❓Answering Common Questions: How do I get more Votes? - Part 7: Put in the WORK!

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Success Doesn't Happen Overnight! It Takes Time!

Yes, some people get lucky. But we can't exactly depend on luck.

It's really important to look at the quote above here: "Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting." I DO fully understand the drive to see your posts earn more. BUT...it takes time to get built up here. No matter how much you want the success, it's not something you can force to happen. However, you can help improve your odds with tips in the previous parts of this guide series.

For most of us on here...it took us MONTHS to start feeling like we were being successful. It's important to know that getting consistency in our payouts is one of the most difficult things on here and truly something you can't ever fully depend on. So rather than just waiting around for success to find you...be proactive!!

Don't get upset....Get MOTIVATED!!

Q: But I've been here for a MONTH, making posts! Why am I not making tons of money?

Because that's not realistic. I'm sorry to be a bit of a downer here, but it's the truth! Did you know that most content creators outside of Steemit tend to make next to nothing for at least a year...more often at least two years! Being able to even make a few dollars here put's you ahead of what sooooooooo many people publishing elsewhere receive....and you've likely already gotten that!

Don't compare yourself to the trending pages! Sure, it'd be nice to have a post on there...but in reality comparing your post with a trending post is apples and oranges. You may be able to find some good tips, or get ideas on what you can try....but you likely don't have the information behind it (what they've done outside their posts to help others, what relationships they've built up, what projects they've sacrificed their time to, etc.) Instead, compare yourself to your own previous work!

Constantly try to improve on what you've already done, whether it be trying different topics, having catchier headlines/thumbnail images, working on your post formatting, maybe your writing or editing styles, etc. There's ALWAYS SOMETHING that you can improve on.

In all honesty...

Success here is really all about improving yourself, your craft, your posts, your relationships with others, etc. The payouts will follow in time.

Q: So then when do I start making tons of money?


If you are here simply to get humongous rewards...you're in the wrong place. Sure..some people have the talent and get lucky. But we can't really just sit and wait for luck to happen. Not only is it unlikely to occur (by the definition of luck), but this mindset also implies that you don't have any control. Instead...be willing to put in the time, learn, adapt...put in the work.

If you find yourself getting frustrated:

  • Than write or do something that you would do anyway! Not because you think it will make you money.
  • Take some time off. We don't have to be on here all the time. Do something that's fun or enjoyable.
  • Redefine your idea of success. Setting unreasonable goals (like having every post be on trending) only hurts your.
  • Do something that is fun, but doesn't take much time to create. Maybe try doing a vlog, or a poem, or a rant...something that you can just let flow, without the need to edit. Just be real.

Q:Final Thoughts / TL;DR

Myself and many other Steemians get asked the general question of "Why aren't I earning more on here" countless times a week. While we'd all love to help every single person, there is only so much time in the day. We all have our own posts to do, comments to reply do, projects we're a part of...and that's not even counting that we all have our lives outside of Steemit.

If you find yourself about to ask this question to somebody, ask yourself first, "What have you already done to answer this yourself?" Have you searched for and read any of the guides that answer this question? Have you started to find things that are and aren't working for you? Have you been here long enough to really get a good gauge?

I really don't want to come across and mean or angry here...because I guaranty I'm not. But I have to manage how much time I can commit to helping others...and yes, I do prioritize people over others. WHY? Because I want to focus on those that have already put in the work...been here for months and months, consistently posting...that have read guides and actually talked with other community members.

I'm sorry, but when you've been here a month...and all I've seen you do is say Hi, vote for me or drop your post link...the most I can offer are links to guides. The same goes for earning on posts whether needing to see you consistently publish posts, improving your writing, style, or format. If you have specific issues...sure ask away (like how do I center, or make headings, etc)...but jumping into the "Why am I not making money" questions usually tells me they've not even tried to read up on their own.

Success typically comes to those that are willing to work hard over time. But...

You've got to put in the time and work first!!

And as always...

Keep your chin up...Keep posting...Keep improving!

❓Answering Common Questions: How do I get more Votes?-
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Hi - nice series,

I think series of posts like this are actually a great strategy (for getting more votes), and wanting to develop them is one of the reasons I'm holding off posting every day. I'm currently working on a 'why I'm quitting teaching' series for example, but it's taking a bit of time to structure the whole series coherently.

It's quite difficult to do on here because you have to 'think backwards' and do the intro post last (because you can't update it after seven days), but you've given me here a bit more of an idea of how I can make it work - with the links at the bottom.

