Thank you for this post and thorough review of all proposals, it's very useful.

I would like to note that students getting a free membership works as a trial period in reality (student status eventually expires and normal membership fees must be paid).

It also serves a way of attracting members of academia and their PhD research teams who could base their work on Steem rather than ______ blockchain. However this is not set in stone and can be removed / amended.

Seems completely reasonable when you explain it like this. I'll edit my thoughts a little to reflect this. As long as it is by approval for research it seems like a good idea actually. If it is some way to gain power, it would be risky.

You spoke well about my proposal. Thank you.
Apologies for the concept being a bit all over the place. I really need someone else to format thoughts.

It's fine and there is enough information in your posts to understand what your concept is. My purpose was to try to make sense of all proposals. It's a long read but hopefully people can get an idea in one place.
Most authors are responsive to comments which is important.

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Great job, thank you for for breaking this down for those who can't or don't want to read all the proposals.

I hope to sort it out further in a couple of days after I recover and hopefully hear back from one final author.
Thanks for the resteem.
There is around 23 hours left to register for the vote. I hope this convinces more people to register.

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I'll try to register but wowzerz this is some body of work. This version is overwhelming! Maybe I just need to have some coffee and focus lol.. Seemed very loooooong from my initial scan. It's a testament to steem that anyone would volunteer this much of their life..

Plot twist, its my own proposal called the Megazord, I just cited my sources and cleaned it up a little.

Ah OK I'm impressed, thx for replying, I registered but where do I vote?

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Follow @steemalliance and check out their post I linked waaay up top for more details. Voting isn't until a few days later.

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Noted thx boss

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Thanks for this summary and analysis . I have to confess, I have been a bit put off by all the reading involved so thanks for doing this. I did read it over breakfast but it's still a bit heavy read for first thing in the morning , so I shall definitely revisit again when my little brian is functioning better

Yeah it's a lot of info.
Another point is translation into other languages. I hope to get a much shorter version, encourage more graphics and even see smaller key questions / differences.

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A very useful summary. I thought upheaver and the merger had merged?

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Oh maybe thats why upheaver didn't reply to me? Their proposals are similar but different. Upheaver wants to charge membership fees to help fund things with different rates depending on corporate or individual. Students are free.
Merger is quite clear that members will be volunteers and makes no mention of fees.

It seems he just helped with merger, but still has his own.
I will remove it if there is official word. It was by far the best organized proposal and the easiest to review, but that is maybe GitHub vs Steemit.

Thanks for your review. My proposal still stands on it's own - I helped with some ideas on the Merger, but they are still significantly different.

I think the collaboration has dropped the fees.

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Yes collaboration has no fees. But I don't know if upheaver dropped his or not. Fees are a good idea maybe later or an enhanced foundation or something but at first getting assistance for a free one will be challenging enough.

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I didn't think @upheaver's is on the final list of 5? He's now working with @agroedd - it says so in yr summary above.

I just helped with the merger proposal, mine still stands as it's vastly different in how it's funded and structured (paid professional vs volunteer staff).

Ah great, thanks for the clarification!

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Actually ignore my last comment I just checked he's back on..they've obviously edited the post since Saturday.

Good job summarising!

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Thanks @abitcoinskeptic, great to get your independent view and run down - not sure I'll bother to vote though, even nerfing at 250K makes my lousy 6K vote hardly able to influence

Ibdefinitely think youbshould still vote. We can probably discount inactive accounts with minimal sp, but 6k is no joke.
The nerf means overall whales will lose 50% of their combined power which is actually a lot.
They still dominate, but if a lo5 of popular community members and people with comparatively small but meaningful stakes vote, it will send an important message.

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Many thanks for this great summary. Seeing our ideas in such short sentences is a real pleasure.

You doubt, whales could be interested in this kind of decentralised setting. I can only speculate, but the richness of ideas being enabled through DeCentraSteem should definitely be good for Steem as a whole, letting communities flourish and the demand for STEEM rise.

Concerning voting: yes, you're right. Probably working circles engaged in a dispute shouldn't take part in a vote.

For this and other cases we have introduced rule no 9 on developing new rules. DeCentraSteem is an ever-learning system with high flexibility, starting optimistic with high trust in people, but being able to adopt to new situations very fast.

You are very right that whales could be interested. In my opinion, most of them have a couple smaller accounts where they actually speak their mind and are more conservative in their larger accounts. They have more invested than anyone and really want to see the chain do well.

Rules No. 9 is a really good idea because it allows for so much change and growth when desired. I expect any system adopted will need this.

Thank you @abitcoinskeptic for your summary. I am sure our members will find it useful. Resteemed too

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@abitcoinskeptic, this is a very comprehensive summary. Thanks.

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