Rossi: After lap 12, the rear tire runs out

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For the second time, the tire problem became the main cause why Valentino Rossi only finished seventh in MotoGP Austria. Rear tire runs out after Lap 12.


The Yamaha rider was wearing a soft compound rear tire in qualifying on Saturday [12/8]. However, the results were not satisfactory. Rossi must start from seventh position. Reflecting on this experience, he also picked the rear tire of the hard compound during Sunday's race [13/8].

Unfortunately, the tire is selected Rossi also did not give maximum results. Instead of a champion or on the podium, he was exposed to great difficulties in the second half of the race. In fact, the Italian rider widened in Tikungan 1 on Lap 15. Down in seventh position, he did not move and finish in the same place.

"Obviously, the race is difficult for me, also for Maverick [Vinales] and the whole team. We expect faster and stronger ... but ... I think we have the maximum. We do not regret the set-up and selection of tires, because I am strong on the first lap, "he explained.

"I also think, [compound] hard is the right choice. We work a lot to try not to destroy the rear tires. And the fact is when FP4, I'm fast for 10 laps, like [races] today.

"But after 12 laps, the rear tires have a big decline. I have to slow down a lot and the motor becomes very difficult to drive. After I make a mistake in braking. Anyhow, I'm slow.

"So in my opinion, we have to fix it, because we are too pressing the rear tire. Honda and Ducati found something to [drove] fast without too pressing the rear tire.

"And if you look at the fastest laps and sectors, we're very close. But after we had to slow down, we lost the fight and finished in the back. Many things happen this year. We [have] worked hard and tried.

"It seems that in some races and tracks, we suffered a bit. But when we suffer like this, it is very difficult, because we are not strong enough in the second half of the race. We have to try to fix it and keep working for it to be stronger in the next race. "
If the Yamaha duo manufacturers struggled in the Red Bull Ring, it was inversely proportional to the Tech 3 rookie satellite that managed to finish fifth, ahead of Vinales and Rossi. Zarco himself used the rear tire of a hard compound, just like Andrea Dovizioso.

When asked why the two drivers were able to achieve better results, Rossi replied: "That's a different story. Zarco can wear [tires] soft, because he is lighter and shorter. His racing style is also very, very smooth. She has much better chances with [soft compound].

"As for me, also Maverick, our racing style is stronger and more aggressive. I also tried [compound] soft in the morning, but the choice of tires for the race is the right one. If I race with [compound] soft, the result could be worse.

"In the case of Dovi, it's because the [Ducati] bikes are better able to manage the soft tires. Dovi is one of the aggressive riders, more like me and Maverick than Zarco. But apparently, the motor he uses a little rear tire."


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