills ever so try out? lol seriously tho

I guess I have a lot to learn because I'm still new to this platform and I have never heard of this before. I will be looking into what this is all about and I hope this is something I will be able to participate in because most thing on this platform are for minnows to whales and no plankton allowed, so I hope this is not one of those but if it is, I'll just keep it in mind for when I finally get my fins.

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Ppstinganya luar biasa

Thank you for your advice


Postingannya sangat bermamfaat terima kasih

Post very good thank you

a very interesting and very useful post, gives a lot of knowledge to its reader

Help me to level up

Hopefully it an help out a lot user and newbie like me to gain more.

hai friends, if I may want to join this group, but I would like to ask what advantages and disadvantages of this group and what are the advantages if joining this group. Thank you

Its just a support group in case u have questions

good post

Congratulations my friend 😊👏

Awesome, love the initiative. I will join the channel as well :-)

thanks for sharing you always come with great Writting skillss and always write awesome articles keep it up Hope you also visit my blog thanks

@knircky Steem Bounty is a great idea. I'm still getting my head around it and plan to give it a try in the next few days. What's really great is the time you take to respond to people, thanks!

Thanks. Always open to feedback

good posting!

Ok. I am giving it a go. Sent some Steem

what's a telegram channel?

Think WhatsApp for a bigger audience and open source.

"You can join the channel via this link:"

Joined the Channel with telegram username pravishinc

Hi @knircky, Good job man, Very nice post and I think it's a contribution for steemit platform. Hope, You'll do this more and more, I really like your post. Thanks.

I want to earn with you guys. Please help me

Its really great info!
tried to join the group but its not working

Thats very lovely.keep increasing brother

I will join you. Thnx for sharing with us btw link is not working for me.

thật tuyệt vời.
cảm ơn bạn

nice work on steem bounty's .keep it up guys great work <3

Am appreciate what are you guys doing but i have a question having the steem bounty is the solution to avoid coping and pasting different content on steemit i believe there are people sensitive on cheating the system

Th bounties are not rally about that. But there are other services like @steemcleaners that deal with that.

It's a good are really doing a great work...I hope it will be very helpful for many steemian.Thank you very much.

Thank you. Good project

is this similar to discord?

follow me guys i will follow you....... yooooooo

Nice post, success is always for you friend