#stewardsofgondor - Is it time to pay it forward? + Weekly stats update

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Cutting straight to the chase this week to ask - Have any Stewards thought about delegating some of their Steem Power to accounts they have seen doing excellent work in the community?

Now, most of us 'only' have a few thousand of our own Steem Power, but at the same time we've been given between 5000 and 30000 and so perhaps all of us have a little to pass on?

**It may be that some of you are already doing this - let me know if so! **

In addition to the likes of @minnowsupport, @utopian-io, your girlfriend, husband, etc, I thought it might be cool to have some 'junior stewards' in our ranks too.

What do you think?

I'm going to take another look around this week, having recently given a little out to an account steadily making her way up to the Steemit slider mark of 500 SP.


The #stewardsofgondor project, led by Lord of the Steem - theee @fulltimegeek !

If you are not aware, @fulltimegeek, aka Lord of the Steems has delegated almost all of his Steem Power to the accounts in the list below.

If you have received an up-vote from myself, or anyone else on this list over the past few weeks, then you have @fulltimegeek to thank for vastly larger vote you have been gifted.

If you wish to know 'why?' someone would loan out ~~ million dollars~~ (whoops last weeks' text!) TWO million dollars worth of Steem Power, you can find out here.

To the numbers we go!


Well actually, I should explain the columns first:

Steward: Steem Username
Posts: Number of Top level posts in the past 7 days
Cmts: Number of comments made in the past 7 days
Cmt_len: Total character length of all comments (excluding posts)
Wit_v: Number of Witnesses voted for
Vts: Total number of votes made in the past 7 days
Uni_v: Total number of votes made to different authors in the past 7 days
Self_v: Number of self-votes made in the past 7 days
Down_v: Number of down-votes made in the past 7 days


*(@crimsonclad witness proxy @followbtcnews)

  • The table can be copy/pasted into excel for sorting and further analysis
  • If you think you are missing part of the table, use Chrome or let me know and I will add a screenshot
  • Data extracted from @arcange's SteemSQL DB at 9:30 am CET - 27th December 2017

This week, the Stewards have written a total of 7042 comments and cast 22509 up-votes.

Last week these totals were 7312 and 24373 respectively.

Again, the Christmas period and new year activities may account for the slightly lower interaction numbers - lets see if we can move these up again this next week!

Star Stewards


@cecicastor, out on their own with over 500 comments and @taskmaster4450 with over 115,000 characters in his 277 comments in the past 7 days - hail keyboards!

@cecicastor, @stackin, @coolguy123, @howtostartablog, and @hitmeasap, all handing out over 1000 votes this past week - up-vote legends!

@coolguy123 - Master steward of goodwill to all (again!) with over 900 unique Steemians reached with his votes - spread em'!

So Stewards, how do you think you've done this week?

The price of Steem is up about 300% (un-bloody-believable!) since the last post and our vote value is growing by the day.

This means that voting more frequently and with a lower weight can still give a worthwhile boost to those new accounts.

Stewards of Stewards?

As I mentioned earlier, I'm keen on this paying it forward SP thing.

If we can cast 22509 votes in a week, imagine if we all delegated to 5 accounts and they did the same?

120,000+ votes in a week stemming from @fulltimegeek's Steem Power delegations!

Once again, thank you @fulltimegeek for this amazing gift to the community, we cannot thank you enough!

Steem on Stewards, happy 2018!



I have thought about delegating but wasn't sure I was actually able to; and not sure how I would make my determination of how to do it.
I know @wwf has done some WONDERFUL things with delegating his; but then again, he states it is HIS... not @fulltimegeek's.

This is something I would have to sit down, research and figure out how to approach then implement such a task.

I knew someone would have delegated already, and @wwf, that doesn't surprise me at all :D

It is not possible to delegate, delegated SP so it will always be your own SP that is loaned.

Thinking about it, I'm not 100% sure if this is what FTG would wish, but if we monitored out delegates then I think it could work!

I recommend a desktop application called Vessel to do you delegations - programmed by Steemit's number 1 witness, @jesta.

If you, or anyone is considering it further, I can guide via discord or something.

Thanks for your input as always (and the RS!)

Yes I will get with you on Discord tomorrow perhaps.
I'd like to learn more about, especially if possible now, or in the future.

Thanks for replying!

A pleasure :)

Same name in discord as here.

Until then...

