An old adage says "the downfall of a man is not the end of life". Challenges or failures are meant to make us stronger when our hope is alive. It's obvious that when a man falls in a race, and he rise to continue the race, his hope is alive and might eventually emerge as the winner depending on how hard he could try to make up for the time he fell to the ground. But when a man falls in a race and he got stucked to the ground, then at that point, he loses the race.



Israelmore Ayivor said
"Your downfall is a preparation for your uprise if you don't know this secret. You will remain on the floor blaming your legs instead of your head".


Judy Smith said
"The ambition and focus that propel you to success can also be your downfall".


I was restless when I couldn't login to my steemit account on Monday morning, 30-04-2018. I called a friend who introduced the platform to me, to notify him about the inconveniences and he promised to call back. After some minutes, he called and he said to me "your account is under attack by cyber-criminals and your hard earned steem backed dollar had been transferred from your account".


Immediately I got this message, tears rolled down my cheeks and I couldn't control it. Ten minutes later, I got a call from my friend again to proceed to stolen account recovery on steemit and I followed the procedures carefully. Then I waited for hours, checking through my mail for the reply from steemit, eventually by 6:39AM on 01-05-2018, I got a link to complete my stolen account recovery process where I entered my username and a new password was generated for me which I copied somewhere safe, I'm happy I got my account back anyways but sad, I lost my hard earned steemdollar to the criminal @gregoryoo24.

At some point, i was surprised how he got into my account but I noticed I do login on the browsing app "Phoenix" and I think that's one of the reason he got my account hacked because I can't remember giving out my password to anyone and anyone in his right state of mind wouldn't want to do that . Google Chrome is the best and I m using that now. Thanks to @bullionstackers, @polaleye, @guiltyparties and others for your concern.


I m happy to be back on the platform while keeping my head up and hoping for better days ahead.

NOTE: Avoid visiting websites requiring password or posting key and ensure to use Google Chrome app to login your account. Be mindful of the links you click, they might be a Bad link.


It takes courage for a man to rise after a downfall. Though tides rise and fall, bitcoin rise and fall, steem rise and fall, etc. But I'm rising and higher this time while being careful to avoid a fall by taking necessary guides.

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