I just did a 20 Steem Power up! I hope you can all do just 1 steem power up a week or day ideally. Look at buying and powering up steem as a long term investment. Just use your SBD to buy Steem & power that up! If we all power up enough steem, it'l moon

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Here is a screenshot of me powering up over 20 Steem so that I may one day look back at this, when Steem is over $100 each and smile, thanking my past self for locking away more and more of my SBD rewards as Steempower to be used for reward Curation throughout the next few decades and will then be passed down to the next generation. We will all help the price of steem moon to higher and higher levels if we all just bought and powered up a bit of the 49 million steem on exchanges. If just 80,000 users all bought $1000 worth fo steem each, or just 8000 users all bought $10,000 worth and powered it up, it would be enough to force exchanges to deal with just a million or less steem as their total supply which won't be enough for the new demand and steem will go up in price to new levels. It's all a matter or supply and demand and when more and more users rush to buy up all the steem to power it up to get all those free SMT Airdrops, then we will see steem get scarcer and scarcer more and more are, with each steem having to be stretched and used by more and more people, since we certainly won't power down and sell. We are in the business of locking away steem and we can get the circulating supply of liquid steem on exchanges down to below a few million tokens, giving us a smaller supply even than Bitcoin and hopefully THEn people will start to realize than $100 or even $1000 per steem token is NOT that un realistic. Facebook is a 500 BILLION dollar company, and do we here at Steem blockchain not have the potential to surpass Facebook? IU think so and so ONE DAY Steem WILL be worth MORE than Facebook, with a half a Trillion dollar marketcap like facebook has today... and when that happens, every steem token would have to be worth around $2000 Each. Yes after HF20. Hivemind/Communities and SMTs (HF21) we will see Explosive growth in Steem just like Ethereum saw in 2017 after the launch of all of its Ethereum ERc20 ICOs. Steem SMts will ALSO have ICOs except to make an SMT will be as simple as a one page form!

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this is also what I have been doing, powering up Steem, not powering down SP.
This is what all of us should do.
Oh and a small tip, do not vote the people answering with a 0,01 vote, its will be turned to dust and not paid out. you need to either give 0,03 or nothing. (i upped the votes you already made by 0,02 to make sure they actually got a payout)
and if you would consider voting for @swisswitness (I am part of the team that set it up and this is also our way to show faith in the steem blockchain)
easy witness vote link here:

how its possible

you just click on wallet, go to Steem > Power Up and hey man, thge system is saying your a spammer because i see youre just posting short comments. you need to make some posst about yourself too and also leave longer comments, so system knows you are just human new users, it will help you!

I am powering up my earn SBD into steempower, because the conversion rate is better now than before, the ratio of steem to SBD is ok. I know steem will move up in price soonest @ackza

@ackza This is really wonderful as this helps you gain more influence on Steemit which also increases your payout. I wish I have money or more Steem to power up but my low payouts won't allow me. I will also Power up when I have more steem and if I have cash I will try to buy more steem and then power up. I just have to keep steeming and keep hoping for the best.

Thanks for sharing this great post 💗🙌😁

I think it is important to power up, and stay in for the long run. Every little penny I have, I power up.
I would like to reach a 50 reputation on merit, I may then consider what you outline. With the little I understand about Krypto, knowledge growing every month, it would defeat my objective, e.g. to have my reputation awarded by the Steemian community as opposed to my wallet.
Don't you think this would be more important in the "early years" of Steemit? I trust I have clearly understood your point, if not please clarify.
BTW Do you know how many active users we now have on Steemit?

no steem is still cheap so u still cangeta LOT of value collectying cheap SP

and yes theres 80 to 90K active users https://steemreports.com

Thank you for reply. And more so how many users.

you are very right.
this is a noble thing to do and not many would want to do that.
I do hope some day, you can look back and be grateful for what you did today

Yes, i am striving hard to power up daily one Steem on an Average. 🙂

@felander How do you up the vote value on Steemit?

buy steem power! or earn it! get upvotes! heres one now :)

@obest I'm really ignorant on this subject. I have just been powering up right from the beginning, and I'm glad I was not aware, just keeps me focused on the reasons why I will become a "loyal" Steemian.
I know platforms like Steemit or Minds, just to mention another, are the future of social media. We only need to enhance the blockchain transaction speed. Would EOS be blockchain 2.0? I understand it is faster than the current blockchain, if I've understood correctly.

@a-0-0 Is there anyway I can stop this type of comment. They are starting to appear more and more on my posts. Annoying and is not conducive to qualitative comments. If I want to read the Bible, then I'll do it, without it being shoved down my throat.
With all due respect, the Bible is a beautiful doctrine, I trust I won't be misunderstood.

haah dont worry hes just a spammer and yeah hes even pissing off tons of christians lol its like the guy promoting the Bible as Spam thinks God is running a referral program LOL

"Referral program" real funny metaphoric analysis. Put a grin on my face.

lol explain what? Just come onto https://steemspeak.com and ask away in the discord

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