Steem Debate (Get Paid For Your Opinion) Round #7 Results And Round #8 Topic

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This is round #8 of this contest in the form of a debate is now a steembasicincome contest. Like in all the steembasicincome contests, you will have a chance to win SBI shares. SteemBasicIncomeShares started in Round #7. In this issue, we will be having the results of the last round and the launching of the new round's TOPIC.

Higher Education Is Absolutely Necessary To Succeed In Life!

Are you FOR or AGAINST?


In this fish tank every fish eats.


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Rules For Round #8

State in the comments:

1. Whether you are FOR or AGAINST

the debate topic. That is whether you are in support of the debate topic or not.

2. State as many points as possible to defend your stand, please number them.

3. Two persons with the most distinct and insightful points as judged by the steem debate team will be announced the winner on Saturday.

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Reason 1. Abc
Reason 2. Cba
Reason 3. Acb

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Higher Education Is Absolutely Necessery To Succeed In Life!

Are you FOR or AGAINST?


You Can Be A Winner whether you are FOR or AGAINST.

Your Opinion Counts.

You Will Be Paid For Your Opinion.

It Will Only Cost You An Up Vote.

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  1. Education builds up our minds and thinking faculties. Therefore, someone with higher education stands a higher chance of being successful than someone that doesn't.
  2. People in professional educational fields like medicine, engineering, pharmacy etc, can easily achieve success than non degree holders.
  3. Without education, there would be no development and advancement in our world, so to a greater extent education can make one successful.
  4. Most sectors of the world economy are controlled by people with sound educational backgrounds, so without education, it will be difficult to attain success.
  5. An educated person with talent can attain double of the height anyone without education can attain
  6. Education builds the mind, the character and the future. Anyone with good educational knowledge has a greater hope of making it in this world than people that don't.

Reason 1: Without proper higher education; a human can't even know the difference between right and wrong.
Reason 2: Peoples often having lower education and the they gone to miserable life cause they don't have the proper knowledge.
Reason : There's a saying that "Little learning is terrible". So everyone should have higher education for succeed in life.

That's all for today.

I m for:

  1. The example are myself, i just until secondary school and after that i become a helper. Until now. I m zero about formal education so sometimes i feel useful.
  2. When you study until higher education and any matery you got from it will help you in any situation.
  3. You can find any chance to creat a better job for yourself ang others who in need.
  4. You will get a better position when you apply a jobs.
  5. You can't easily be use from bad people.
    Education can teach us to think first before do.
    Even you at first have a low position at job, like some my friend who become helper or caretaker when they have a diploma but at least you still can build your way. While working or after working.

And now i.m regret why i m not continue to study, and wish later i have a chance.

I love all of your ideas!
Keep them coming!

Reason 1. Again, the premise is stated as an absolute. All I need is one counterexample.
Reason 2. Furthermore, what is it "to succeed in life"? If I am happy, have I succeeded? Also, what is "higher education" in this context? Is it beyond high school?
Reason 3. I have a friend who is a computer programmer, self-taught, who makes far more money than I do, and is also a happy husband and father. He has succeeded in life if anyone has. He is my counter-example.

Against ...

  1. There are lot of jobs you can get and make equal or more money then the ones that require higher education
  2. It can take years to attain this higher education but it doesn't gntd you a job.
  3. You miss out on years of earnings due to the years it takes to attain higher education
  4. Higher education puts you in debt

1.) Higher education gives you tools to face life, but it is not the only way to successfully face life
2.) Divine wisdom is given by God to all to solve the problems that are presented to us
3.) The talents we have at birth can be improved with life experience.
4.) Everything we undertake with perseverance and dedication can be achieved.
5.) With resources and opportunities, success is also achieved

  1. If we ask for God's help in everything we do, it helps us achieve the goals even though we do not have higher education

I am against.

Reason 1. Many of the most successful people on Earth didn't even finish high school or are college drop outs like Steve jobs or Bill Gates.

Reason 2. Nowadays you can access information without even leaving home. You can learn almost everything if you want to by accessing the internet.

Reason 3. If you want to be a doctor you have to go to college whether you want it or not. That doesn't make you a successful doctor. Two Doctors with the exactly same academic studies can have different levels of sucess. One can even be totally unsuccessful.
Reason 4. Success depends on personality, effort, perseverance, opportunities, and the way you percive it. A highschool drop out housewife can be successful as a mom and a doctor can feel disappointed with his career. It has nothing to do with Higher education.

These guys deserve better prizes.
Please this an appeal all the whales out there, please surport this debate with your up votes and resteems.


  1. Trade school, college and jr. College can add income to anyones life.
  2. Its a great experience for young people.
  3. You can meet an appropriate wife in higher education.

Higher Education Is Absolutely Necessery To Succeed In Life!

  1. A certain level of education is a essential for life but not higher. As in workplace for quite a lot years, we need persons workable instead of good students.
  2. High educational burden will kill people mind and limited their creativity in many ways, as nowadays the school ain't something teach but to follow the instruction from the authorities.
  3. Those successful people (rich?) ain't from higher education but the government people is.
  4. We now have many ways to be succeed, but before we need more education. Time is changed
  5. However, along your life path, if in case it needs for job, then go for education, I'm agree on this only.


