A little help for the new people: Welcome to Steem! Here's some hints on how to get started.

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Hi, I'm Aggroed. I'm a PhD chemist and former chemistry professor. I used to work for higher education companies in sales, but now I've quit my job because of Steem and am working around the clock to spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty, grow the Steem ecosystem, and train and retain minnows on the platform. I created and manage the community account @minnowsupport and founded the Minnow Support Project. We just crossed 8,000 members (though a quick prune of inactives will probably peel that back under 8k for a day or two). I'm working on building a youtube/film studio to pump more Steem out there as my next project.

Anyway, I've been here a while and have helped a lot of new users out, and since we're growing it's time to talk about getting started here again.


We've passed the 600k accounts mark. I was 54,169 so we've literally more than 10Xed the number of accounts since I got here a year and a half ago. Yeah, a lot of them are bots, but we also have a lot of active users. If we continue at the pace we're going Steem will have 2-2.5M accounts by the end of the year. I think it's going to speed up even more than that, but either way it's a lot of new people. So, here's a quick welcome.

What is Steem?

You may have an account, but you're still trying to wrap your head around this place. WTF is Steem?

Steemit: A development company run by @ned that works to make the blockchain as good as possible.

Steemit.com: a website running a program called condenser that allows people to interact with the block chain.

Steem: The block chain and name of the community in general.

What does this thing do?

Steem is a fairly unique blockchain. We're a social media program with an embedded cryptocurrency. It's sorta like facebook and reddit had a baby and genetically enhanced that baby with some crypto DNA. Yeah, it might feel a little weird at first, but there's some power here. Every time you write a post and someone upvotes it you'll get some money. If they have a lot of Steem you'll get a lot of money. If they have a little Steem you'll only get a little bit of money. As you comment and post you're making money. Heck, even voting on this platform earns you money. So, it's like being on social media but now you're earning money!

How does it work?

Well, right now there are 260M Steem tokens. Investors purchase those tokens because they think it's a good investment. Steem tokens come in two flavors Steem Power and Steem. Steem is a fully fungible commodity meaning you can send it all over the world in 3 seconds and trade it for other coins on exchanges. Steem power isn't as fungible but it has a cool use. You can power up your Steem tokens into Steem Power and now you effectively own a portion of the blockchain.

Steem has platform inflation. There's a little less than 10% inflation on the system so this coming year a little less than 26M tokens will be created. These tokens are distributed on the platform primarily based on how individual Steem Power owners want them to be distributed, and they do this by upvoting content. Think of it this way. Think of Steem as a stock with a dividend, but instead of the dividend going back to you automatically instead you can assign that dividend to anything you want on the platform. It's generally discouraged to just send that back to yourself over and over especially on low value posts, but with that main exception you can support whatever you'd like here. You choose what you think is valuable and you help breathe financial life into it.

There's a second token called an SBD. There's some controvery around what an SBD is, but I tend to think it's a unique token that provides some risk mitigation, fast transactions, no cost, and serves to reward active users on the platform. The Steem blockchain guarentees that SBDs are worth a minimum of $1 of Steem because the program will allow users to convert SBD into $1 worth of Steem. The market values the currency higher than $1 right now and even though we guarentee it's worth at least $1 it's currently trading between $5-8.

What's the point of all this?

Look, the main thing is that it's social media, but this is social media that pays you too. You could do all of this on Reddit or Facebook, but those guys have some weird censorship going on, they don't pay users, and it's filled with basically endless flaming and just shitty people. So, here you can blog and use some other platforms like Discord to interact with one another, and while you're at it you can get paid in crypto.

I'm new... what should I write about?

Well, I have two answers to this. 1. If you're writing because you love it then just write about what you love. That's really all that matters. 2. If you're writing because you want to earn money here then a few things. You're going to have to be patient. It's hard to get noticed and build on the platform. If you're expecting a free Lambo tomorrow you're going to be disappointed. What I think works best is start by commenting a lot and only post short form content. You're 50 page expose on Obama's third vacation while out of office is going to have to wait. Comment on other posts and build up a following. The other best way to do that is network on Discord. I'm partial to the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network because I founded it and in there you'll find 8,000 people to interact with. There are other servers you can connect with once you find your way around. Once you have some buddies around there the resteems and upvotes will happen naturally.

