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Dear friends

as far i promised, i am checking the both socials hive and steemit in order to check which one of them are most profitable doing the same things and giving the same delegation to @tipu.

As you can see there is not much difference, right now steemit is a little bit bigger rewarding, but the difference is too close to think about what will be final result after a month.


Regarding first check, i can say that the delegations reward right now are more profitable in steemit, but the reward of posting is really better for hive, thanks to power of @leofinance which is giving a lot more than and luckly the downvote of the troll @jelly13 is not effecting that much on the final result.

The betting is always available, so if you want bet for steem, please send your bet amount and you will get double if steemit will win.

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