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Tagging people for posts is not something I like to do and do not often do it.
I have tagged you here as you have in some way supported this project.

So has anyone seen yet what I haven't heard discussed before the hard fork. No, I am not blaming others for me not knowing. Most of what I learn, I learn from talking with others not from reading what they wrote.

But yes the chat I did hear was restricted to the voice of those who were pushing the changes that took place. I figure anyone who stays must be happy with fork. They wouldn't stay otherwise. I like to pride myself on being able to see different views to many things. That mostly comes from gaining understanding of other through talking. Lately, not much chat being going on at the same time I can be online.

Seems I am not a bad guy to be around (in small doses).
Maybe I am just too pushy about the project.

I see things this way.
We can put our effort into building something and then build something else after it and keep on doing this. That is all we will do, Constantly chase more funding to support something else. We wouldn't actually build anything. Yes we would grow the other project, I don't dispute this. We become beggars always asking for help. I want to grow to a place were we can offer support when we hear about something we agree with on moral principals. Let#'s break this social mentality of how can I get from them. To one more directed toward, how can we help.

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After the Fork

First question.
Who didn't remember to buy lube? I mean of those who have had some history here. Things changed. For the better or worse. It seems at first look to be worse.

I guess it depends on the view you take. Setting aside I believe we have been hood-winked. The con was obvious before the Hard Fork. We all knew it, We mentioned it to Steem Inc. they replied with it is what the top guys aid the chain wanted. When you consider with this. That you only need a core few from that group to vote with the Steem power available to them to have a majority vote. Those are the same people talking to Inc about the changes wanted. When announced and it is brought to the attention of the Inc, nothing is done because the proof of stake says it should be so. There is something really wrong when those with the stake are also the same ones talking with Steem inc.

An alternative method of delivering the word of the chain to Steem Inc needs to be found. To replace this method of talking behind closed doors about personal beneficial changes for the chain. Putting this forward as the voice of the chain and not just the voice of greed is nothing but shameful. That Steem Inc went along with it a joke they have the best interest of the chain in mind.

The surface of this.
A reduced reward for any newcomer to the platform. Nothing presented i the chain to assist these new comers.

Punished for not holding enough Steem powered up.

A reduced reward for anyone voting with less than a 10 Steem or is it SBD vote. Steem I think.

The creation of a necessity to use a bot to grow. Those with the money own the bots right?

Right now that would mean.
You send 10 Steem to another member in Steem. This is so you can gain more than that in the reward back. At the best let us say you get 15%back.
1st you need to have the 10 Steem.
You send 10 Steem.
You receive a vote of 23.
With 50% of this gone.
You have 11.50.
You paid 10 Steem to make 1.50 Steem profit.

On the other side.

The bot got.
10 Steem from you.
11.50 Steem from the curating reward.
You paid 10 Steem for the bot to make 21.50 Steem.
Really, are those rewards fair? (or are you in need of that lube now)
Wonder why you won't catch up? they grow auto by more than you each time you use them.

Those guys in the top 20 really know how to work this platform to their own advantage. They have no interest in the blogging side of things it seems any more other than the rewards it will generate them in this new direction of dictatorship.

So right now the big guys get even more and more in a decentralized platform with a global dictatorship. While the platform itself is decentralized. The power is not, The power is concentrated and now to become even more so. A centralized power in a decentralized system is not decentralized at all. It is like saying, Guinness is decentralized because it is sold all over the world. No, it still belongs to just one organized group. One group decides for all. Just like Steem.

I am really not sure how that can look appealing to any investor.

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None of this effects the goals wish to be gained by the account. Things might not work as quick as we would have liked. Anyone wish to withdraw from the project. It would be understandable. ( No one mention this to @adsactly )

Kick in the gahoola's to us. Feel's like my tonsils have neighbors.

We will have to make some adjustment to how we do things. The vote we had previous to the Hard Fork is not as good as we would all like it to be. The first one of these is to lower the vote to 85%. in an effort to try keep it voting at a higher level to each post.It will also help keep the vote more balanced and even. The account will still grow and so then will we all along with it.

Everything Still works the same with now an undetermined timescale until things are looked at a bit more. Previous experience is research.

I have bitched about the wrong's myself and I have said in previous posts. There is no point to bitching about something and putting nothing else forward. I bitch about and want to open discussion about things and how we can change them.

How often have I heard you say we need to do something and yet I am still waiting for you. Or maybe you started and did not include me.

Either way I will plough my way through the winter snows and the cold fronts of Steem I get. I will carry on toward that candle light I can see burning in the window of the cabin on the mountain across. It is a long journey to find if a lone person is interested. When no one else will listen and you need help. It is all you can do. One step at a time down one side and up the other. The obstacles ahead only imagined.

We aim to offer a 3 X vote to your post. This is working out at about 30c a post. Half of what we would have liked. Well we would like much more obviously. Half of the previous reward before the hard fork. We still aim to do this.

@saffisara @c0ff33a @bashadow @derangedvisions @inthenow @philippekiene @dreemsavingsfund @karma.scribbles @wesphilbin @blacklux @seyiodus

Thank you all for participating. Your agreement to participate is very encouraging. I would like to see you all remain. Some names are not here by request. I have my account not listed either lol. HAAHA! @thehive didn't get a tag.
I would have deleted that but I had already posted. (Irish humour).

We believe many things can be done in an alternative manner to promote the well being of everyone. The abuse of position for personal wealth and growth is something we look down upon in the real world, Yet here, we will go vote to the same names. Oh that's right we do that with politicians. Same thing?

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Over the rainbow and on to a brighter note. Not everything has to be dark clouds rainy skies. There is days of sunshine too. For the Noobs that joins us anyway. Their ability to do much posting wise is restricted, If a guide to some posts was offered by communities was offered for those to view curate and vote. They could grow their reward by interaction and curating reward quick. Providing enough to continue and begin posting too. The right environment you could grow a decent size working together still.


I am still in. There will be a period of adjustment, but I think we will all get through it. If someone is really short on steem, I can still help one or two. I am growing slow,but I am growing.

Vote, curate what you like, don't fall for the bullshit you are to small. There is only two or thre ways to grow, post stuff someone might like, and then vote on stuff you like. Timing of the vote doesn't matter if what you voted on you like.

There will always be change, we can "stay the course", or if needed blaze a new trail a new way on steem block chain that we want.

Not easy typing on a smartphone, so may add/fix this when I get home.

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