Back up we go? And some good news!

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So, what do you think? Did we hit bottom? Or are we still lining up for another big drop? Is this naught but the upward acceleration caused by forceful ricochet of a deceased feline being propelled upward from the nadir post prolonged attitudinal plunge? (dead cat bounce)

Traders will talk about only two feelings that drive all price movements: greed and fear. At 9k I'm not fearful of much. When I check the Mayer Multiple I see that the average of the 200 day moving price average of BTC would be $9,357. So, we got pretty close to that, and I think investors started getting really comfortable buying BTC again at those levels. My fear subsided.

Now I'm starting to get greedy. So, personally, I think we just hit bottom. I'm considering taking money I shouldn't risk and buying in. I'm married... so I don't imagine this is going to happen, but that's how I'm feeling. So, I have to imagine that others are getting out of panic sell mode and into "What kind of sweet deals can I get today?"

How are you feeling right now?

Alexa: Top 500

Check this baby out! We're at 499. We're in the top 500 most active websites in the country. We broke the top 1300 for the world. That's pretty amazing. And I think there's more to come.

David Pakman Interview

I just had an invterview with @davidpakman. He asked me what I'm thinking about for 2018. I think it's gonna be an insane year for the Steem blockchain. I think we're undervalued, and the updates we have coming are going to open the door to ridiculous success!

  1. HF20: Velocity: No more waiting weeks for a new account! Onboarding will be vastly improved.
  2. Communities: Want an account for your business, organization, or religious group? We got you covered!
  3. SMTs: We're going to tokenize the internet. It's going to make Steem an increidbly attractive coin.
  4. Mobile app: Steemit is going to release a mobile app this year too making the Steem blockchain easily accessible for everyone everywhere!

$50 steem anyone? That's my bet for the end of the year!


Pre price pump and pre hardfork I put out a post saying that we'll have 2M accounts by the end of the year. We just added our 608,404th user and probably more while I sit here typing this. I think 2M may be conservative if all 4 of the above launch this year. I think you can expect top 300 Alexa, over 100k active users per day, several million accounts, and Steem entering the top 10 coins in 2018.

A vicious upward cycle

As the price of steem increases the number of people who want to blog will increase. As they blog there will be more demand for price, which will drive more users here.

As a matter of fact the driving force for this is platform inflation delivered to active users through content creation and curation. In terms of widespread adoption of coins it's this inflation that's driving growth. There are some whales that don't care for this inflation much, but I think it's underpinning a lot of our growth and success. That's why I want to set it at 10% and leave it unchanged.

It's not advice. It's cheerleading. Make your own financial choices!


I'm not sure the bottom is in yet mate, there may be more 'weak hand' selling before we bounce off the bottom and go on another run.
If you believe in the platform not you obviously and the cryptos in general right now may be the best last time to pile in at prices that will never, ever be seen again.

any idea when the mobile app is coming? it's going to be an exciting year that's for sure! :)

It should have been released already, but...

I don't know. Hopefully soon!

Big things coming for Steemit and STEEM this year. Looking forward to seeing how the mobile app makes life easier for me too!

$50 STEEM? Don't mind if I do, thanks!!

Loving the 2018 updates in the pipe!

And $50? Yessir

$50 is too conservative in my opinion.

I have a target of $100 by year end.

I think SMTs are really going to create a frenzy. Steem has the ability to be a top 10 blockchain, like you said. With SMTs, I think we can see an ETH type move in 2018 like that did last year.

I think the communities are going to add a lot to the site and the value people receive.

It is exciting...I am anxious to see this stuff rolled out.

hilarious ! and so true that if you were thinking of buying in some crazy cheap coins on the dip, what would others be doing. It's been a crazy few months. we've had all time highs, all time lows and everything has been a whirl. Steem and Steem Dollars jumped right out of the box and even with the double dip donkey drop it's up there. I've swam hard against the tide over the last few weeks, seen my portfolio achieve greatness, fall in half, double then almost disappear, only to be rejuvenated in less than an afternoon. Apparently Wall St Bankers get their bonuses this week. I've heard company execs saying things like I'm putting my whole paycheck on Ethereum. Hopefully not Decembers. Octobers would still be up ! it's a matter of perspective. This is the year of the BlockChain. Bitcoin will become less of a topic. I'm looking forward to SMT's and I just got given 1million boozecoins. They have no value as a valueless bitshare token so I just need to find a wealthy banker and offer them at say.... 10p ! ?

My friend Phil, tried to set up a coinbase account before Christmas and he had a nightmare with verification. would you believe it, it came through today. he bought at an AMAZING January sale price and being a bit tech deficient, has put it into an Iconomi fund. I reckon he'll do ok.

We're in for a ride. If PAL needs any artwork / posters / flyers completing, I'm available :)

Sounds awesome. Wanna make up a PAL-studios logo?

yeah I can do that.. brief me in and send any inspirational references over if you have any. I'll do it as my New Years contribution to PAL for the ongoing and excellently upward year. PAL has been good to me and although I haven't had as much time to get to know the community as well as I'd like, it adds the best value to the minnow experience of anything on the platform :)

I got cracked up when I got to the photo in the post... But then I'm also very optimistic about steemit in 2018.

I spoke to few of my friends about the blockchain and some of them haven't gotten approval mails for over 6 days now. What could be wrong?

That's just the sign up process. This is why we need HF20 velocity.

As of today, I'm all in man. I had been a Youtube partner for almost 4 years and today was "fired" from the partner program. The last straw of many to break the camels back. Never mind the fact that I had 2x the required yearly views they needed, it all came down to subscribers. I didn't meet the 1000 subscribers. I'm now moving all my video content to DTube and directing my social activities to Steemit. I'm planning to invest my entire earnings into Steem Power and fully work to support the Steem Blockchain.