How should I interact with other Steemians?

Here's a few quick don'ts:
asking for follow for follow
asking for vote for vote
asking for others to review your work
being rude

Here's some quick dos:
Make friends
Be kind
Offer your services for free while getting started
engage on others posts

Flags and Rep

Part of what keeps everyone nice around here are flags and rep. Rep is roughly how much you've earned from other people, but it scales depending on how the higher rep accounts interact with you. People are more comfortable providing stronger upvotes to larger accounts so you're going to want to work on getting your rep higher. Mostly that just happens over time as people upvote you, but you want to avoid flags.

Flags on the system reduce rewards and reduce your rep. If you're coming from other platforms you may not give a shit about those things yet, but you'll soon learn that protecting your rep and avoiding flags is pretty important. Especially because people can go back to all your posts within a 7 day window and flag all of them.

People flag for all kinds of reasons:
You were acting like an asshat on the blockchain
You were acting like an asshat off the blockchain
They disagree with your content
They disagree with how much your content was earning
Your content is a type of abuse where you're posting copyrighted material belonging to someone else
Your content is a shit post consisting of essentially 1 image/video that you didn't even make and no text just to give an opportunity to have it be upvoted (same goes for comment spam)

You should avoid picking fights or acting like a fool because it's going to hurt your rewards and experience here. Give it a few weeks before you explore that feature cause you're effectively picking a financial fight with someone else.

Well, that's essentially Minnow 101

As you progress there's more that you can do. I'll talk some more about this stuff later and maybe give a dolphin 101.


Would've been more informative if you included more detailed Steem and SBD explanation in your post.

Anyway, it is a nice work and valuable post for many newbies.

Brilliantly succinct @aggroed
That's the best explanation of Steem and Steemit I've seen anywhere.
Great work as ever dude.

Thanks for all that you do @aggroed. I'm quite certain that the vast majority of the steemit community values and appreciates you, I do! All the very best!

I will second that.

I've only been here for about six weeks so still feel rather new.


Your post helps clarify things a little further in this woolly mind of mine.

Thanks to you and Minnow Support for all you do daily for us wee Whitebait.

I already love Steemit and dub it the thinking (wo)man's social media.



@mellisaramirez! Check this out! :)

I loved the explanation on the whole flagging and downvoting because someone is an assist on,off the blockchain. I recently got involved in an argument with a person because he was boasting that he was two days into Steemit but was doing better than those who have been here longer because he uses in one of the five tags a name of a whale which was taught to him by his mentor and I said he shouldn't be proud of vote begging and concentrate on making good articles instead.

I so wanted to rip him a new one but decided he is not worth it haha.

It is an amazing time to join Steemit and indeed we are just going to grow with the fast transaction rates, ability to earn Cryptos in this gift economy thus giving financial freedom to people who in turn create better posts, unleash their creativity and further enrich the content of Steemit.

I will be sharing this with my team who from 10 we have now become 100 + because they believe that Steemit is not a scan or a ponzi when we made a series of cashing out posts on earning in Steemit through our mind and creativity.

I had to remove my delegation to minnowbooster so that I can delegate to our main account but I have always believed in what it does to help out the community. Hopefully I can delegate again once I reach my goal of 500 SP.

Am getting started and new here. I love your lecture it has impact on me. You are not just a PhD chemist and a former chemistry professor. You are a PhD steem and a current steem professor. That's how I feel and rate you @aggroed. Thanks from @chrizy

I see you as my mentor in this blockchain. Please go through my Introduction post.

I remember when I first started steemit (5mnth ago) and I used to love posts like this because they really helped me out to really find out what this community is all about and what I should be doing and not doing.

I still like to read these posts because I'm still growing and want to learn as much as I can. So thank you @aggroed for supporting the minnows and all that you contribute to this community because I remember how hard it was in the beginning and still is but I love what I do and what I've been learning and made so many amazing friends from around the world and one of the best things is all the people that inspire me to be a better person and helping and supporting others

Me, too, joined June 2017. Am growing, too.

