A beginners guide to starting your own Tribe

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Ok, so, as we're watching bitcoin go parabolic and we ware waiting for the altcoin rush there's lots of interest in creating a token, getting websites going powered by that token, and grouping your community together in a single site. I call the combination website of a blog, a forum, and a video platform powered by a steem-engine token a "Tribe."

The blog (Nitrous) and forum (TokenBB) are available now. The video platform is (allegedly) available to the public starting next week.

I think this is going to be a major deal for Steem-engine and frankly all of steem! Starting next week for less than $2k you'll have your own video platform powered by your own token!!! Find that deal somewhere else! I don't think it exists.

Steps to make a tribe

You're going to need a few things to make a tribe.

  • $500-2000 in ENG depending on how many services you want to start with.
  • You'll have to buy more or rent more ENG to stake as your community grows.
  • You'll need a team of people. I suggest no less than 5 and no more than 20.
  • You need to come up with some technical settings and names.
  • You're going to need a few types of community standards.

The team

You need a mix of folks. You need some people people, some computer/math people, and some financial people. Steem-Engine does a lot of the heavy lifting to get websites off the ground, but it still helps to have at least one technical person on the team. If you hope to market this token or see it grow you probably want to get someone with a little money or connections to businesses or communities to help you grow it. If you're dealing directly with the community (which you will) you'll want some gregarious people to interact socially with your user base.

Simple version of a Tribe; it's still kinda technical

In the simple version we're going to create a token and just have our own blogging platform to go with it.

To start you have to make a token. This happens on steem-engine.com and costs 100 eng.

When you create a token you set the name, symbol, max supply, URL, and decimal precision. The URL can change, the Decimal Precision can increase, everything else can't be changed.

Once you create your token if you're logged in on that account there's a little info button and you can change the URL, edit the description and add a little logo.

Once you have the token you need to enable staking (there's a diamond icon in the wallet if you're the issuing account). You'll have to set the unstaking period. This too can't be changed. Make sure you set the unstaking longer than the time to recover your VP. So, if it takes 5 days to recover your VP after voting down to 0% make sure that unstaking is slightly longer than that. You have to burn 1000 ENG to make a token be allowed to power up.

Initial Supply and Distribution

The ultimate number doesn't really matter. If you make a lot of tokens they will be worth less. If you make fewer they will be worth more. The value will really be determined by the number of people that accept them for value and the number of use cases and sinks the team and the community provide.

I suggest making new tokens between 1M and 100M in supply. 21M is a familiar number because of BTC. If you're going to have an inflation pool on these (if you're want a voting style website you need an inflation pool) then you'll want a max supply much higher to account for years of inflation.

When distributing them I would suggest what I'll reference as the PALnet model. 10% to founders, 10% on a central account, 20% claimed to an existing community, and the rest is sold at a set price on the open market. You obviously don't have to follow that exactly, but it seems to get a variety of stakeholders involved and provide opportunity for new people.

Now that you have a token let's distribute it with Scotbot

Now you're going to have to setup your scotbot instance. You actually don't have to have your own website because just using tags on steempeak or steemit is enough, but most people want their own website too (1000 ENG setup cost).

Scotbot is fairly complicated because we give you a lot of control of a complicated thing. Part of a good team is that you'll want a dev or someone pretty math friendly to take a look at it.

Setting up Scotbot will make you answer questions like "how much inflation should we have?" With high inflation you're diluting the stake of the founders and starting account. You're doing that with the intention to bring in new people. If you're bringing in new people with high inflation the economy can likely sustain it. If you're giving away high inflation and no one is buying or coming it's likely going to simply hurt your founding accounts.

What is high inflation is relative to initial supply. 1M new tokens might sound like a high inflation but if you're starting with 10T it's really not. Steem is still considered a high inflation token and has under 10% inflation.

If you're stuck without a dev we can provide some help. there are some posts describing the settings in channels in the Discord room. So, if you have questions start at the documentation, and if you still have questions me or the devs can help.


