Plz help me steem-engeine and binance exchange

in #steem-engeine2 years ago

Plz help me steem-engeine and binance exchange
I am sending some steem by steem-engeine to binance steem-engeine sending but not received by binance account this is big problems by binance .
Plz chak my deposit details.

3/6/2020, 5:57:03 PM

Transaction ID:

Sidechain Block: 5758684

From: @taimoor1122
To: @deepcrypto8

Amount: - 58.1859544 STEEMP

Memo: 100031389

I am taking binance team he tell me not received by binance wallet this steem problem .

But I taking steem-engeine he asked to me this is binance problem .
Steem-engeine details

You tell me what to do, they both say we don't have so where will my steem go

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