Advertising on Nitrous - And so it begins

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Ads are a bit of a controversial thing around here, but to me represent the best chance to bring money to the Steem ecosystem. @eonwarped is the developer that's behind Nitrous, which is a fork of the code called condenser which runs

We announced the ability to incorporate ads into Nitrous pages in this post:

Splinterlands ads

To start we've incorporated splinterlands ads and google adsense in a number of tribes.

In the first two weeks of doing this we've served up ~62k impressions of Steem Monsters ads. Keep in mind that's during hardbork week too, so on some of those days not much is loading.

CTR isn't amazing, but given that the ads are $1 CPM it's likely 3-5x more effective advertising than what other companies offer.

Anyway, that's ~$60 that's going to be used to buy tokens and burn them!


We also incorporated google adsense. Currently we're serving up 5 Splinterlands Ads for every Google Adsense advertisement.

You can see across 4 tribes we've reached about 100,000 page views this week with a total of 35k impressions. Google is agreeing to pay ~$10 for this. That's not going to pay the rent, but that's also the first week and a half. It'll take time to grow.

Rome wasn't decentralized in a day.

Looking for Tribes and Advertisers

If you're a Tribe it's a 1 time fee to get ads going on your site. If you're an advertiser you can get ads targeted to active Steemians that are crypto saavy and familiar with this ecosystem. At $1 CPM it's hard to beat the price per eyeball.

Just ping me in Discord and we'll get you setup with either. You can find me as aggroed in here:


I think this is great business model - where a centralized body (like u) get bargaining power of combined efforts from all the tribes and then revenue is distributed among all.

If tribes themselves want to go and negotiate then they won't be able to strike a meaningful deal.

Full support to this model.

I don't understand how ads can be controversial to anyone. Someone has to pay the bill.

Some people in crypto seem to hate all things business. The idea for them is everything is free, but I don't think the ethos of crypto is socialize all the costs so much as decentralize all the things. Those folks don't make a lot of sense to me.

You don't understand why so many people use ad-blockers?

The point you made about Steemit being a fertile ground to advertise for Crypto related products is an important one. Crypto and blockchain is so new that reaching a targeted audience is difficult. Very interesting post.

Nice work, my own site serves about 185k impressions per month and I'm trying to grow it each month. Ads my be a pain for some but its also an incentive to get users in and viewing, the more viewers the more we earn, the more valuable the token. Its using old money to inflate this new private money we're creating

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@surpassinggoogle this sounds a wonderment.

Ads is good and we steemians are getting use to it already

Ads are a bit of a controversial thing around here, but to me represent the best chance to bring money to the Steem ecosystem.

Adverts on ANY online space may hold that little bit of "annoyance" factor, but the reality of the matter is they are a necessity, because money makes the world go round... (whether we approve of that 21st century reality or not).

Excellent feature added to support tribes. We love it and support it.

That's awesome guys!

Heres to the future of nitrous scot advertising and @dclick

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I find this to be very sad news. I really appreciate what you guys are doing for Steem, but I stopped using Steemit because I'm tired of seeing ass and tits on my computer screen. Advertising has always been the greatest enemy of Freedom of Speech. But it's also been the greatest way to pay bills in the media world. I really hope SteemPeak doesn't take this route! Please don't take my criticisms as a sign of ingratitude towards the amazing work you are doing.

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You can use the brave browser. It blocks ads

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