Spread your posts through this proven strategy and get great profits in return – for posts created at 2017-12-30

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The proven road to boost your personal success in this amazing Steem Network

Steem Network

Just follow these simple steps

  1. If you do not have an account yet, create one for free at Steemit, Inc.
  2. Create a high quality post.
  3. If you do not follow Steem Network yet, do it now.
  4. Upvote this post.
  5. Create a comment below with a link to your post created at step 2. Make sure using the corresponding post at Steem Network, where your post creation time in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) fits to the time frame stated in the title above.
  6. Resteem this post.
  7. Find and upvote at least two high quality posts linked in below comments and leave an amazing comment there. You should also follow its author. (If there aren´t comments yet, revisit this post and do unfulfilled steps later.)
  8. Upvote the comments at this post, which correspond to your upvoted posts at step 7.
  9. Back to step 2 at the latest tomorrow. Pay attention that your post fits the time frame stated above.

Note: Success is guaranteed by consistent practice of this strategy!

To help us grow this project and support our Team

Vote Steem Network as Witness yet.

PS: Beware of timing your votes!

For best results wait until Voting Power exceeds 90%!

SteemWorld Voting Power

A recommended tool is SteemWorld.org. There you need to switch to your account first and then you find the actual Voting Power in the upper left corner.



For airbnb travelers: https://steemit.com/airbnb/@bumboobee/detailed-tips-for-a-better-airbnb-experience
Feel free to add your own tips or share your experience in my comments section!

Great post, wit a lot of detailed information. Please write more, maybe one day I will add also some of mine :)

This seems to have helped out alot of people! I guess I'll try this before its too late, so here is a link to my first post~
I'm a artist and a writer!

I'm glad you've jumped in. I've had my account for over a year and made my first post yesterday too! Anyways, are you going to just bring your knowledge of storytelling and art or are you also going to post some of your own art? I look forward to either one but love reading short stories. Happy New Year!

Extremely interesting. The cosmos also has my mind wondering, Followed and upvoted, appreciate if you would do the same.

Thanks, I appreciate it, have upvoted and followed.

I like the tool you are recommending, ie: steemworld.org !, This is a great guide how one can grow on steemit. I love the note "Success is guaranteed by consistent practice of this strategy" :)

I love the quote "Success is guaranteed by consistent practice of this strategy"

nice post.

check out my first post here !!!

For those looking to start medical school, give a read!!! https://steemit.com/health/@doctorreality/imgs-the-truth-from-a-recent-graduate

Don't ever let anyone tell you that the route you've chosen is wrong. I can tell you I was once a person who looked down at those going to med school in the Caribbean. After having many friends and acquaintances finish and seeing how hard they worked, it changed my mind. Good luck in the rest of your endeavors and have Happy New Year!

This is my first every post. Not an Introduction Post, that will come soon. It's just some musings of someone joinging the ranks of Cryptocurrency supporters. Enjoy!



@cryptographic follower, trading life, get crypto-rich or die tryin'

This one grabbed my interest. I think we have a lot of similarities, lets follow and support each-other and get crypto-rich!

Upvoted and followed!

My plan to get from dream to business. Learning by doing :)


Lovely photos! i love thailand :) Almost relocated to Bangkok :)

Thank you for checking my post. I've been to Bangkok a couple times. It is very different to Phuket though.


Motivation from a three year old girl fired me up.

Please support my first ever travel blog in Crocolandia farm in Philippines. The proceeds will be given to the foundations.
Here the link.

Nice! Thanks for the tips :) If you want to learn how to lose weight easy and gain amazing well being go check out my post https://steemit.com/holistichealing/@sacredenlighten/how-i-lost-60-pounds-doing-nothing

I make illustrations and try to make guides for people. Please check it out! :D


I make illustrations and sometimes put up guide for people :D
Please check it out


Heyyyy 🙏🏾Checkout blog post on eSteem!

Thanks to the steem network for making this possible.

Follow the steps above and enjoy the new revolution!

Read: https://steemit.com/blockchain/@jeroenski/blockchain-revolution

Thanks a lot for the advice.
Easy 3 step guide to effective crypto investment

oohhh thanks .. it will be really helpfull for the beginners ....

First post for me :) some personal art work from, my own take on Venom.


I seemed to have posted just before midnight so not sure how this works.
Thanks for the guide.

It will be very interesting to see how many people actually read this post; this is very exciting!!!


Thanks for the advice.

(checkout what i learned in 2017?)

just posted my first post after reading this my post

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