I'm also finding that I'm following lots of people who post 2-4 times a day...it's embarrassing to see 'churn posts' just done for the money, and they're on the blockchain forever.

I think even though it means earning less, less is actually more when it comes to posting - better to post better quality 2-3 times a week, rather than just churning out shite 4 times a day! As you say.. patience - I think it should come in the form of background work, then only post when you've got something 'proper'.

Personally I'm also really getting into commenting... it actually seems to be a very effective to way to engage with a few selected people (gotta find your niche) and if you actually show some evidence that you've read the post, they tend to go back and upvote your most recent post(s) - assuming it's their bag of course.

Big help here this week has been @abh12345's nice little curation competition.



P.S. I had a TLDR comment on my other blog recently, I had to look it up - I took it as a complement.

Steps to success on steemit.

  1. Get in early and sit on a huge share of steem
  2. Use bots to further your economic advantage
  3. Dominate the trending and hot pages with huge upvote power

And some tips for the little accounts

  1. Happen to be born in a country that teaches the native languages of the whales
  2. Have enough economic security in life to afford you the free time to post well thought-out content
  3. Be able to afford an internet-connected device in the first place

For real though your tips are good for those who happen to have the ability to act on them, I just feel bad for the luck of the draw so many have in life.

Having the sufficient capital to employ the tools that are almost necessary on this site to even start to feel successful as a writer is dubious in countries with very small GDPs per capita.

I upvoted you because I think there's not enough recognition on this platform of the structural conditions which benefit the rich more than the poor. (I/ we may now be universally hated for pointing this out!)

NB - there is a relatively small movement on here (the minnow support project and all those associated with it) who, broadly speaking, recongise this fact and actively try to make steemit a more equal place, so there is hope!

You missed out: be an early adopter.

P.S. I am quite rich, I just also happen to be a sociologist interested in structural constraints.

No sane whale focused on cashing out in a decent timeframe would want to damage their ownership share, and no one really makes money critiquing the system so no one at any level really talks about it in length. Yes, there is a growing movement to address these issues, but they're a drop in the bucket for now as content viewing is dictated by existing wealth. Speaking of hopes of wealth growing, I'm not an expert in the UK housing market but the housing market in general is in a precarious position worldwide as central banks seek to tamper inflation fears by upping rates and cutting buying programs, which will put many things like corporate debt, housing, loan creation in general at risk.

And this platform was never designed with equality in mind of course!

On housing, gotta have somewhere to live, paying my damned mortgage off is my 2018 no. 1 goal.

I think you should put more passion rather than treat it as work.

Thank you for the tips! They are very helpful for newbies like me.
More and more I think that doing what you love the most without comparing yourself with trending authors is the answer and the key.
There is a market/likeminded group for everything under the sun. Just be yourself and stay for long term. Second being probably the most important because it's the part of philosophy of Steemit brand - longevity and long term impact.
Thank you for the post again. I am so glad I've subscribed! I'll be checking more of your posts - the content seems to be incredibly valuable.

Nice post...
Please upvote my post...

Another way to get votes is to act cute and fluffy.

HAHAH THAts smart

Hahahah...yes that definitely helps! Especially to get my vote! :P

I love this! Super adorable!

Yes! Brilliant!! I think the idea of making squillions of money here is creating motivations that detract from the community idea.

Unrealistic expectations!!

The problem is that SteemIt is promoted to the outside world as a place where there’s money to be earned. None of the ads mention it takes a lot of time, hard work and dedication before you get into a position where you can actually profit.
Using that as a slogan wouldn’t attract many people.

Occasionally, when I have the time. I also reply to cryouts made by newbies about why they’re not earning. I then send them a couple of links to useful tutorials an tell them they should get to know the basics before they can ever think of starting to profit. I often upvote their post so they can earn their first cents and be motivated again. Unfortunately, there are simply too many of them to reply to them all.

Many of them leave disappointed, because working your ass off was not whatvthey were promised.
There is no ‘easy money’ here on SteemIt: you’ve got tonmake a commitment, and if you don’t want to put in the effort, the reawards will never come,,

@sykochica Your efforts will get exactly what they deserve on Steemit. That's what I like about this platform the most.

Effective tips...., I thought that how easy is this community in starting but slowly I got myself fail to understand this community. Yes, we should not depend on luck but many times when we see other steemians that don't even put a little effort in their post and get a rich amount, that demotivate to the steemians.

