Come Help Test 2.0 Open Beta!

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( a screencap from the new 2.0 GUI - looks pretty damn slick! - click image above to visit the site )

Big things coming out of the Steem-Engine corner today with links floating around allowing people to come check out their new GUI design, which if you ask me, is pretty damn slick looking! This new GUI really encompasses the whole exchange GUI look and adds some nice visualizations not to mention is set up to breed speculation and therefore action on the prices of the various tokens offered on the site. You can CLICK HERE to visit the new GUI or follow the link below:

( It is a beta, so bugs may exists in it still. I take no responsibility for any damages or loses incurred by bugs on the open beta website above! )


Every Single Vote Helps, Thanks for the Support!

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Kyle the Fly Guy, very many thank yous for sharing, I'll spread it around some places like mayo on a bratwurst at a ballgame

No worries. Your spreading is innuendos..

I spread joy and mirth and boost morale for a place that cares not

excited about the prospect of seeing a big spike in CHLP on the new steem engine (and old one)

Great to see those @privex ads at the bottom!

Heres an $0.80 cent + upvote klye, if you want to give the challengedapp and its testing a shoutout, we could send you some CHL or CHLP steem engine tokens whenever you want :)

Damn! Thanks for the support captain!

Sure, I'd love to test out the CHL + CHLP stuff out. Got a link for more info on this?

Cheers! See you around!

heres 1000 CHLP (plus enuf to withdraw the 1% fee0

come show us a post you make telling everyone you tried it, on here or here and ill give you some more tokens!

Im very happy to see @someguy123 @privex logos and i made it a real dclick ad!

look image.png

got an ad up now on :D justa coupel steem!

Finally a decent GUI!

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