ADSactly Announcement - Vote for STEEM on Netcoins

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Vote for Steem on Netcoins

Hello dear Steemians,

@ned posted an interesting request yesterday. In his post STEEM Needs You! he asked us, Steemians, to vote for STEEM as a free listing on Netcoins.

We in ADSactly think that this is a great idea and fully support it and would like to ask everyone reading this post to vote for STEEM.

Why? Because if STEEM gets listed on another exchange the value of the coin will increase. The more listings on different exchanges and platforms it has, the better is it viewed and the higher the value will become.

How to vote for STEEM?

First, go to and scroll down till you find STEEM.

Insert a valid e-mail address and press vote. If you've done everything right up until this point you will get the option to send a confirmation e-mail. Press the orange button and open your e-mail.

In your e-mail inbox, you should receive a message from Go Netcoins. Open it and click on the validation link.

The site that opens should look like this. Of course with a higher number of votes.

In 24 hours you should be able to vote again. Or at least it says so if you refresh the page.

If you have more devices with which you can access the internet and some other e-mail addresses, vote from them also as every vote counts.

Please share the link with your friends so that they can vote for STEEM.

On the other hand, if you know other exchanges where we can list STEEM please let us know in a comment and we will try to do our best to have STEEM there.

Authored by: @alexvan

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Go Adsactly

Vote @adsactly-witness for Steem witness!
Witness proposal is here:

Witness Proposal
Witness Proposal Update

Go To Steem Witness Page
In the bottom of the page type: adsactly-witness and press vote.
witness vote.gif
Use small letters and no "@" sign. Or, click here to vote directly!
Thank you!


In unity is strength! I have seen how the people and groups interested in steemit's success have already done the task: vote and publish your post calling for a vote. I hope that it will be 24 hours to vote! The Three Musketeers said: All for one and one for all. VOTING IS THE SLOGAN

Nice to see you promoting this @adsactly; the running is very close now.

Aside from "helping Steem" this particular matchup also makes a lot of sense. NetCoins would be adding a coin with an existing large number of active wallets, so there's a built-in user base, but for Steem/Steemit it would also be the first potentially direct gateway for using a debit card to buy Steem.

Plenty of functional incentive to win.

Good to have this on the @adsactly community blog. I have been voting since day one up till now. I voted this morning with my two email addresses.




All my support Steem ...It s my first vote and not the last..

I voted sir..

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Voted the $STEEM for more steam :)
18 October 2018 085400 GMT+0100.jpg

I already voted..

I have already voted twice and the third time is almost available!!
If we were already on the right path to get that 1st place, now with you post spreading the word even further we will get it today!

Already voted. Let's do this!

I have voted for Steem and made a post about this. We need to push more because Steemit has so many users but just 5600 votes are mocking the efforts of us.
Steem vote.PNG

Already did. We on this together

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6th times voted on steemit @adsactly



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Done!.. On steem coin we trust! 👌(2 more days to go) we can do this.


Already voted. Waiting for the 24h to end so I can vote again.

Come on Steemit, let's do this!

lets do this. steem to the moon woohoo

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