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Today we are excited to launch a new service:


We call it Steem Vote Exchange Club and the idea behind it is simple: exchange votes like for like.

Any member that joins the club will upvote other members if they can return the favor with a similar vote size. In other words the service matches user and automates the exchange of votes of similar value.

Read about it more here on ourlanding page (you can also signe up there):

Advantages of using this service:

  • Get highest possible return for your Steem Power, better than delegating to voting bots.
  • Do good for the Steem ecosystem, as you are still upvoting content.
  • Ensure more visibility of your posts – they are upvoted more.
  • Enjoy extra income while being able to use your SP at the same time as you wish


We like to build services we want to use ourselves and that we think are good for the ecosystem and the community. Here are some of the reason why we think this is a good idea.

  • Deal making: There are many users that have deals with each other on steem. Essentially the Voting Club is like doing a deal, but you do not have to trust that the other side will hold true to their word and you won’t need to connect and actually negotiate with them. So we see this service as automating something that happens a lot anyway and allow everyone do it it efficiently, weather you have little or much SP.

  • Efficient Use of SP without Delegation: Some of us want to be active on steem and use SP to reward users whenever we want to vs auto upvotes or via manual deals. As result you may not want to delegate your vote to a bid bot or use it in auto votes. We allow you to use automatic voting in a way that is profitable to you, but only until a certain percentage of your voting power is used, which you specify. This way you can always vote the way you want with all of your Steem Power, but if you have extra voting power it can be used to your financial benefit.

  • SteemPower should power your posts: We think content is the most important thing on Steem and we want you to be able to use your Steem Power to push your own post. The voting club is the best way to attract votes from others with your SP.

  • Support content: You still have to write post if you want to get upvotes and make money. This we think is important for the health of Steem. We believe that your SP should push you if you write content. As such we also try to keep the dream of great content on Steem alive.

Easy to set up

We have made the signup easy as pie. All you need to do is provide your posting key and select how much of your voting power the service is allowed to use.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 11.40.20 PM.png

Logs and changes

We want you to know exactly what is going on so we have created an overview of your activity. Of course you can also pause the service, make changes or even delete your information.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 11.41.41 PM.png

If your into the details you can check your activity log, which will show any incoming and outgoing votes.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 11.44.43 PM.png

How do we pay for it

After every 10 full votes (i.e. if the votes you receive add up to ten 100% votes for you) we will take your posting key and give one vote to steem-bounty.

We are also working on a VIP system, which will then reduce that vote. A few users that have helped us test and signed up early will also be VIPs and essentially have the service free for 3 months. If you have a lot of SP and think this is unreasonable, get in touch with us and we will consider making you a VIP also.

Sign up

We suggest to go check out the landing page we built for the service.

Or you can sign up here

Support us by voting for our witness

Thank you very much for your attention and we hope you will vote for us as witness!

In order to do so you can go to:

And enter the "steem-bounty" account into the text field and click vote.

Or use steem-connect to vote directly for us as Steem witness!


Keep on Posting!
You need posts to receive votes (and thus also to receive). Therefore make sure to have posts available to be upvoted by other members. The more you have the better, but we suggest to write at least one post per day. Enjoy the extra upvotes!

I like that.
I think that promotes communication here on steem and I like to support it.

Awesome, we thought so too.

Except it doesn't. Real communication is in engagement. So this is neutral as far as I'm concerned.

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This is such an amazing idea, and well done.

I can't wait to see how many people will start using it.

Thx for your ongoing support!

Follow me guys check my profile you’ll be surprised how i make my first 100k from 0...

@steem-bounty , I signed up two days ago and see that my Vote Club activity log shows an exchange yesterday, but not today. I posted at 7 am this morning. Is this normal or are there issues? Also, my vote power is only .002 at 100%. Will the HF20 Dust Vote Threshold Changes reduce my vote power to ZERO, thus making it pointless to participate in this vote exchange program?


no worries, we are currently upgrading our service it will be back up in a few hours. There were a few things that came up with all the new sign ups. You should be fine even with a few cent vote. We have tested this with users that have less.

Thanks for signing up and the patience.

@knircky Thanks for the update. My vote-power is .002 - less than a few cents. I'll check the post-HF20 impact on my votes to see if there is any point remaining in the Steem-Bounty Vote Club. Thanks again.

Your vote will still have value at 100% even after the HF. It's the small 3sp accounts or those voting with 0.4% when they only have 100sp that will be wiped away. You need to case a vote worth more then 50 vests which I believe sits under 2sp right now so you have plenty of power to have votes that register on the blockchain.

Thats great my friends of @steem-bounty, i am your loving follower and i will support you 100%

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  1. What happens if I don't have a post to be voted on? Will the system detect this and not cast my vote without receiving the vote back?

