Upvoted as an excellent example of a reply.

Wow! THANK-YOU, that is some hefty upvote! Those upvotes are worth more than what I normally make in a day from everything combined lately. Very, very much appreciated. In return, I can offer you the rights to use my 'I Love Steem Button' (I don't have a lot I can offer you at this time). The code can be found on either of the 2 sign-up pages for my zombie games (game 2 and game 3). It wouldn't be fair to issue the 'I Survived' buttons unless you actually survive, so I cannot offer that button unless you actually play and survive. Sorry about that.

Hey @happyme, I see you in that bush up from my secure spot in the trees. Make you a deal, I will let you know if someone is approaching if you have my back, maybe throw me up your belt for extra tie off security ;)

Sounds like a good deal to me! Just don't fall asleep while on look-out duty! Here, take my shirt and use that to tie off with. The length between the sleeves will be longer than my belt.

@happyme giving me the shirt off his back, what a great guy :) Shifts can work, besides I am a light sleeper.

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