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* OPTION 5 – Try to take cover and shoot the people when they arrive (for those who have both a pistol and ammo.)


Day 19

Dear Diary,

I walked into the woods for what seemed like ages. Every noise seemed like a threat, every shadow was an enemy and every movement I thought I saw was an attacker. I came to a large bush and my worst fears seemed to come true. I thought I saw someone walking behind the bush. Everything in my gut told me to turn and run but some small voice deep down inside said that I should stay. The thought flashed across my mind that if I did happen to run into someone who was friendly I would have a much better chance of surviving. So against my better judgement I decided to call out and hope they were friendly. If they weren’t friendly I was hoping my pistol would scare them off. To my great relief a voice called back and said they didn't want a fight and they came out into the open with there arms raised. I stepped into the clearing the same way and that is when I met @dtbahoney. He introduced himself and I instantly found him to be an extremely friendly gentleman. Amazingly we seemed to have found similar pistols along the way. He had run into a friendly traveler a day back and he had given him 11 bullets and fed him some edible plants. He had also managed to find some water purification tablets as well. He was nice enough to share a few of his bullets with me and we loaded up our pistols and set off together with a newly renewed sense of humanity and hope.

As we walked along I began to get hungry and was seriously thinking about cracking open my beef jerky but not long after we started walking we ran into an old RV with a sign and what looked like canned goods under it. It seemed like a trap but those canned goods looked too good to pass up, even if it was a trap. @dtbahoney had the great idea to sneak up behind the RV and quickly grab a couple cans. I covered him with my pistol but it wasn’t even needed because before I even had a chance to get in position he was back with two cans of beans! He must be some kind of survival ninja. I was hungry so I chowed down immediately but he had eaten the day before so he saved his beans for later. We decided to leave the area and head deeper into the woods.
As we were walking into the woods we started to hear gun fire behind us. We took off running and it seemed like it was getting closer and closer and someone may have been following us. We quickly took cover and pulled out our pistols. We are going to face this head on and battle for our lives. I hope I can survive this so I can see her again…


Team @dtbahoney and @starke choose option 5 this round
We have 2 pistols, 11 bullets, 2 water purification tablets, 1 can of beans and 1 packet of beef jerky. I ate today and @dtbahoney will need to eat by the end of today.

Fantastic, man. It really puts me in the picture.

I have a loaded pistol with 11 rounds of ammo. I also have 2 backup food supplies, and water purification tablets, and I choose option 5!

What I am choosing this round


What I own in my inventory

  • 1 pistol
  • 11 rounds of ammunition
  • a food backup supply
  • knowledge of clover like plant

When do I need to eat
Prior to the end of Day 5.

On DAY 2 ROUND 2 I have eaten some bugs and creepy crawlers
On DAY 3 ROUND 1 I headed into the woods and got nothing.
On DAY 3 ROUND 2 I have eaten a plant and know how to look for it
On DAY 4 ROUND 1 I didn't want to know who is in the bushes, quietly sneak away ..oh well...
On Day 4 Round 2 - still alive and kicking