@abh12345 is correct, I cannot delegate @fulltimegeeks steem that he delegated to me. I've had conversations with him to make sure of that and we tested it. I can only delegate my own steem, which works out well because I still have voting power due to @fulltimegeeks delegation but helping others at the same time. If you or anybody have questions, just let me know as I've been doing it for over a month now.

The system will prevent you from delegating any more steem than you have. Works well. Just be aware that when you remove delegation, it takes a week before you can start using that steem again for your self or re-delegate it. It gets tied up for a while. I'm excited to hear others are contemplating the idea.

I also want to add that I noticed an INCREASE in my capacity to earn by doing this, as a result of the attention it garnered and the support from my own team. They visit and interact with me even more as a result. It really is a win/win. <3

Thank you for such a clear explanation. I will be in contact tomorrow or Saturday.

Wow, wow, I now see more reason to delegate, win win
I will definitely delegate out once i have enough SP
Thanks @wwf for the information.

I am going to do this now. Delegate some power. :-) See you on discord when I have it done

Happy Birthday @paulag 🎶 and cudos for this initiative @abh12345 Asher ❤

Good on you!


Giving gifts out on your birthday, what a legend!

heheh being 31 is awesome :-) :-) lol

So, there it is, the much awaited weekly update on StewardsOfGondor, thanks to @fulltimegeek for the delegation and you, @abh12345 for letting us know about our weekly performance.

Becoming Steward of Stewards is definitely a good idea, me, someone with 250+ steem power of my own (apart from the delegated SP) has to wait for some more time to become one of those Stewards of Stewards.

Thanks for letting us know the details as you do every week. Good Day my friend :)

Thanks @coolguy123

Yes I'm aware that some stewards are small minnows themselves without the delegation, and so delegating yourself might seem... crazy!

Don't worry, just throwing ideas around. Well done again this week :)

lol, that true.
Thanks for your kind words.

If I can get help from @wwf & @abh12345 and figure out how much of my SP is actually my own, and not FTG's then I would love to delegate some of it (mine) to another steemian.

Hopefully my chat with both of them today and tomorrow will give me the answers I need to make the decision; and know if possible.

I think you have about 1100 SP of your own apart from what you got delegated from @fulltimegeek. May be a bit more or less of what I mentioned. :)

That's what I thought also, but so new to this I want to make sure I don't error anywhere.

Actually, I've been delegating up to 99.9% of my steem when I took a page from @fulltimegeek and created the 'Stewards of Terra Mater'. Been doing this for over a month now. Glad to see others are contemplating this idea! I think I'm about 75% delegated right now, but I've delegated 500 steem to 7 new users to help them get started. I've only remove delegation from one, so my rate is going well. It is slow going though, helping them out to get established. Must be patient with the process. It is an investment in steem and time!

I am not surprised at all that it is you @wwf that has already taken @fulltimegeek's vision and acted on it in the same manner.

Thank you for being another role model that we can all learn from.

We all must lead by example. There is no 'one' leader. We are all leaders and we may not all agree either. But by being the change we want to see in the world, we will make this platform stronger so that it can withstand greed, bullies, violence and all the other sorts of behaviours that destroy communities.

The stewards of gondor rule! If it weren't for members of the stewards encouraging and helping me in the past couple of weeks I would have had much less success here on steemit. I'm so grateful for the help! My sp is still really low but I'm looking forward to building it up and becoming an upvoting wizard myself before too long!

This is really excellent to hear @amymya, I'm glad the work of the Stewards has impacted your Steemit experience positively - and long may this continue. Thanks for your comments!

Thank YOU for the post and for sharing the love!

Thank you @fulltimegeek and all the stewards! I certainly noticed a difference in my post earnings! Together with the price of Steem and sbd this is all quite unbelievable.

I'm even floored that my own upvote is worth $.55 right now, when it was $.12 just two weeks or so ago. I made a commitment to post more, power up more etc etc in order to "one day" get to a $1 upvote. And now I'm half way there, only two weeks later. Crazy. I hope the Steem price stays where it is (or continues to go up :)). It's way more fun when you can make (and notice) such a difference here!


Golden times for Steemit, the stewards, and the many accounts they have reached!

Thanks for letting us know where we stand. @fulltimegeek is an amazing human being for trusting us with all his Steem power!

My pleasure @cecicastor, FTG has made an excellent selection in you 😁

Thanks a lot for publishing this, there is no other way we would know how we fared. @fulltimegeek did a great thing by allowing us to use his tremendous SP to affect thousands of steemians.