True patience is a virtue

Thanks @sykochica. Steem on and keep touching lives like mine.

Thanks for guidance. It is very difficult to getting votes here, its looks easy but it is not easy.
You are right persistency & patience & planning these PPPs are key to success on steemit.

WOW thats helpful and made me motivated!!! THANK YOU

Thank you so much dear.. Its sooooo motivational.. Glad to found you here.. I want some hints for success on steemit as i am new here dnt knw what to write what will be more appreciateable what to do and how to do.. Thank yo sooooo much..

Very nice and innovative post and thank you for the gift @ the chat room about a week ago... Looking forward to the next give out time.. 😍

If you see it the positive way then its even more fun: just blog about whatever you like and if you are lucky you even get rewarded :D

I've been on here for 6 months and now just getting things rolling a bit. But lately I've been interacting so much and I think that is the key. If you put in a ton of work with building relationships here, there is no stopping you. Love it!

yeah i m agree with you
well said good work

Writing what you would write anyway is really great advice to get over the frustration. Writing what you THINK others want to see isn't going to make you successful on here at all since you won't be able to write about it effectively!

Great advice as always for new members :).

You are real inspirational person to me @sykochica. I am happy i meet at steemit-chat and I gonna follow your every post.

great info as always. There is still a lot to learn around here but putting in the time to learn and read your guides has been helpful.

Excellent guide, I have hardly seen this, but the above should be just as interesting as this, I will see them and begin to study.

That is excellent guidance! I have to try to master the formatting thing. I've taken a couple half hearted attempts, but I get frustrated and give up. It is not like I can't make a post without it...

Excellent post, thanks for the advice, really it has happened to me in barias ocaciones in which I get discouraged to see that I do not win anything, but over time I've noticed that little by little I get good results, sometimes I find it unfair to see as there are people who post any nonsense and earn a lot of money but I've already learned to overcome that, as I said thanks for sharing these tips, greetings. great post

Yeah, I think there shouldn't be a focus on earning huge rewards. Also, I know how hard it is to make money outside of steemit. For example, I've worked on a couple of websites and you get no results for months. Not earning anything for months of hard work can be quite hard to find motivation to continue. Steemit allows you to earn since day one. Even if you're not earning a lot, you're earning more than most people out there. And also, let's not forget it's a social media. It's meant for communication, sharing ideas and information, having fun, etc... Putting in some hard work will pay off here on Steemit!

You post addresses key points here. You have to earn relationship here. When people will come to know that this guy have quality content to offer everytime he posts or comments then you get attention and you will get rewarded. I am very happy with modest beginning. I am also trying to follow people like you who are offering free advise and insights on steemit about how to grow in Steemit.. Thanks for the post. It was helpful for me.

You've been such a good inspiration and motivator for me and after my replay to one of your previous post with a little low self esteem about my success, it almost feels like I have been a good inspiration to you :-) I am happy if this is the case, life itself is not an easy thing so we shouldn't expect easy success in anything without working hard for it. About the incentive expectations of Steemit- I think is just like in life- there is not such a thing like a free lunch :-)
Thank you for the motivational post and best wishes :-)

I think many newbies expect a get rich scheme on Steemit. It doesn’t work that way, as you say. You have to put in the time, effort and relationship building.

Patience test's but only when you have something to achieve :)

i gave up in between recently trying to post something daily now its working i think

This is resteemable! Thanks.

if we run for money we could achieve nothing in life

Awesome post 👍🏼👌🏼😄... The word Engaging and Grow Healthy in Steemit is my understanding.. “every tunnel must have light at the end” .. cheers friend

we need to keep trying we don't have the power to earn more but we have the power to create great content

Followed, upvoted and resteemed.

right!keep smiling and steeming!

Well, very well written and true to the words. The title picture about patience is the key and yes there is never a shortcut for success in this world. You have to work hard and in fact what you have said how much money others are making who publish elsewhere, i can totally agree. It took me more than two years to get my first money from my travel blog and here not even a week. And i believe i am satisfied not just by making virtual money in just week but the last 25 odd days I learned so much that I could not have learned by joining some paid course too. So that for me is indirect earning too 😁😁 ... I am sure with hard work, persistence and consistency, blogging anywhere can help you build the readership overtime and success will find you for sure.

Thanks a lot for these wonderful series of articles, I have not gone through all but finding my time to read them through and learn from the experience folks like you.

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