@novaatebatman is helping me keep track of this game. I wrote in my post that only people playing the game should reply, as we had almost 300 players to start with. That makes enough comments to sort through without others chiming in.

I am sorry that you think it is rude, but I hope that you can understand.

Because commenting on a post that says not to comment unless you're participating isn't rude at all.


Yes sir - my head has been spinning with all that is Steemit so forgive my enthusiasm. I work and read hard to understand what is going on here and missed something here. For that I am sorry, I felt the response by the guy above was improper in tone and unnecessary but wish you the best in this post's effort good sir.

Thank you for that.

You're not playing the game. The post very clearly says not to comment on game posts if you're not playing. To play, you must have signed up prior to the beginning of the current season.

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