A pleasure @greenrun, I'm glad they are of use. Great to be part of the team with you 😁

Thank you too. You rock

Would love to be a steward of stewards or a stewardofgondor. A very cool initiative I've seen going on here and appreciate all the love the stewards are sharing!

Hi @gniksivart, I'll make a list and run some stats. Cheers!

If I'm short or lacking somewhere, would love to hear how I can improve on steemit. If I don't meet the qualifications can you send me a dm on steemit.chat or discord and let me know where I'm "lacking" I would appreciate it!

I will do that sometime this week for sure.

Yes!! I have thought on delegating some of my SP to a newbie user... but I just can't find who!o_o

Excellent! I delegated, not to a newbie as such, just someone who i see working hard and would benefit from a little boost and slider activation.

$7000 to buy a 1000 SP now, oh my Lord!

It saddens my heart that people engage in usury. Bravo to you for helping others!!! It pays back in spades for all involved.

And the very same to you.

This is what I hope many see the platform as - a way to build a gift community in which we all succeed in wealth and health. Thank you!

God bless you for that.

Hi @fabiyamada. I'm here. You can delegate some to me. Lol. But seriously, I look forward to growing on this community every single day and I'll appreciate encouragements in any form; be it through upvotes or SP delegation. 😊

I'm always quite amazed at your ability to crunch all these numbers and make these lists, looking down them always makes me smile. I'm doing my own little bit and it isn't really that great - but I am sure when @fulltimegeek looks through the work done by the accounts he selected it truly feels to him the effort was justified - I have not checked out every account on that list yet but it seems every one is a solid gold hard working user for the Steemit Community. I would say that @coolguy123 who constantly tops the list for upvoting the most people - has taken this delegation so much to heart that he is tirelessly helping upvoting an commenting on others work - while struggling to get rewards on his own work - all his time and effort is going to making the best use of his delegation. I know he would appreciate some support on his blog posts - and my goodness he deserves it.

Thanks @c0ff33a

It's a time-consuming, but rewarding job as i'm told by you guys that the data is a something useful to check progress.

I also admit to not checking every Stewards' blogs which I suppose we should all be doing. In a way its good that we own have our support areas and don't overlap too much, but yes, it would also make sense to check in on each other from time to time too.

@coolguy123 certainly does make his way around the Blockchain to make his presence felt in as many places as possible, thanks for highlighting his work again.



@fulltimegeek is fulltimegenerous .

Excellent analysis. As the new year shook my activity. Even the mark of 500 comments did not overcome. It's time to catch up. Good luck and kindness.

Отличный анализ. Как то новый год пошатнул мою активность. Даже отметку в 500 комментариев не преодолел. Пора наверстывать. Удачи Вам и доброты.

Such a hardworker @cecicastor is there Asher, he's really doing quite well in this platform, wow
@fulltimegeek has really shown a example of sacrifice here

Yes @cecicastor is a standout performer most weeks!

Well awareness most times is beautiful and Paramount, and you Asher you are doing a supernatural job here

Thank you for your kind words and support @josediccus!

Hey @fulltimegeek, With every passing day there are good things happening in the crypto world and at Steemit in particular. What you're doing is helping you earn some respect everyday when there is some post from @abh12345 about you. Impressive work guys. I'm pleased.

Took me long enough to respond... but yeah, I have a few delegations out...

@yusaymon has 300sp delegated
also @vachemorte has the same... they were both supposed to get it for a month.. but it's been a few months, and I haven't taken them back yet, I'll have to think it over..

I also delegate 100sp to @msp-lovebot
and today I'm making a delegation of 300sp to @spiritualmax who is a promising new steemian.
as well as 100sp for @shinyforest, who won the luck of the draw with an accidental delegation :)

I'll have to think this all over... and maybe I'll shift some of this around now that you made me look it over and think about it. but that's where I stand as of this moment. :)

That's very cool man, good to see you sharing the SP around.

I've got maybe 10 delegations out at present and amlooking for a few more individuals to boost.


Thank you @inquiringtimes very much, your support makes it really possible for me to continue my efforts here on Steemit, I'm very grateful and excited for how supportive you are and I'll make sure to work hard on bringing value to Steemit as well as supporting fellow Steemians. You're doing an outstanding work, together with other Gondors of Steemit! I'm full of admiration. Love, Klaudia

I have been the recipient of some of those votes, and they have helped me grow tremendously during this moon run on Steem. THANK YOU to @fulltimegeek and to everyone who is trying to live up to his example.