  1. Education may give one a job but having a job does not guarantee anyone success in life.
  2. In order to be successful, one has to know how to manage money, people and people's problems and diploma education hardly teaches us that.
  3. Diploma education without any marketable skill is a waste of time and resources.
  4. People get successful because they solve other people's problems and get paid for such not because they have possessed diploma education.
  5. Most successful people in the world today don't have formal diploma education and the have many diploma holders working for them for peanuts.
  6. Diploma education only teaches people how to be employees. It hardly teaches people how to generate wealth.
  7. Being successful in life has nothing to do with education. Anyone can be successful in life if they know what they want and pursue it with all their hearts.

Education is good but it doesn't guarantee success. Some of the most frustrated people in life are people that thought that education is all they need to become successful in life and invested everything they have in it only for them to discover that it takes much more than just acquiring education to be successful.


  1. The fact is higher level education does not guarantee even a job nowadays talkless of a successful life. Most graduates nowadays are so unsuccessful that they have resorted to doing odd jobs like working in construction sites under the supervision of people who did not even attain a higher level of education so tell me who is more successful amongst the two??
  2. Our great grandparents who did not even see the 4walls of a primary school talkless of a higher education became very successful people in life with their petty trades and works like tapping palm wine and selling, agriculture etc. So i see no reason why success in life is guaranteed by higher level of education.
  3. Even without the complex knowledge imparted by education, man has a creative mindset and with it can go on to become creative and successful people. Sometimes i look at the local musical instruments created by people who had no formal education talkless of a higher level education and the fascinating projects they pull make me wonder. How did they come up with this brilliant idea and succeed in bringing it out? The answer is with or without higher level education, man has a creative mind and is an intelligent being and that ensures success in life.
  4. Everyone has a brain and with or without higher level education; you can use it and succeed. For example the owner of my higher level institution was not literate. He did not see the 4 corners of a higher level institution but because he could use his brain, thousabds have graduated from that school but not one can stand his equal when it comes to level of success in life.
  5. Higher level education only comes to introduce more concepts and to broaden your scope and knowledge. Success depends on if you can apply it and succeed. You will never be successful even if you get a job out there and cannot apply all what you learned. But a person who has not even had this chance of a higher level of education but with the basic knowledge he has is able to perform duties required at his level can become very successful in life.
  6. We all have gifts embedded in us whether one who has a higher level of education or not. E.g Footballers did not get their skill in a higher level of education institution. It is a gift and see where it has taken them. To very high heights of success. So your gift or talent can make a way for you irrespective of a higher level education.
  7. A higher level of education guarantees no success in life because there are people who cheat or bribe their way through it and come out as blank as the lay man. They are even worse with nothing in their head and poor transcripts. How will they be successful in life when they cannot even defend what they hold as certificates?
    With these few points it is but wise to conclude that higher level education; infact not even education guarantees success in life. If that were true then the unemployment and poverty statistics will show better
    In the records for sure.
    A man can be very educated but very unsuccessful in life.
    Case scenario: In my community for example the most successful people do not have a higher level of education but those who do only broke grammar and have nothing to show for it talkless of a successful life.

Very educated but very unsuccessful in life...???

Yes oh Sir..

Some people might have passed through school but school did not pass through them at all.

I'm going to assume that the phrasing of the topic was (perhaps unintentionally) too extreme. Rather than debating the relative importance of higher education, it seems to ask whether it is necessary for human life, like oxygen.

And it's not, quite obviously. You can be a successful caveman. People predate education; higher education is relatively even more recent.

So in order to give myself a balanced challenge, I'm going to cheat and modify this topic a tiny bit. Like this:

Higher Education Is The Absolute Best Way To Succeed In Life.

I hope that sounds fair.

I am FOR.

Here are my points:

  1. assuming you're not successful already, which would disqualify you as you're starting on the finish line -- a higher education gives you access to a higher class of jobs and occupations, and it opens up opportunities that you would not have otherwise.

  2. when following a career path, education gives the most reward for the same amount of effort, and most importantly the reward is not based on unlikely chances, favoritism or exceptional talent. Education is simply the rational, practical choice if you want to further improve the lot you've been given.

  3. a higher education gives knowledge, perspective, and paths to self-improvement. Whatever your goals in life, the above are the tools you need to reach them. With better tools you can see farther, you have more options to choose from, you base your decisions on better data.

  4. a higher education is a form of success in itself. It is a remarkable achievement and a measure of worth. Something you have going for you, that cannot be taken away, and that others will recognize and admire.

  5. all human progress and our whole society are based on education, which means passing down our accumulated worth and know-how to the next generations, so they can take it further. A sane society knows this and consequently values education as its first priority. In getting educated, you're improving not only yourself and your chances of success, but also everyone else's.

Oh! Sir, this contest is hot! It's a great idea that you have brought in SBI. I love your logos. This topic is interesting and I will definitely have to drop something too.


  1. Most successful people in the likes of Bill Gates, Jack Ma and even Dangote that we all know never made it through school you know!

  2. The period of going through school to the point of obtaining a higher Diploma or Degree is basically a build up or training to face the world on your own. After this training, you stand against the world for success. Whether you succeed will depend on your abilities, luck, connections (especially in Africa) and your God. So, it's not like you've succeeded already.

You are welcome bro.