Thank you for your guide. I am fairly new to steemit, and I can already notice more mature community than the other social networks can brag about. One thing I still don't fully understand, is steemit centralized as a platform? People tend to agree and disagree on this subject but truth of the matter is that a small group of people do decide who gets upvotes and who doesn't (no matter the quality of the content) Even though most of the upvoted content I found here is really quality and time-consuming for the writer, I find (here and there) invaluable (polite word for trash) articles that keep trending and get upvoted to the sky. To be precise, I fear that this could be the only problem in the future of this social network. Have a nice day and a fruitful year!

Steemit is sorta (de)centralized. Technically the platform is decentralized, but we have a problem of distribution where most of it is in the top 100 accounts. So, that makes it seem like we're pretty centralized. Steemit also has a ton of power... so again while technically the platform is decentralized in theory in practice a lot of it is still heavily concentrated.

Yeah, that makes sense. Concerning the centralization "issue", I have a feeling, that even though concentration of power, majority of whales are actually good and helpful people. The most important thing is socialization and community, so it would be fare to disregard everything else, and enjoy the platform. It is indeed becoming very popular, people are finding their own ways to it, and this community will just grow. Let us hope for the best.

I agree with your philosophy. From what I've been able to observe, there are quite a few whales doing quite a bit of good for others. While I suppose there is some return in it for them, I'm sure they could find easier and less time consuming things with a greater ROI.

But they hang around, and get involved in different projects, it seems to me, because they are among the most passionate about the community, its direction and future, in spite of what they might actually gain, and even if they do come at it from different viewpoints. Healthy discourse and debate is good and we can all take part and contribute our own $.01 to the discussion.

And when I fully understand everything everyone is talking about, it'll be that much better! 😃

Decentralized to an extent but not as much as Bitcoin: hope Steemit can continue to improve and everything. If Steemit can become more decentralized, than bring it on. But for the most part, we are trying our best it seems and I hope for the best and everything.

I am just in hope that the community will stay awesome, as it is for now. Everything else should come by itself.

This is a great primer for new members to Steemit. Things like this should be required reading for new members to help them get a feel for how everything works.

It's super confusing for new members and I'm speaking from experience. But the more you roll up your sleeves and interact with people, the clearer it gets.

Thanks for providing this!

A great thing about the Steemit community is how successful people want minnows to succeed also. I’m glad that people like you want others to succeed also. Great spirit of cooperation. Thanks for the information and the goodwill.

@aggroed thats just a great introductory post for new users ) One of the best and easy to follow expalnations on the working of this platform I have seen since i have been here ! I am resteeming this as its a great beginners guide ! Steem ON )

These are really great tips @aggroed! I think in general a new user picks up a lot as they go. If they are willing to invest time into the community and learn it should work. I think you said it best though, lambos aren't born overnight! I was having difficulty at first gaining any traction, now I'm picking up a bit more each day and I can see the uptick in engagement! Really enjoy your posts!

Upvoted and resteemed, excellent summary. Thanks aggroed.

This noob appreciates the crash course. I generally skew towards political content and I wonder if that's inherently more risky with Steemit's flagging system.

If only this post was made a couple of weems ago when I came on the beatiful land of Steemit :)
Message to all new users: Make this platform a better place, work hard and contribute to the comunnity. Don't think only about the money, think about helping Steemit grow :)

Thanks for the help since i came on steemit i have been struggling i hope this helps me a little

Well I would like to thank you for such beautiful post and content, however I have gone through your post very carefully trying to discover some new things.
First of all you define steem, hence your definition is almost similar to other definitions trying to explain what is steem. Consequentially these definitions cannot answer the simple question for an average person Who use Facebook for instance.
The bottom line of this is new users want some magic advice to help them get started with steemit. The best advice you mentioned in your post was if you like writing then just writing what you love. Nevertheless if you think that you can earn some money from steemit and you don't have some writing skills then steemit is not The right place for you.

Useful post
thank you @aggroed

@aggroed I am confused about bid bots, how do you know it is legit and how does it work? Anyway, very good post for the newbies.

I am still new to Steemit and I don't really know wtf is going on but I think this post might really help me to better understand this site. Thanks for the post :)

I joined over 2 years ago and never used the platform. I'm like WTF is this voting stuff. Maybe I'm just old. Blockchain and cryptos I'm deeply immersed. But for some reason I cannot wrap my head around this voting/steem/steem power/ stuff.