For each inflation pool you choose to have we'll charge 1 staked eng per active user to keep the lights on.


Now you might want to get your own website. A starter one is pretty simple. It costs 1000 ENG to setup. We forked condenser which is the program that runs steemit.com and we rewired it to display steem-engine tokens as the rewards. You can also get a steempeak variant.

After initial setup it costs 1 staked eng per active user. That means you don't actually have to pay us anything per month. Just keep eng staked as your user base grows. If you stop staking we'll turn off the website and scotbot after some warnings.

This setup is pretty easy. You get a domain name from a website like godaddy.com. You fill out the form on website. We spin up a server. And you point your domain to the server address we give you.

We can do small tweaks like add links or change a few colors and a logo. If you want a lot more changes we charge $100 per hour for dev work.

That said you can do the dev work on your own. Eon will slap your Nitrous is a repo you can access on github so you don't have to deal directly with us for changes.

Non Technical- Community Guidelines

I know I just spoke a lot about the technical requirements. They are important for sure, but I think a community really needs to focus on community guidelines.

You'll have tough decisions like muting bad actors, team member participation, content that's not supported, flag guidelines for the community and a lot of other pieces.

You're going to want some guidelines for the founders, community members, chat hub (like discord or telegram), rules for bots, and anything else you think is important.

I've been managing communities on the blockchain for a while. It's incredibly difficult to manage effectively if you don't have a doc to based things from. You don't need every rule written down, but you need some basics that become the standard way to behave. Then if people break them it's easy to enforce

Template docs

I haven't written them yet, but I'll get some general template docs out to the Steem Community.

Good Tribes to form?

Political Parties

The list is pretty endless. And they'll all have people talking on the internet.


Miners! Make sure your new tribes have miners! Helps to stake steem, raises funds for the project, and provides an opportunity for long term investors. Above all, the funds raised gives your project the flexibility to provide VALUE to the token holders.

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How do miners even work? how much do they cost?
Where can someone read about setting on up, etc., etc.,

You're going to have to ask @aggroed about that via the discord about how to set one up.

@holger80 provided some detail about how it works in an article here: https://steemit.com/steem-engine/@holger80/validating-the-mining-results-of-eng-token

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I want to report that at the moment Steem-engine website is not safe.

Why? What's wrong with it?

They don't have security own all the sub domains! Not sure why not, if people search from google it sends them to this broken carry link! lol @aggroed, @holger80 ??? And even if it they tell you does not matter, it still looks bad! I get routed to the insecure one from google!
Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 10.39.08 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 10.42.24 AM.png
Not sure why they leave it like this??? lol

Yeah why don't they fix the non www. sub domains??! lol Just go in the control panel and add @

Once you have the token you need to enable staking (there's a diamond icon in the wallet if you're the issuing account). You'll have to set the unstaking period. This too can't be changed. Make sure you set the unstaking longer than the time to recover your VP. So, if it takes 5 days to recover your VP after voting down to 0% make sure that unstaking is slightly longer than that. You have to burn 1000 ENG to make a token be allowed to power up.

Was it always 1000ENg to enable staking? or is enabling staking free, just 1000ENg to allow power ups? so is that 1000ENg the total price? If i for example have my SAND token i already paid for, its running as a simple token on steem engine, i never enabled staking, is that feature now going to cost me to enable staking? or just to enable staking + Power ups?

I’m curious about anyones thoughts on building a succesful tribe. Would it it be better to have smaller niches or more general ones for instance? Say a “60’s hard bop tribe” vs. a “music tribe”

Very fun times =)

@aggroed cant immagine how fast things now go on! Good job!

Thanks for the interesting guide, @aggroed!

I'll deeply study to create my token and start something like $MANNE, $BEER, and $MSTK

Resteemed for future reference and some more knowledge! ;)
A huge hug

Very exciting times indeed @aggroed ! too expensive for me even though its a great deal, but something to definitly consider in the future! Full Steem Ahead My friend! 👍👌❤😎 upped and resteemed

can that door have the steem engine logo on it?