  2. If I only make 1 post per week, will this post be voted on the whole week until the 12 hour blackout period?

  3. If I have 3 posts that can be voted on, will it only vote the newest?

  1. correct, if you don’t have any post, nothing will happen.
  2. yes
  3. it will match as many votes as possible. There must be another member and you must have voting power available. So every possible post is taken into account.

Did this answer your question?

Thanks for you answers.
So in case of number 3. every post will be voted on as long as I have VP over my set limit, right?

Yes. That makes sense right?

Yeah it does.

Can you show the number of accounts who joined the voteclub already on the frontpage? Preferably divided in <1000SP, <10000 SP and > 10000SP. Just a suggestion...

This looks very promising to me. Well done. =)

I am curious how this will work out. I hope it will free some SP out of the bots delegations.

Is there a refferal system? Just asking because of the reffered by.

We have this on the road map, but have not yet automated it. If you can get us some refferals we would be happy to do it manually though. It would have to be larger amounts, since manual means work

How to get notified when a new post with bounty get released. . . . i wanna take paet in every bounty

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Go to There is a new section that shows you all the latest bounties. We also have a category for biggest bounties and the ones that expire.

Wow! Thanks for the intel mate

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What do u think abou the website, is that what you are looking for?

Mate i m on my mobile now. I ll check that on my laptop and reply u asap. Sorry for being late.

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it works fine on the mobile as well.

Keep in mind that just like other posts you want to leave trying engaging comments. Take a real interest in what they are post and then comment. This is the way to getting part of the bounty. Keep plugging away @mango-juice and you will get there.

Thank u dark! I will keep that in mind. U are helping me a lot which is higjly appreciated and motivating

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Nothing new and also only a vote Selling base, at least i can handle if good or bad content get my vote...

The propb of these systems they get MILKED by the trashy side of the Community and i really dont wast my power for at least bad stuff....

All Automatics can vote only good content... and thats why i decided to stop sell my Power and get into Trails of commuinities which do a preselection of Users or doin manual Curation!! Thats the way..

These few Cent a minnow , Plankton can Grab in such bases are too less to say hey cmon lets vot crap...

Go take the Time , invest some Minutes a Day to do your own decicion who grab your Vote...

im sick of this automatism....

Amen ! At least Steemfollower use the same system but you have to manually pick the articles you want to vote for !
So you don't upvote copypaste or other shitty posts...

I thought the I vote you if you vote me idea was frowned upon here. Is it not now?

It’s only frowned upon when the frowner is not the one making money off of it. If you can turn vote-4-vote into a profitable “business,” then it’s OK.

See? Doesn’t that make it better?

Yay! We’re all gonna be rich again!!!

Looks promising, another great project on the steem blockchain

Interesting. I will watch to see how it goes. It's nice to see at least a new approach.

I have no issues with people using this, but a vote trade doesn't really impact quality. However, I think it is great for distribution as at least smaller users can link up with other smaller users.

Great project.

Yes this is true. However we twnd to do well here on steem if these services support quality content. So my hope is that this will help content as content.

Automated circle jerking won't impact quality? Are you sure? Why do you think that; is it because it hasn't in the past? Or because you think it is a good idea to let vote size depend on the size of the other's persons wallet or vote?

Content-agnostic curation, especially when automated, frustrates our real content providers and drives them away.

This is yet another nail in Steemit's coffin.

I was wondering about the distribution point as well in terms of how large users would be affected. It sounds like it would work the same way for large users in terms of matching votes. In that case, the end result seems like as if everyone in the ring is self voting, and this service takes a cut. Hmm..... I think there's a way to get that result faster ;)

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I liked the publication. Thank you

I think its a great concept and a great service
I m sure that I m definitely inn..
I hope you appreciate that and keep improving the system as much possible

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That is really a great project with amazing minds. It's a great favour for growing on steemit.
Thanks to all owners and supportters behind this project

Hello Mr @steem-bounty I like your idea soo much

great service,many people were looking for this kind of benefit , lets promote this service , i will do it , thank you tea,

Veamos que tal Como Sera Steemit Soy Nuevo en Esto :D

Is there a way to end your account if you sign up and decide you no longer want to be a member?

Yes, there a delete button

Alright I'm going to review your project at my spare time.

Let me know what you think.

wish i have those hands & keep upvoting such as this creative funny post!!
Thanks for sharing this..

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Awesome signed up and placed a couple of bounties.

Is this like Steem but this is automatic and Steem votes you have to send in a post? Can someone link me a tutorial on how to use this? Preferably a tutorial with a video or screen shot.

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i just signed up, this is interesting and exciting! :)

This looks like autovoting with a few extra steps.

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Great idea for the steem network and there users. Thank you!


