Our First Delegator @angelik-a

The Country Specific Curation account, created to curate content from Venezuela has its first delegator from Venezuela!

Thank you @angelik-a !! 👏👏👏



The @steem-venezuela account:





Hello thank you very much, do not hesitate a moment to make this small contribution, I hope that the other compatriots are also added, I believe that the game of the newspaper is key to spread this project, if you ask steemitblog to comment it would be great!

Thank you, will do

Excelente! <3 Solo tengo una pregunta... ¿Por qué en Ingles? Vamos! Aprovechemos nuestro idioma!

Pd: Dejaré aquí mi contribución. Les deseo mucho éxito para que continúen creciendo y promoviendo el talento Venezolano! Un fuerte abrazo desde "Petare".

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