MSCGA: Steem.Chat (R)evolution.

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This post is about MSCGA:
Mutative Scale Chaos Genetic Algorithm
Making Steem.Chat Great Again


It’s likely it has been a while since you thought about Steem.Chat. We want to change that!

We want to tell you about all of the behind the scenes things happening around Steem.Chat, and to remind you about services and channels that you may not have visited in a while. There’s years of history and new friends being made daily, so if you’re looking for another way to learn and meet the community, stop in and say hi. Steem.Chat is a labour of love that’s improving daily, thanks to the tireless work of @gtg, our resident wizard. There’s no way to underline the amount of work he puts in to keep the wheels turning and to bring ideas for Steem.Chat to life, so when you get the chance, please make sure you thank Gandalf! In this post, we’re going to go over all of the recent improvements we’ve implemented, and give you an overview of what it’s all about in case you haven’t checked it out yet. We’ve got big plans for the future and are excited to keep things moving… if you have some too, this is a great chance to share them with us! Steem.Chat was made for everyone.


Steem.Chat is powered by Rocket.Chat - an open source, slack-like slack-wanna-be web chat platform.
It's a member of Utopian's VIPO Club, with over 22k stars in their main GitHub repository.


Steem.Chat itself currently has:
84884 activated users
712 channels
477 private groups

OAuth via SteemConnect

A long awaited feature.
Possible, but we still don't have it.
We tested Steem integration in March 2018 with the @fabien team. But although we can do basic integration easily, we would then have to sacrifice a few other cool features. That’s why we are trying to make a hybrid approach. In order to do so, we still have to wait for certain features to be implemented by the Rocket.Chat team.

Steem.Chat 1.0.x

We are not going to stay idle while waiting for those new features.
The most recent major chat upgrade (1.0.x) has brought us closer to achieving this goal.
We have a plan B, which is a feature called Federation.
Once it is stable, we can try to make a hybrid with two instances to circumvent the remaining issues.

The most important channels


The #general channel is a place where every new Steem.Chat user lands after a successful signup and login.
Our tireless moderators, @apsu and @suesa. are doing their utmost to keep this place free from abuse and assist newbies.


#help is where you can get help (or help others) with Steem-related issues.
Please keep in mind that it’s not a Steemit Inc support channel. It’s a place where Steemians help Steemians.
Shout out to @timcliff for his heroic work!


It is forbidden to promote your post on the #general channel.
For general post promotion, we have a separate (yeah, you guessed it right) #postpromotion channel.
Other channels, if not explicitly stated, are NOT meant for post promotion.


One of those channels where one time promotion is not only allowed but also encouraged.
Of course, as long as you are actually introducing yourself.
A place where newcomers can promote their introduction posts without being flooded by other random links.
Once you are no longer a newcomer, you can curate others and encourage them to enjoy the Steem platform.
Only personal introductions are allowed, i.e. you can introduce yourself, not a service, not a bot, not a coin, not an ICO. Yourself. A person.
Come, say hello, write a few words about yourself, meet other newbies or old bored Steemians.

Other channels: cleaning, reviving, creating

Some channels are related to projects that are no longer active.
Some communities moved from their Steem.Chat channels to Telegram, Slack or Discord.
We are going to clean this place up: remove old, inactive and obsolete channels, revive and create new channels for the communities that are currently active.


We are in the process of creating two-ways bridges to Discord servers for various communities.
If you have a community that could benefit from such bridge, feel free to contact us.

If you want to check how it works, take a look at the #MspWaves-Audience channel on Steem.Chat or the corresponding channel on the Discord server.

New channels

You can have a channel for your own community, whether it’s targeted for a local language community #SpanishGeneral, or something much more specific like @firepower’s #steemchat-contest
Is your community big enough?
Do you want to have a native Steem.Chat channel (preferred) or a bridge to Discord?
Are you already active on #general or any other Steem.Chat channel?
Are there moderators that are willing to help you moderate the channel?


If you know a Steem.Chat channel that already exist and is worth reviving and you want to take a part in that process, please let us know.

Removing degraded link dump channels.

We are going to remove channels that were left without care and without moderation and thus turned into random link dumping bins.
Promotion channels are not bad, but for them to make sense, there must be also some audience that is interested in actually looking at the posts linked there.
Of course there are some channels such as #polish-promotion linked to active communities that are doing fine and will be left intact.

“If you don't know how to behave, behave decently.”

All income from this post will be used for ongoing support of the Steem.Chat service.


Who would've thought I'd still be sticking around... I joined steem (and 2 years ago this June and became a mod in July after...

Glad that @apsu is keeping me company :D

Thanks so much for all your hard work and service at You have been so helpful and donate so much of your time to help others

Gotta catch the newbies early to help them and make them stay!

Hey guys! Verify and confirmed.

Good work guys and girls!

OMG, there's a reason you can hand an iPad to a 5 year old and with absolutely no instructions they can use it. Why the fuck should I read pages and pages of something about ..... chat?

If you fail to make your point in short order, you have predestined yourself to the dust bin of a very short history.

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LOL You can't handle that "many" pages?

Spoiler Alert: this is not instruction on how to use chat.

What's your point anyway?
Have you made a decent alternative service?
Or maybe you just don't understand what this post is about?

I'm using Steem Chat semi-daily, for me it's a great service.

Most likely I choose not to understand. Perhaps also why looking over the article a second time, I have no clue how to get or use steem chat....... ok here we go.... I'm going to Google it

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And they don't use SteemCONNECT either!

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 2.36.20 PM.png

There will be some lessons learned when Facebook rolls out their cryptocurrency.

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Because who wouldn't trust Facebook

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Oh hey, I just thought of using it again and voila! The Steemit links are not clickable anymore. I wonder what happened. 😅

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