Wow, just about every single STEEM-ENGINE coin turned out to be a scam!

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It this the future for all HIVE-Engine tokens too?

This really worries me when I buy any HIVE-Engine token now! Will this be the fait of POP, HIVE-Engine's latest rising star token?? Are they just going to give up and move again too, when they find something better? That is the track record from these token creators so far. One community talent club moved to hive and didn't even credit me the coins, so no way I'm gonna buy their coin over there. I learned my lesson. There are still are a few coins that are worth DUST left on Steem-engine, like APPICS, but for the majority of coins there, I see no bidders.

Will STEEM be next to exit scam one day and go to 0 in the end, what do you think? Will ever single alt coin join this fait too? Prolly....

I think somehow, the answer is an astounding YES! WoW!

Screenshot 2021-04-24 at 6.30.50 PM.png BEWARE - all these tokens just became worthless in the end, this is what always happens to centralized systems!

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I wonder how much I lost.

All you can do is check and see. HIVE-Engine is actually decentralized now, anyone can mine them, so it should be different this time. Some of the coins, like leo and lassecash migrated over there, LEO is the only one that held any value on the migration. You should check out POB, proof of brain 🧠 on HIVE, it is the most profitable one now.

I think that most of the team developing Steem-Engine fled to Hive Engine .

Steem Engine also suffered a blow when they lost the domain and had to move to It took me a long time to find the new server.

My guess is that Justin Sun wants Tron to be the center of the SteemIt universe. So I would not be surprised to see Steem Engine vanish.

I'm glad I just now finally learned this. LOL

Something weird happened, my steem vote went down to 0 today! geese they got me I think??

The price went down.

You own it?

Oh yeah I got a lot of pob, it is more profitable than hive!

I did not buy any coins. But the coin also suffered a lot of loss. But Steemit is the best for me.

Most were doomed to fail as the people who created the coins didn't create any use cases for them. Wanting your coin to succeed and putting in hard work advertising/posting is great but a use case needs to come along with that.

I had hope for a few but it looks like Leo is the only one that stood the test of time within the ones I was collecting.

I'm a little peeved about the SPT token continuous USD value drop. It should of had a use case within the game of Splinterlands but for some odd reason it doesn't. It still has potential so I'll keep collecting and stacking it for now.