Steem Debate (Get Paid For Your Opinion) Round #2 Results And Round #3 Topic

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This is round #3 of this contest in the form of a debate. In this issue we will be having the results of the last round and the launching of the new round's TOPIC.

In Romantic Relationships Today; Men Are More Loving Than Women.

Are you FOR or AGAINST?
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Last Round's Results And Awards

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Rules For Round #3

State in the comments:

1. Whether you are FOR or AGAINST

the debate topic. That is whether you are in support of the debate topic or not.

2. State as many points as possible to defend your stand.

3. Two persons with the most distinct and insightful points as judged by the steem debate team will be announced winner on Saturday.

4. Up Vote and Resteem the post to generate the money that you will win.

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In Romantic Relationships Today; Men Are More Loving Than Women.

Are you FOR or AGAINST?


You Can Be A Winner whether you are FOR or AGAINST.

Your Opinion Counts.

You Will Be Paid For Your Opinion.

It Will Only Cost You An Up Vote.


Men are not more loving in romantic relationships.

  1. They act like that to trick women into their beds. The inconsistency of the masculine love is a prove that women are more loving than men.
  2. Women are more will to live with one man all their lives than men are willing to stay with one woman. This is because women are more loving than men.
  3. Guys loving? Please! In a single evening a single guy can ask many girls out. Saying how much he loves them.

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I don't think that there is a clear and definitive answer to this.

Looking back at my last two relationships, the problem was less about one of the party loving the other more. It was more about the love being different.

I'm a man who needs a lot of space and wants to give things the time they need to proper grow and ripe. The last two women I had wanted to rush things as fast as possible to the point where it made me feel uncomfortable. I had love for both and I believe that they loved me equally, but them clinging to me or me not being clingy enough led to differences that ended up being harmful for the respective relationships.

Thank you my friend,
Experience is the best teacher.
You are right on all levels.
Both sides of this debate can win.
There is no right or wrong here.
Only experiences.
Please check on the rules to ensure that you qualify for the prize on Saturday.

Thanks for notifying me.

What about yourself, I bet you have some interesting experiences to share too.

It is too painful to be shared here.
So I will not participate in the debate since I will be judging.

Sounds like it would be a valuable experience to share especially because it's painful. But I'm not forcing.

Judging can be a fun task as well.

Hahaha @paparodin
You are very interesting.
Ok i will consider.
But what will the contestants say?

That is up for them to decide.

Hello @contentvoter.
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Thanks again.

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  1. I think that currently the challenges of love are the same for both sexes
  2. There is a crisis of family values that have affected the upbringing of children in the family and both sexes have shortcomings and lack of love models.
  3. Both sexes need love to have a full life and we can not say that men love more or that women do. Each sex has its role to fulfill and for something God made us different
  4. there are couples where the man gives more but there are also couples where the woman has greater delivery, I would say that is 50% 50%
  5. The ability to love is the same for both sexes if it were not so god would be unfair and would not be full of wisdom, then it would not be god therefore the two can love in the same way but externalize it differently

This topic is a difficult one for me since i try to be as objective as possible not withstanding my personal experiences since i am aware of the fact every man is different.
So for this debate topic i am FOR.

  1. In our Africa culture, it is the man who approaches a woman, and for a man to approach a particular woman given how many woman at his disposal, then there must be something particular about her. That makes a man more loving in the relationship since he is the one who chose her.

  2. The man is generally more loving in the relationship since there was an initial feature or character that attracted the man to her so that initial source of attraction will inspire the man to be more loving in the relationship.

  3. For the relationship to even commence, the man had to convince the woman with words, some of these words were promises that he is bound to keep to maintain his integrity that ensures him being loving towards his woman.

  4. Most men use a lot of money during courtship to win the heart and love of the woman they love, these expenses make them treasure her more and hence they are more loving.

  5. Our society tend to blame breakups on men since men are said to be polygamous in nature, so the men today who have suffered the effects of the polygamous nature of their fathers have decided to love their wife wholeheartedly to avoid the same faith on their children.

  6. Men like to feel superior and in control and since the woman is considered the weaker sex, men tend to be more loving knowing the woman needs their strength to survive.

  7. For future references men tend to be more loving than women since in case of a breakup, he will need to convince another lady that he is worth their time.

  8. Christianity has taught men that God commanded Men to love their wives, women were just asked to submit to their husbands. So must God fearing men have it as a point of duty to love their wives. Therefore God fearing men will normally will be more loving in their relationships.

From the above reasons, men are more loving than women in a romantic relationship today.

I am all in for this topic.
For the following reasons.

  1. Usually it is a man who first loves a lady and ask her out. The lady may hang out with the guy just because he is the only one asking at the time. So naturally the guy is going to be more loving in the relationship than the lady because he truly wants the relationship.
  2. In Romantic Relationships Today you see the guys paying all the bills most of the times because men love more. When you love you are willing to pay the price.

I am not just against because I am lady but because i understand the falsehood of this debate statement.

  1. Men are pretenders. At first they claim to care but after awhile they leave the ladies begging for more. Then it is as if the men take pleasure in seeing the ladies run after them. If you say today that you love someone don't stop saying so tomorrow.
  2. Women are the once most hurt at the end of the relationship because they were loving more than the men.
  3. We can see the truth about this in the fact that when there is a break up the man will quickly get another woman whereas tge ladies usually stay single for long even for life if they already have their kids.
  4. It is statistical that men are bigger cheats than women. A single man may have many girl friends in the same town. If they loved more they wouldn't be having other women.
  5. The women are more tolerant in romantic relationship than men. The men make many mistakes and are forgiven by the women but many men leave their ladies at the slightest vault or mistake.
  6. Women spend their time taking care of the home, the kids and even the men, without leaving out their normal day jobs. All this is can not be anything else but love. The man and the woman come home at 6pm from their offices, while the woman out of love goea to the kitchen to cook for the family the man gies to the living room to watch TV, what kind of love is that?

I am of the opinion that men are more loving than women in a romantic relationship.

  1. You will see the men buying flowers and gifts to offer to the women who never offer anything in return.
  2. The men out of their pockets organize expensive dates, just to be with the ladies. The ladies do nothing.

Hi friends ,

This is a tough one , since I have never actually been in a relationship , I really don't know which side to pick. But being a girl , and seeing alot of relationship's with my classmates.

I feel I am for this argument. I feel men are more loving than women.

Why ?

  1. Mostly , I have seen in a relationship , the women are more demanding and mostly wants a lot from the men. And they are never satisfied. I find it quite weird. But even so , if the guy really likes the girl , he would still spend all that money for her.

  2. I feel women can be sometimes self centered . Men can also , but women are most like that. Even though women are looked up as the center of love and new life , I don't know , I feel men are not bad themselves.

  3. Women have their days ( mood swings) ,and if the men weren't good at loving they would just be break ups everywhere.

Hahah , personally , when I marry a guy, I would be the more loving one 🙊🙊😋 , because I am very different than my classmates , I am not a materialistic person. So the argument doesn't go for me 🤣🤣

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Great work, i love your argument.
You qualify for the top positions so far.
You have still Saturday so you can always add more points that may come to mind later.

Hehe thanks brother.

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