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Dear friends

as far i wrote in last post, now is time for me to understand which social is more profitable with the same potentials.

As far i did, now my steem and hive account are exactly the same, same power, same delegation.


Now i am very interested to see which one will be more profitable in one month.

I will do the same post and i will not do any promotion to increase readers or reward, just i will do the same things on both place, are you going to bet which one will be better?

Please i am ready to pay bets 2 times, it means if someone bet 1 steem and steem will win, will got 2 steem.

Maximum bet amount 10 steem.

Hope to be not miss understood, this is just a check without any other intention...


Honestly, if you really do it for money then a normal job would pay more? Unless you are maybe for a very poor country.

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