I get the basics but I want to know more about this site. Guess I'll learn over time

Wow. The more I learn about you the more I see where your motivation comes @aggroed. Forget Phenols, Amino Acids and Lipids and talk Peace, Abundance and Liberty. If I had read this article from day one I would been more patient and no so disappointed if posts had few returns. Once again I appreciate your efforts for Minnow Support.

Nice post...
Please upvote my post...

Here's a few quick don'ts:
asking for follow for follow
asking for vote for vote
asking for others to review your work
being rude

This guide can help us all in the community.

All of you steemians please

to grow up in steemit.

You give us really valuable information
Thank you

Appreciate the effort you put into this! resteemed.

I learned a lot of new things from this post. Dear, @aggroed, you explained a lot of things.
Very informative post.
Thanks for sharing.

this took me a long time to read.
You really explained everything in a clear way.. I just understand some stuff that I didnt get well before.
Keep it up

Resteemed for newbies @aggroed. I hope they take their time to study it. Thank you, I did learn from it.

Thanks professor, i have struggled a lot to make my self successful with steemit, but i had failed. Now these tips will help me to go on because i was planning to quit.

Excellent write up @aggroed
This is one of the best write up i have read as a newbie on this site about steem, steemit. Keep it up

Thanks! There are somethings you said that i never knew before..

Well @aggroed in your previous blog you talked about Minnow Support Project as well. I wrote My First Ever Blog Yesterday. No feedback i got from #minnowssupportproject yet.Please! have a look and let me know what is missing from the post?

By the way they way you have described the steps in your article are really appreciable as it also made me to learn a few new things. Authors like you always give minnows a beautiful piece of advice for which you deserve Massive Respect. Thanks for highlighting this factor

You should avoid picking fights or acting like a fool because it's going to hurt your rewards and experience here. Give it a few weeks before you explore that feature cause you're effectively picking a financial fight with someone else.

Great efforts you're doing <3

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

good topic @aggroed. Thanks for sharing. i like your post and following.

great post.
thanks for shareing it

Wow that's such a detailed and easy to understand post...... Thanks for sharing this insights it sure gonna help a lot especially for we newbies around here...... Thanks minnowsupport you rock

This will be helpful and beneficial to many new Steemit users that we are gaining. Read up guys, @aggroed advice will take you far!

This is very informative and helpful article for newbies.
All your points are very useful and good.
I really appreciate your opinions and suggestions.
Thanks for sharing the lots of information about steem.

Good instruction for beginners

@aggroed thank you very much. perfect post

Yeah, i have see that many peoples have quit their job to give full time to the steemit community, and you are one of them, Steemit is the platform to explore and guide many peoples with your unique content and blog.

Nice post sir.upvote and resteem done

You give us really valuable information
Thank you

Thank you. I am trying to be as successful as possible. I love to give up votes after reading articles. I wish I wasn't penalized for 100 votes a day!! I am still trying to keep it to 10 up votes until my voting value changes. Oh well. Also I wish each post would have a delegated one cent so all those zeros wouldn't look so bad. I am inspired by this comnunity and the good natured attitudes. The creativity is off the hook as well. Things will be greater later.

Thank you very much for this very useful and useful information. I am very happy to follow you. I can learn a lot from you about steemit. Greetings also from indonesia for you @aggroed

Just what I needed, thank you!

Its nice lesson, Thanks for sharing...

Great info for newbies, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for all update and did good work @aggroed.
I'm quite certain that the vast majority of the steemit community values and appreciates you
Keep it up and all the best
Stay blessed

What a great summary. I wish I had something like this when I started...heck, it’s still helpful to me now.

This is a great way to get started. The minnow support project has been so helpful. Thank you @aggroed for the hard work.

Great effort for new steemains. Really a little support is big support for somehow. Thank a lot.

I want to so much thank you for a job well done.
Information is the key to Success

Thank you to say @aggroed. This is a very commendable job. You have tried and worked to teach others to understand this good Steemit. Thank you very much Dear @aggroed

Thank you so much @aggroed. This post came at just the right time for me. I am a newbie, and still trying to be familiar with the platform. Can you imagine I was beginning to get pissed by the low upvotes I had? Now I understand better. Its not about the upvotes, rather, its about the sustainability of the community, its about enjoying oneself, its about steemit. Thanks man, great post.