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sto vote kivave pan apbara

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I tried another service before this but this was a bad experience ... got minimum amount of votes where mine were of higher

This is not possible with our system, you will receive as much as you vote. Votes are matched, which means like for like vote values must be possible or no votes are cast

Hi @steem-bounty I'm a bot, and wanted you to know that I've upvoted and re-steemed your post to help you with your promotion efforts! -exp

¡Excelente idea!...

wow good post boss so nice

hola ... son muy buenas ideas y se ve muy prometedor !!

wow great news i hope this new service will make steem stable once again ... 😉

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Sinceramente necesito que se me explique mejor, no logro comprender esto. Que clave debo utilizar? Apenas estoy iniciando en steemit y no sé si mi poder de voto sea suficiente, quien me ayuda a comprender mejor esto y me dice si me beneficiara a mi que apenas estoy iniciando?

It is very good idea but I can't share my key with anyone

thanks for updataing me , but how to join

I have a question is the service is violating the guidelines of steemit?

nice post good post boss

I'm a newbie here. Show some love beautiful people

sign up completed successfully

I like this idea and paused other services to be sure that my votes go through steem-vote-exchange-club!
Let's see what happens.
One small question: what is the timing of the voting rounds?

Bout every two hours

I am curious how this will work out. I hope it will free some SP out of the bots delegations.

Is there a refferal system? Just asking because of the reffered by.

But is it safe to use?and how much steem power I need to join?

A great step. :)
Wish you good luck.

Hate it, for the same reason I generally hate bid bots and voting. I will say that this is a clever service in the midst of all that.

My intuition tells me it can take a good chunk out of @smartmarket and @minnowbooster . There's one component missing to fully unseat them, and that is the ability to auto post or reciprocate in comments (because many participants in these are entirely passive). Yuck.

Not sure why you would lump this service together with steem bounty either. It's going to have mixed reactions.

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What if there is a real blacklist to block spammers/plagiarizers from using the service? Would you rather a service that lets real content providers give each other a little bump each post instead of selling votes off on smartmarket and minnowbooster? I am kind of the mindset that it's better this way. I have suggested a blacklist on the steem-bounty telegram account already and was told if it takes off this is something that will be done. That gives me hope that maybe this can be a service to help those with limited resources to find a way to make a little more on their posts and investments into steem (time and money).

Have seen a few great people leave steemit because they couldn't figure out how to make enough money per post to justify the efforts they were making and they liquidated their SP or turned it over to the bots. This doesn't help steemit in the least when this happens. There needs to be some other options and I like that @steem-bounty is trying to come up with options.

I would assume a whitelist works better than a blacklist for that purpose. Actually yeah I was thinking about adding a further comment about allowing communities to set up systems with this, but I held off. Not sure if it really fit or not.

That's very sad. I know similar stories of people turning them into bots as well. Talk about leaving and putting a tap on the system to drain it. Though in many of those cases the collective SP isn't significant compared to the whales that are doing the same. What am I talking about, it doesn't even matter....

But out of principle I can't accept a service that is idle and not giving a meaningful measure of engagement (note, engagement, not content. of course content itself is not enough). IF there's not enough money to go around, then that's a limitation of the system. Don't look for more ways to milk the system. That's like looking at a leaky tank and poking more holes in it so you can siphon more for one's self.

First off thanks for your feedback. We have a blacklist in place already for steem-bount, so this is laready thought off.

I doubt that it is even required because for this service to be effective one needs to hold SP which spammers and cheaters never do, but we are ready for them.

Remeber u cannot buy votes with our service at all.

will try to give this a shot, signed up!

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think you for the great article

Your service was always a nice way to find new content while still being in control of what seemed upvote worthy to me. The added reward was a sweetener.

Looking forward to check out this new feature.

I've signed up but when I started to create a post , I can't enter the image at the site. is there a bug?

I've signed up but can't
Enter the image at the
Site. is there a bug?

                 - fernwehninja

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hope this thing will give a great benefit for those who active in this platform!

such a great will help us to grow more in steemit plateform

this ideas is the best and we continuous to work on Steem

I have just signed up, I am looking forward to see how it goes.
I am also making use of steemvoter, what will happen if my steemvoter account votes for a person, that is part of the vote club?

If u have already upvoted soneone, we cannot use that post for a vote exchange.

Thank you for the feedback. I am quite impressed with the service so far, it is not yet 24 hours, and I received 5 upvotes, and I am still above my minimum votepower threshold. I think this initiative will be very successful!!

I think this is an a best way for beginners yo growup , well good post 🔖

i am trying to sinup but it does't accept my key showing error of "check your username and key cobination" please tell me how to deal with it

use your posting key. try again username should be in small letters


I tried twice to join but received this message:

Operation Failed. Please check your account/posting_key combination.

I feel certain that I entered the correct information.


So steem-bounty gets one FULL upvote each day?

I like the idea, but I do think that is kind of excessive.

thanks for your feedback.

I will vote all of your post when you vote mine.Vote and reply to my post fast.

I am a newbie..i dont know how to get money...please help me bros.....!