🔥 Is There Any Proof Of Profits From STEEM Investors? Data Analysis On 01/15/2021 UTC. 🔥

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This question shall be answered by the analysis of some data from the application coin-doubler.

How does coin-doubler work

This application generates profits in the cryptoscene by using the most advanced technology and everybody can benefit from it by "donations". Donations to coin-doubler are rewarded with twice the amount in the same token over an unspecified period of time, also as a gift.

Evaluation of a randomly selected donation

The user marett has donated 3,400.000 STEEM to coin-doubler with this transaction 15f9c18e25b83d9a4973f9a3079be30a7b4ce588 on 11/16/2020 UTC.

List of the gifts

The table below lists the corresponding gifts which the user marett has received from coin-doubler.

111/17/2020134.339 STEEMd03159f983e7af9f320a5f69c64b4edacf4e87d2
211/18/2020106.911 STEEMa6aebd3cc9785838c47d26e5dd04b0651b6dcff4
311/19/2020107.360 STEEMe7d682ad1d39ef48dfa0abd40598f450b480eebc
411/20/2020122.817 STEEMdbf3389a5372d09ae41b66af097df772ed65e85e
511/21/2020109.660 STEEMa53215637974ce235dfc0f4bdc81b2490cc5b298
611/22/2020117.264 STEEMce76fa961e82764b8b92c45f42afbce12ce4e88d
711/23/2020105.716 STEEMd5b9c9ae4c533cc70789c1fb0ca5c3a8b9e121f8
811/24/2020110.771 STEEM0dd0123e76d223274589867e932736847f227e49
911/25/2020103.579 STEEM345cd63a1e848fa8d9cbffe781adfd7cf5bed529
1011/26/2020108.658 STEEM07ed91548966d8e71c855003d65fe70d21c7e4a1
1111/27/2020130.830 STEEMf3257d036e30d048a97447a66c8f0f34e2bf5357
1211/28/2020128.735 STEEM59746b52f996a5f434edaccefa53314e74150dab
1311/29/2020117.863 STEEM8116415627b959d23bb83c17586df1674e9708e8
1411/30/2020111.251 STEEMbcdd8d54922715cf7113d10e4860b22eb03d3e85
1512/01/2020127.592 STEEM3b4b8126edcc2fdb474f5d4e2c5d39de15c8d7d7
1612/02/2020122.153 STEEMc26c109f0d5e5ede0582fee5faf89eaeba7064bd
1712/03/2020112.257 STEEMfdb99c6b997a8d459f0ca43447aefd7ec522320e
1812/04/2020110.661 STEEMde8b8f820d33efe542335171b35d740ceabd4a52
1912/05/2020126.082 STEEM6533765c75c3725740c7256d1353522480f9c5f5
2012/06/2020134.575 STEEM5e19c0abbc87ac0763cec4a9d9d68ef5faaaa518
2112/07/2020114.034 STEEM285be006b38983c04979c24a790a8cdabc811ac9
2212/08/2020109.241 STEEMa4f97b0f291ede2fb56cb729932efce22c1d24ed
2312/09/2020105.929 STEEMe6c57cfb931913807a927b70ea9e4d60d2257c7d
2412/10/2020132.530 STEEM8048df27e9835d99165677abebb285fe6d603a89
2512/11/2020118.063 STEEM758aa97d51acda894267cd03e0ada66bba5baf7a
2612/12/2020123.236 STEEM17e7b00160f147714af8f584fb7a989c0716a486
2712/13/2020112.668 STEEMca18654d0bc32e9508fb49e89e17c9233eef276d
2812/14/2020103.072 STEEM60204a85fbff5f74bfe0fdc154ace6e42001e10d
2912/15/2020118.590 STEEM954bd7b0bbd0c46fb7712319985db88fee41d919
3012/16/2020111.457 STEEMb2a1885dc5963d7c6e2535d28ce3b98cc0291cfc
3112/17/2020129.284 STEEMbff60053e8598f38302c14040d2181eaea9705c7
3212/18/2020132.129 STEEM052aa221afab5b201898578c430ab3f66b7b9439
3312/19/2020117.070 STEEM6b43e57caae57f8a1e9b8491c85961bbf0e94940
3412/20/2020116.954 STEEM5e9d465d9f24d94e1079cf02ca772dcaf6bbf587
3512/21/2020117.568 STEEMef0b3f343da87ac78acb65cbf0146811a755bea4
3612/22/2020105.188 STEEM222aefb8b6f160cdf944bd50fab043df54bde7b3
3712/23/2020103.141 STEEM57d6b73cf792a6a6e3625e793e1b7394e6319e22
3812/24/2020110.935 STEEM2ff88180fd4266e1f295301dced4b04802008e19
3912/25/2020129.590 STEEMfcd07d4c90ff2a1f7884835fa4e6256fb02aa8ad
4012/26/2020117.926 STEEM442847e4b4176e2ed84a253dbac963e2f426441a
4112/27/2020120.962 STEEM864690f7b055000899cbdd8be26ea3f88c644079
4212/28/2020123.952 STEEM1657c723ca1d50109468501ddf76ecd8893a5cee
4312/29/2020115.910 STEEM571b3c414268d9ed609e2fcd79beae733431acc7
4412/30/2020125.273 STEEM988337aa37704b8328787c5fa281ae9f538a6fb9
4512/31/2020120.480 STEEM926137ed39128248cc4775550735765ec8bf623f
4601/01/2021118.943 STEEM1a0064c912e2abce524a5c193a895a8b4fc5838a
4701/02/2021114.982 STEEM56d6d24c014d9489dd25b9af04314562e5718851
4801/03/2021129.641 STEEM337184d4827fb500a712bbdb10acf56f98037c2f
4901/04/2021126.673 STEEM7d7aff417074ee4d56dc538dc4fa3ba9a49e9074
5001/05/2021124.423 STEEM914b4a767ce7b3ccfe4424ec5a3d7afb2a59cf2e
5101/06/2021117.091 STEEMffafb555fba7c53fbf14d125ac890a8af2e88bc9
5201/07/2021119.327 STEEM8dd7cba7a0f4f6851bf8165ad22ed265f52d179f
5301/08/2021106.162 STEEM829530b47333274d6fe604f73b51e7dc8b1d7d78
5401/09/2021130.058 STEEMdf4267db6db7f8b1168a0eaa846c40a2f990031f
5501/10/2021126.234 STEEM9d932a80431681fb48c1ed71f27ec4b5622cdd83
5601/11/2021102.890 STEEM698a331405806413b473c7c2ff46341bdc4d3be8
5701/12/2021103.789 STEEM8eb7da6e23784793b82031d9e516257377ec488e
5801/13/202195.531 STEEMf6c7b6eb86389884eea2dd9c5c768accbcbad083

Total: 6,800.000 STEEM


The user marett has been rewarded with twice the amount of the "donation" within 58 days.

Technical Analysis for STEEM

As the application coin-doubler has the potential to attract numerous investors, STEEM's price is expected to rise.

Technical Analysis for STEEM crypto currency

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