Good post! .. I will also follow you, follow me and we help each other ... I would appreciate a vote in my last post thanks

yess great guide for me the newbee :D :D. thumb for ur post !!

Day-um @aggroed tough love at the end there but you know what I dig it.

Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, getting more familiar with the platform. I do find it a little frustrating to be posting and not getting noticed so much, however I'm enjoying doing it for the sake of doing it and I'm improving my content :) I think the next thing to do would be join discourd and connect with people there . I'll check that out

I hope you are alright if I pass this on to any newbs that have questions... this is a pretty good intro summary and I would rather not write an answer when a good one is already written. Thanks!

Thank You for sharing such info . . . . learned alot from about steem

Thank you so much. Great read. It was really helpful for me since I am new and want to follow the proper steemit etiquette. Thanks for taking your time and creating the article @aggroed 😀

Great points here for all new or old! :)

an amazing post and work for steemit community.......by the virtue of this post i have a promoter to initiate expression of my desired gene:)

very nice and very informative post,i followed u because u always share valuable content.keep posting such content.appreciated.

Just started yesterday and was trying to figure this whole thing out. Yes I am here to make some money but I not planning to live off this. I think this is unique and want to experience this for myself. Thank you for your time and help.

Very nice Article...

I totally agree with all your points .. I am just a bit of Plankton... but im working for it to get a Fish and maybe later a Dolphin or a whale :)

Very nic your post

Very helpful. I'm new as well, thanks!

@aggroed what about red fish 101? I believe I am red fish which is even smaller than a minnow :)

Then you gotta work harder!

I inspired by this post.I already involve steemit.My dream is steemit and I reach goal.please help me how to increase my ability,,,

Thanks for the informative insights. I just started the other day and am hoping to grow fast. I'll have to check the link and join your group. So long and thanks for helping all the little fish...

Oh thank you very much sir , I was enlighten, now I understand a little bit, but still I need to explore and learn.

Wow thanks for this post, i mist say, I'm a bit guilty of some of the donts. I just started steemit 2weeks ago... It took me time to wrap my head around things, this is an essential post for every minnow, thanks alot... STEEM ON!

articles that are very useful for new users and help me to better know how comunity steemit works, thanks @aggroed

Muy buena introducción @aggroed de cómo avanzar en la comunidad, particularmente soy nuevo en Steemit sus recomendaciones las practicare, de igual forma la compartiré con amigos que son nuevos en Steemit, para que puedan obtener un mejor desempeño en el sitio.

omg you are a chemist and former chemistry professor!!! (well I know i side track a bit but this is really shocking to me lol)

Congratulation with your achievement. I had been support by the minnowsupport in the very beginning too, which keeps me alive til now!! Thanks a lot :D

I love this! I am surely going to pass this to other new users! Thank you for putting the time into helping everyone!

thanks for the info! :)

Wow! what'a support system man,great job.
Thanks for share all of you.

Thanks for this detailed overview for all newbies. This answered some questions!

This post is a great introduction. I think newcomers could use more resources to find their way around.

Did not know you are a Chemist and with a PHD. To give that all up and be on steemit must have been somewhat of a difficult decision. Either way cool to watch your success. Thanks for the post as even older steemians, like myself, sometimes forget some of these. Thanks.

This was actually very helpful and cleared up a lot of confusion I had about this platform. Thanks for writing this. Looking forward to more work from you in the dolphin 101.

Thank you so much for this @aggroed

Thanks, i see a lot of people doin a lot of "dont's", i'll try not to make the same mistakes.

When I joined Steemit a month ago, I never expected to be accepted so readily upon my arrival. It’s the minnow support projects that really give us little people hope that we can one day have success on this platform.

Steemit can literally change peoples lives. It can give those who put in the work a chance to not live in poverty.

This is the real deal- THANK YOU

Newcomers, Aggroed is one to follow and heed his advice! Best introductions on the world of Steemit! And do check out PAL on on discord!

We are crypto!

Great article very helpful for me who just joined in this community.
very good work,@aggroed

Gonna bookmark this one! Glad you are with us full time, now.

Thanks alot @aggroed really helpful

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