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RE: Steemit Account Creator Tool - Super Easy and No Middleman - An Open Sourced Alternative to AnonSteem and

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lol - why you are not making it via the Steempy CLI?

-> See here if I would register user "holymalony" normal with 15 STEEM:

steempy newaccount holymalony --account austrobot

-> Here when you want to setup it with 9 STEEM & delegate rest with your SP (Steem power). Minimum delegation time is 7 days, so when cancel it after register account it come back in 7 days.

steempy newaccount holymalony --account austrobot --fee "9 STEEM"

You can get easy the delegated power back (undelegate) via Vessel GUI Wallet (or CLI - what I found harder).
Hope that helped a few!


Well I am using SteemJS for something I am working on so this wasn't an option. Saw this when I was doing research. Looked much easier