Excellent to hear you are benefiting from this amazing generosity!

Hey @abh12345 Thanks for your great efforts to update us for the #stewardsofgondor project. You are doing it in excellent way.

And I must second your words;
Thank you @fulltimegeek for this amazing gift to community, we cannot thank you enough!
All the best for your good work and stay blessed!

Thanks for your kind words @jawad09 :D

Thank you @abh12345 for doing the numbers. It is a great assistance to see how we are doing.

It is wonderful that there is such a long list emerging.

By the way, I noticed @fulltimegeek is loading up on SP again....

It looks like he might be getting ready to give more away.

Glad to be of service to the Stewards.

More SP is something we should all be aiming for, it's tempting to sell SBDs but I think some should be used to buy STEEM too.


Thank you so much for the update! I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this. I'm working my hardest to curate and deserve the gift I received so it's nice to see how I'm doing. With the holidays and getting sick twice I'm glad to see I've been pretty consistent with my work here.

My pleasure @marxrab, glad to be of service to the Stewards and the community. I hope you are feeling better and continue the good work!

I think it is a great idea and very generous. Steeming at early stage is hard becouse getting a follower is hard. I dont care about upvote because upvote is a byproduct of number of follwers and offcourse good blog. But this idea of deligation would make number of asustainable blogers to stay longer on steemit. And with good contents, quality of bloges will increase.

That is the plan yes.

We are all aware of how tough it is to get rolling, a post I did the other day may help a little.

Thanks for your comments!

Sorry, I did not understand these lines...can you further explain for me?

If you have received an up-vote from myself, or anyone else on this list over the past few weeks, then you have @fulltimegeek to thank for vastly larger vote you have been gifted.

I appreciate it.

Over half of the $ i gift, is due to the delegation I have received from @fulltimegeek.

So 9 cents of this up-vote :)

@taskmaster4450 with over 115,000 characters in his 277 comments in the past 7 days - hail keyboards!

holy shit.. I can do that, someone hold my beer.

I did not know a single thing about steem stewardship till I stumbled across your post and now its yet another thing to aspire to on this amazing platform. Have spent the better part of a month diving into discord channels and commenting on videos in the still-small-enough-to-recognize-everybody music community on here and I'm finding the curating component to be just as rewarding as the content production side. That being said, having a channel of modular synth and drum jams has been an idea rattling around for years in my brain ... just needed to find the right platform for it! Hopefully down the road I can get involved with the Steward community!

This sounds like an excellent route to take @drumoperator, welcome!

can't see the whole chart on Firefox nor on Chrome this time...?

Not on chrome either? That is disappointing!

Thanks for letting me know, I will try to get an image posted up but am short on time this morning.

Cool beans! Good rising!! Loving this buzz on here and seeing so much good in action. Yeah steem!! Yeah 2018 getting to really enjoy all this positive momentum ❤

Goo the STEEM! Thanks for visiting @yogajill :)

Hahaha... I'm blushing but since we are on the topic, I'm still working on getting that slider on my vote and could do with some help with more eyeballs on my posts. But all good either way, it's really kind of fun here and like what I always said, even at my level, it's beating fb anytime :)

This seems like an awesome project and, as I scroll through, a really great group! Your motives are promising ;p

Every day I see gift initiatives by the members of this group - It's flipping awesome!

Hmmmm. This sounds really nice.

The stewards are doing great, thanks to @fulltimegeek for delegating to these great stewards. I look forward to being on that list so I can reward more posts like the stewards are doing.

steem power the most valuable thing right now its like the gold

really nice post @abh12345 it will help us to move forword

thanks for this information...

great delegation he has given wow making the community great :)

Wow what a great idea. Lots of work behind this, thank you. @originalworks

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Thanks @abh12345, for updating delegation power as well as sp via chart table.

sounds good...

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 9.10% vote... I was summoned by @abh12345! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

The stewards are doing great, I think it is a great idea to also extend our SP to others too.
500SP delegation to others isn't a bad idea

Very good post ! Thank you @abh12345

This post has received a 9.09 % upvote, thanks to: @abh12345.

You got a 11.25% upvote from @allaz courtesy of @abh12345!

Nice post and nice background. So i sure everybody like your post.thanks @abh

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