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   "Survival of the fittest" is a great challenge to human existence and likewise to individuals in an organization or corporate body.  Here on steemit, a lot of great steemit users accrued a lot of wealth to themselves as a result of their ability to understand how the system works and strategize their inevitable success. Also, there are some steemit users who got drowned along the way either because they were not properly informed or they lack the ability to process information into a rewarding output. Thus, "information is power" as "knowledge is rewarding". 


   I believe that a lot of steemit users who failed on the platform as a result of one reason or the other would have either stopped being a user or discourage people about this great platform and what it has to offer. In every settings, there are factions, and yes, here on steemit, there are factions. Thanks to great and benevolent steemit users like @dreamryder007, @introbot, @yoo1900, @freshfive, @adsactly, @minnowsupport and others, they have dedicated themselves to helping and encouraging new steemians with quality and valuable introductory post and subsequent posts by giving quality upvote on their posts. 



This article is a must-read before you embark on a life long journey with steemit.

The following are the steps to making remarkable success on steemit :

1.   Endeavour to write a quality introductory post after your account has been verified. 

NOTE: Make sure you write down your password or WIF in a safe place before you continue after verification. In your introductory post, include  your name, nicknames, hobbies, what you do for a living, area of interests and how you intend to contribute to this great community. Don't forget to add high quality pictures of yourself to your introductory post. You can add as much as possible pictures to introduce yourself in detail. Although, this is not mandatory but it has become a custom on steemit to include a picture of yourself holding a paper with the word "steemit", it's symbol and the date written on it. 

2.   Browse the internet to get the usernames of great steemit users and follow them. Ensure  to upvote and comment on their posts through your "feed". The secret is to monitor your "feed" always to know the exact time each of these great steemit users drop in their posts so that you can upvote and comment as early as possible  to earn quality curation awards on their posts. 

NOTE: Giving good comments on their post can earn you additional rewards by their upvotes. As we all know that the 3 ways to earn rewards on steemit are by; upvoting, commenting and resteeming. As regards resteeming, you don't earn rewards for resteeming but you can get more visibility to followers of whomsoever you decide to resteem his/her post. 

NOTE: Never plead with these great steemit users to follow, comment or upvote your post. I was downvoted for that once because I included "I hope you will follow, comment and upvote my post" in one of my comments. I believe no one would like to be downvoted so take note of that. 

You might be lucky for some of these great steemit users to follow you, but your constant upvote and quality comments on their posts might seem appealing for them to follow, comment and upvote you. 

The main goal is to learn from their style of writing which would help you in making quality-content post like they do to become a great steemian and alongside with earning good curation awards. Haha..... everyone likes to earn money. 

3.  Avoid plagiarism; low quality-content posts don't get valuable upvotes. Else, they get downvoted or flagged and that s not a good thing for a newbie. Ensure to write posts with good content, cite your references where needed and your image  sources correctly. It shows your professionalism in writing. Also, learn the basics on how to use the "Markdown styling", "Editor" and "Raw html" in formatting your post on steemit. 


4.   Purchasing steem or steem power; this is another step to making a headway on steemit. Although, it's optional but if you could afford to buy some steem or steem power, it's rewarding. This can give you more attention or followers to your quality-content post. Mind you "everyone wants to follow great steemit users with higher reputation and voting power. Thus you can get more upvotes on your post from your followers or anyone that come across your post and it's expected that you give upvotes back on good comments.


5.   Join several discord channels like @minnowsupport, @adsactly, @steemschools, @steemstem and others where you could fit in and actively participate there in contests and many more. 

Believe in yourself and you will get there. See you at the top.......

Thanks for reading.. 

Please upvote, comment, follow and resteem.


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great work out there.....newbies in the house can use these guides to explore Steemit....for a good start.....
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