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I made a sketch of this picture from Macmillan Mathematics for Junior Secondary School 3.

Alas, what was the first thing that came to your mind when you saw the picture above?. Some would say, oh.... it's a well known puzzle, and I can give answers to it. While it would seem brainstorming to some people. To those who could give answers to the puzzle, BRAVO!.....but are you being practical in solving life puzzles as well. The ability to solve brainstorming puzzles isn't enough but the ability to solve life puzzles defines a great man.


If it's your first time seeing this puzzle and could give answers, GOODLUCK and to those who couldn't give answers, I will give the answers in brief,
The two students will have to paddle with the 60kg boat to the other end of the river while one of them alights and the other paddles the boat back to the starting point. One of the 60kg teacher will paddle back to the other side of the river while the 30kg student at the other end of the river paddles back to the starting point. Thus, we have the 2 students and one teacher at the starting point and a teacher at the other end of the river.
The two students paddle back to the other end of the river, one of them alights, while the student paddles back to the starting point. Then the 60kg teacher at the starting point paddles to the other end of the river while the other 30kg at the other end of the river brings the boat to the starting point to pick up the other 30kg student. By this way, they all get to the other end of the river with the 60kg boat.


I came across this puzzle some days ago, I tried solving it but the more I tried, the more I got confused but was so anxious to know the answers. Then, a friend came to help with the answers.


1.Dont feel too big to acquire knowledge because "knowledge is power".

  1. Peserverance is one of the keys to success.
  2. Never give up, keep making efforts to get to the top (your destination).
  3. Don't get intimidated.
  4. Believe in yourself.
  5. Everyone needs help, appreciate it.


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Thanks for reading......

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