This is great!! Here are some Tribes I would like to see formed..

  • Blockchain/Crypto News
  • Blockchain Trading Card Games
  • Blockchain VR/AR
  • Poker community
  • Different genres of music (EDM, Rock, Rap, etc..)
  • Movie Reviews
  • Charities (donatable to/new forming)
  • World impact projects (Ocean cleanup/Rainforest reforestation)
  • Geographic targeted economy building communities
  • And if I think of more I will edit and add them!

Yo..I might be able to help you with a music community.. Stop by ** GREEN HOUSE RADIO ONLINE** https://discord.gg/PUPD5Ma Been working on the community building as well as creating a staff for the shows. Always looking for suggestions, team mates and partners.

Nice Tribes!
Add steem games.

Wow! This is indeed a revolution!

Are you thinking to create $RUNP (or some better name) for @RunningProject? ;)

Yes, I thought about it since long...but I don’t have so much time lately and also I don’t have the idea why that coin should be worth...still

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It will have worth simply because we love running? 😜

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Just so I understand the price breakdown:

  1. Token = 100 ENG

  2. ScotBot = 1000 ENG

  3. Nitrous = 1000 ENG

And ENG staking basically makes up for the monthly costs?

have to burn 1000 to make the token stakable such that token --> token power

An embarrassment of riches.
The Steempeak devs roll out cool updates constantly. Will/can the steempeak clones keep up automatically?

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I was actually having this discussion with a friend and we would like to launch a scot tribe in the new year, need to get out people and finances in order but its 100% something we would like to launch. I'm pretty sure over the next 6 months there will be more updates making it even more of a reason to create one

Will you guys have any sort of dedicated support for tribe owners to help with technical and financial questions even if we have our own dev and finance person?I mean this is still uncharted territory for even experienced people

spanish tribes, italian tribes, portuguese tribes, turkish etc, etc, etc. We are exploding.

This is epic thank you for putting this all together. I wonder if creating one for entrepreneurs would be to local and not hold enough value. Might need to go higher level instead of niched.

When distributing them I would suggest what I'll reference as the PALnet model. 10% to founders, 10% on a central account, 20% claimed to an existing community, and the rest is sold at a set price on the open market

Want to see detail information about any community when you click on their token.

Thanks HEAPS for this post... I’ve been trying to piece together bits from different posts and chats....

A ‘how-to’ startup manual would be great.... seriously, you guys are doing amazing work!!!!!

Just drawing your attention to this post for later, @riverflows....

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This is fantastic. Thankyou. @metametheus thanks for tagging me. You said you could help with a dev. This is our main problem.. we have people people and we have been running our group successfully for a while.. but we have no tech people really. Tagging @walkerland also.

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Oh wow! Tribes! This is awesome! I cannot wait for scotbot! I will be streaming Splinterlands!! 👍👍🎉🎉🎉

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The possibilities are endless... Thanks for explaining it somewhat easier!

So here's a question, probably a dumb one... But I've been wondering for a while now, what does scot stand for in scotbot. I tried to find the answer by going through some posts but no success... 8-)

Smart Contract Organizational Token :-)

Great post and how do I consult with someone to find out exactly what my upcoming spork needs? I've got an investor and will be starting to work on things this week.

You muh dear can DM me whenever you'd like. I'd still suggest finding a dev or good math type to help you configure.

How does the SEC regulate centralized origin tokens ?

what's an origin token? That's not a term the SEC uses.

A token that was originally distributed by a single corporation or person . They have already defined a bit of that here. https://www.sec.gov/litigation/investreport/34-81207.pdf

My questions come because some coins that are DPOS are under attack and have been removed completely from exchanges, that do not have decentralized governance. For example bittrex, another exampleis binance removing USA traders.

My guess, SEC doesn't care about origin as much as governance.

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