@steem-ua has stopped

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@steem-ua has stopped

In november 2017 I (@scipio) had published the initial "invention post" regarding the UserAuthority algorithm, after which about a half year later I got into contact with @holger80 to develop the UA code. End 2018 the @steem-ua account & algorithmic curation began, which became, immediately after its launch, the fastest growing account in terms of individual delegators. @holger80 has always been in control of & running the @steem-ua servers.

I haven't had contact with @holger80 for quite some time, although I've regularly tried to contact him via Discord DMs, but no reply came back, although he kept the @steem-ua servers going (it has been algorithmically voting continuously, despite me not getting in touch with @holger80. In case of questions from the community, I (@scipio) have been trying to help everybody as good as I could, despite not having access to said servers myself.

In light of the recent events of the Hive fork, I have tried to again get into touch with @holger80, in a final attempt to notify him about Hive and possible server re-configurations regarding @steem-ua. I still hadn't heard back from him.

The past few days, since the Hive fork is active, I saw (of course) that the @steem-ua servers stopped functioning, both on the Steem and the Hive blockchain.

So herewith I announce that @steem-ua has stopped, because I don't have access to said servers myself, and I haven't heard from @holger80.

Please UN-DELEGATE to @steem-ua, both on Hive and on the Steem blockchain. I want to personally thank everybody that has been delegating to @steem-ua until now / or has been at some point in the past.

In case anybody else likes to continue with the service, you can find (parts of) the open source code of UA in @holger80's well-known GitHub-repository, and in case you'd also like to continue with the @steem-ua account name, then you can contact me (@scipio) on Discord.

I hope everybody understands, I don't want to cause any confusion.
Thank you, and Steem + Hive/Buzz on!

Kinds regards @scipio


was a good service

Hi there. I got an upvote and a comment after you made this post. It seems to be working...

Hmm.. indeed you are right. Well, it's your own choice of course whether to delegate or un-delegate. As long as you're getting upvotes from your delegation, you can choose to keep that delegation active of course.

The only reasons I posted this, was that I still haven't heard from @holger80, despite he's now all of a sudden active on the Hive blockchain and that I didn't want to let people un-informed while at the same time not being able to properly answer questions etc.

Of course it's also not my intention to deliberately stop the account / service, I'd rather keep it going on both chains when possible --- which of course I can't do without a working system and the immense amount of data associated to it...

Oh my. Just saw this. Oh well.

Have undelegated now.

can you remind me how i un delegate?

Delegate "0" sp to the account you want to undelegate from.

Thanks for update.

I much appreciated your votes and am sorry to see the service stop. Please do keep a list of us in case the service goes up once more so that you can notify us. I'll retrieve my delegation now that I've read the reason for its missing votes in the past few days.