The thing is i kept running away and i saw good things happening 😂 so i was thinking maybe its friendly. Then after making my choice i thought to myself I'm going to die arent I

And don't distract me I know you fed my leftovers to nova 😢

Never trust Tom.

Nope. You haven't been fed to Nova. (Yet.) So many deaths these last couple of rounds, I've been forced begin curing and preserving all these corpses. Far too much to eat right now. But it'll keep us nice and fed for the next couple years.

People taste like bacon, did you know that? :D

Well since i am dead i will now never know...

Wait i thought only nova ate the people but you said "us"

If I feed people to Nova, Nova won't eat my food. Meaning I'll be fed as well because he won't be stealing all my food.

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