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* OPTION 3 – Try to turn to the right and follow the fence that way.


I have an unloaded pistol, and just ate my backup food supply. I'll choose option 3 this round and go to the right.

I've got a pistol, 11 rounds, and a back up food supply (jerky)
I last ate clover. need to eat D5R2
Choosing option #3

Like dad always says.." you can't go wrong if you go right."

I ate the food I took from tom. I still have a firestarter and water purification tablets.

Im turning right. (Option 3)

I have a pistol, 11 rounds of ammo, water purification tablets, beef jerky! I choose Option 3 this time.

I have a firestarter & some water purification tablets & a bachup food supply. I choose option 3

I have a firestarter, ate 1 Backup Food Supply that I got from the Tom to stay alive, & Water Purification Tablets, I'll choose option 3 this round....P.S That clutch sneak was vital and going to take one desperate act after another now.

I am still alive after managing a pallet shelter, eating bugs under a board, eating a plant from the man who gave me 11 rounds of ammo, and now, managing to grab one can of beans from Tom. I ate the beans, but am now in a new dilemma.... (I have 11 rounds of ammo after eating the can from Tom)

I Choose * OPTION 3 – Try to turn to the right and follow the fence that way.

I have Fire Starter, back up food supply from Tom and I choose option #3

I have a pistol and 11 ammo. The last thing I ate was the plant that the man in the tree gave me. I choose Option 3.

I have an empty pistol & 1 backup food supply (Ranch Style Beans), I'll choose option 3 this round.

I have the firestarter, water tablets, 11 bullets, and 1 backup food. I was last fed plants by the friendly guy (not sure if I need to eat my beans or not).

I choose option 3. I don't like the shooting and yelling happening behind me so I'm hanging a right.

Pistol, bullets, beef jerky, turn right

I ate the beans I stole from tom to prevent starvation
I choose option 3

Backup food supply (beef jerky)
Magnesium firestarter

Hi papa, I got Tom's beans and I ate them. I choose option 3

Backup food supply (beef jerky)
Magnesium firestarter

I have an unloaded pistol and water purification tablets. I choose option 3.

I chose OPTION 3 - Try to turn to the right and follow the fence that way.

I have: a loaded pistol (11 rounds); backup food supply (beef jerky); water purification tablets

I must eat prior to the end of Day 5

It's really just a gamble. I don't want to meet whomever is making that noise, friendly people don't make a racket like that. Crossing the fence looks like a good option, but maybe it's there for a good reason? It's really just left or right, and I hope "right" is the right choice :P

No team F-Art this episode, @fraenk... I met Tom. Should've known better. Good luck, bro!

Dang! I also missed the chance to team up... but Tom, man, you should have known!

There's always next season!

Yup, I was going to run as I had lots of stuff and ate enough.. Then decided to be friendly. :-/

Next season it is, hang in there!

I have an unloaded pistol, water purification tablets and 1 backup food supply. I choose option 3 this round!

One thing I know is that I do not want an injury climbing over the barbed wire fence.
I don't think my enemies would be shouting and shooting, sounds like it's one of us . . . Yet, I can't risk just standing in the open after the Tom ordeal.

I have 1 backup food supply (beans), 11 rounds of ammo and water purification tablets. This round I choose to continue running to the right; Option 3.

I dont want to risk injury by climbing the fence and I dont trust any strangers after barely surviving the Tom encounter so I turn right and run.
Carrying: pistol, water purification tablets, 1 backup food supply and the last thing I ate were some beans I stole from Tom

I have a pistol and one backup food supply. I'll choose option 3 this time and put some distance between me and Mad Tom...

I have a magnesium fire starter, ammo(11 rounds), 2 backup food supply, Water Purification Tablets, ate some roaches and ate the kind man's plant; Now I choose option 3

PS: I am not sure If I have to consume one backup food now due to I have eaten the kind man's plant, can ether @papa-pepper or @novaatebatman help me with this ?

If you ate the plant, you have until the end of day on day 5 before you need to eat your backup supply, if you do not find more food.

I have: a pistol (11 bullets), a backup food supply (beef jerky)

Last time I ate was on Day3Round2 (clover like plant)

For this Round I choose OPTION 3 - Try to turn to the right and follow the fence that way.

I have magnesium firestarter and one backup food supply. I'm going to turn to the right and follow the fence that way as option 3.

I have a pistol(11 bullets), 1 backup food supply(Jerky), and water purification tablets. I will choose option 3.

I creeped around the back of the RV, grabbed one of the cans, and got the hell out of there. I ran as fast as I could, and when I felt like I couldn’t go any further, I then forced myself to run even faster. Eventually I came to a point where I had a minute to relax and I took this opportunity to eat. I pulled the jerky that I had been saving and demolished it. Arguably, I probably ate it a little fast but I couldn’t help it. My stomach started sounding like a recording of orca whales. After reaching to bottom of the bag of jerky, and being a little disappointed there wasn’t more, I heard something. It was music. There wasn’t any instruments just humming and for some reason it sounded so familiar. Something about it gave me chills. It echoed off the trees. The rattling of leaves above me sounded like percussion. Then it clicked. It was Kai. Memories of her standing in our kitchen, watching her doing the dishes and humming that song came to mind. Honestly, I didn’t even know the song but it was so beautiful coming from her.
Leaving the empty bag of jerky behind me, I jumped to my feet and started screaming her name. KAI! There was nothing. The humming intensified and seemed to move through me. I could literally feel the notes piercing my brain. I spun in a hundred circles, looking in every direction, searching behind trees and boulders. I didn’t even realize that I was crying again. Why does this keep happening to me? KAI!! I screamed again, my own voice over powering the humming for only a second. Still there was nothing but the breeze whistling its way through the leaves. The taunting and haunting humming continued until the gunshots started and then screams followed.
They had heard me, I knew it, and now they were coming. I started running again. The humming was gone and replaced by my own heartbeat and the sound of mayhem behind me. Gunshots overwhelmed every sound in the woods. They were close and getting closer. I didn’t know if they were hostile but they sure as hell didn’t sound friendly. My feet almost floated above the ground as I ran. The jerky gave me one hell of a boost and I could feel the energy emanating from every part of my body. It’s funny how, when you’ve gone without food for a little bit and then you finally get to eat, it makes you feel like you’re super human.
The mayhem behind was closing in, when I came to the barbed wire fence. Go right. A voice, no not just a voice, it was Kai again. This time the words came from nowhere and everywhere. They bounced around inside of my head and if I had more time, it would’ve freaked me out. Without having any time to think or lose any speed, I followed Kai’s word and turned to the right. I followed the fence in that direction. I hope that whoever is back there thinks that I went through the fence and doesn’t follow.

I have an unloaded pistol, water purification tablets, and one back-up food supply(Beans). I ate my jerky last round. I will have to eat by the end of day 6. I choose option 3.

I have loaded pistol with 11 rounds and backup food supply I do not need to eat until the end of day 5. Im heading right. Option three it is.

I have a magnesium fire starter (I ate my only backup food supply yesterday). I choose Option 3.

Still wary of other people, especially ones shouting and using guns, I decide to run away. I don't want to get caught on the barbed wire, and right or left seem equally safe (or equally dangerous). So I choose right.