Second week check

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Dear friends

this is second week of check of rewards between and steemit.

Even we add the SIM rewards of @citygame, is going to be less than steemit, not as first time check, but it seems with 90% taxes on this game, the rewards are not enough to compensiate steemit rewards.


I am very sad to see what is going on with @dcitygame, i never put on this game my savings, but i can see people like @loro68 still believe on them and betting for hive winner it is touching my feelings, so i decided to make a interesting offer.

Who will make a bet to win hive for 10 hives, will get the INTEL value even hive will loose against steemit.

In the end of this check, i will put all my town for sale with INTEL value and who will bet, can get back invested money buying my town cards.

For steemit users, betting will be almost sure to get double on bet value, so lets take the chance to invest money with safe returns

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