Thank you for all the work you contribute to the Steem ecosystem. Even as a new person, I can see the effort that you put out there. Appreciate it.

Welcome aboard! GREAT decision and glad to have you!

I bet you're going to get rewarded for this effort. hang in there. It may take a while still.

Just watched the interview. The SMT's seem interesting and can't wait to see how this year progresses!

I think we are looking at a dead cat bounce and we are set for lower lows. But being realistic, these current prices were only reached for the first time around 6-8 weeks ago. If you bought in at $20k you are looking at significant paper losses. If you bought in any tune before late November you are still up.

I think btc will definitely go up again but just not yet. Look at all the new accounts recently created. As soon as we start to see prices rise again, there is a mass of people waiting to get in that could propel the price to new highs!

$50 by the end of the year. Nice! I know that's just your opinion and you are pitying the fools lol But still...This is a platform a lot of use believe in especially coming from the 'grips' of things like YouTube.

I'm loving it much more than my WordPress blogs now which is scary too.

But I'm very excited for the year ahead. The mobile apps will be 'game, set, match'!

What a time to be alive!

I'm considering taking money I shouldn't risk and buying in. I'm married... so I don't imagine this is going to happen

hahaha preach it mate!

I have not been as bullish on a coin as I am recently with STEEM. The last time I was like this was when I first learned about Bitcoin back in 2015 when it was only $250 USD. Wish I bought more but as you pointed out, married life has it's balances.

The best I can do is shuffle around other cryptos and move the profit into STEEM, power up, and sit tight as this super undervalued blockchain takes off. In my mind it is the only coin and blockchain that delivers on its promises. No speculation needed. Oh and Civic, their app is amazing.

J. R.

civic is a creepy fucking coin. I think it's a good investment, but I don't want to own it.

Interesting take but I think I know where you are going with this since it is trying to position itself with banks for KYC.

Yes, Civic has on of best blockchain apps in real use! Very good UI.

Im pretty sure its at the bottom. Blood started clotting as soon as futures closed. Threw what little I could scrape together back in.

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I hope steem will be able to scale while every other currencie is having trouble with that. If steem can do that we going to the moon plus the mobile app would help alot of steemians be more active on the platform. And it was what you said the more steemians are blogging the higher the price will go.

good post maan

What! WHAT!?!?! The FIRESALE is over ;( ???

I think what ever happens it is always good to buy when good coin price drops, because I know sooner or later price will increase again not today, not this week and not this month but soon.

I think we hit the bottom and now we are on our way back up. There is alot of FUD and rumors going around but this has happened before. I think everyone who decided to HODL over the past week or so will soon be glad that they did. Everyone get ready for a big 2018.

Also, that is a great meme. I PITY THE FOOL! haha

Mobile app would be great! And 50 dollar Steem!? Ballsy prediction;)

The way I see it. We had a 7 week crash awhile back so I don't see why this one might not be 7 weeks a swell. Then again I have seen crashes that have lasted years so anything can happen.

You can't tell me what to do!
I'm taking this as advice and I'm running with it, ha!!

Then I'm left with no options other than to pity you.

What's the market cap on pity these days? Is it trading on Binance?

I'm feeling rather bullish on pity for you and it may require rather extreme amounts. Based on my demand alone I suspect it's a $1T market.

I bought a metric shit ton of NEM SC and NEO back when you could buy a wheelbarrow full for a Zimbabwean dollar. I pretty much got that right now.

....and now it's all gone.

That was funny!

I have some solid ideas for the token generator. Any news on the timing of it's release?

Great update and I think 50 dollar Steem is reasonable!

Personally I believe that we are going to fly vey soon.. I sow lots of drops and crashes in the last two years, However the rise is always very big than the crash so just wit for magic.
I am waiting for Magic too.

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I think currently the bitcoin price will continue to fluctuate, and it will take a little longer for normal again, but it all depends on the global currency movement in various countries

Wow loved your post...loved reading's amazing....thank you for sharing good morning have a great day ahead

With BTC I was ready to max out my credit card at 9k. lol

That means I have the opportunity to be a whale on Steemit!!!

Honestly I’m glad we got a correction so that we could get ride of some toxic coins. There’s still more to go, but this is a start.

Now on to the next meteoric rise! Given it’s quick start I truly believe Steem will be a big winner with
10x + gains in the coming few months.

About to watch your interview with Pakman. Is there a source I can go to that will shed more light on HF20 & the upcoming SMTs? Something a little more layman-ish than a whitepaper would be best -- but I'm willing to keep my thinking cap on for a while if needed.

Awesome, thanks! Gave the post a quick read. Very excited about the velocity improvements and removal of the account creation fee, as well as the changes to the reverse auction.

Good post preinds

I find Steemit works pretty well in mobile web. What do you anticipate a mobile app will improve?

Can’t wait for the $50 STEEM 😂

Do your own research

Wow, amazing in just a week we're now at 499! The last time you showed it on MSP were at 1300! :) Is it because they are now investing Steem? :)

Thank you for sharing this @aggroed! :) ♥

Apparently people are willing to blog more when the price of steem gets up to $9 something :)

Regardless of the price of Steem I will continue blogging :) ♥

That's how you actually make money when the price is high. You hodl until it moons, cash out, and then cash in when the crash is done and live off the delta.

Thank you very much @aggroed! I am really learning a lot from you, appreciate it a lot! :)

It looks like we may have touched the bottom for a lot of coins. Up up and away!!!!

I've been saying that I think that the cypto community is going to learn from this correction in pricing and grow from it. I hope that your price target of $50 comes true!

Is this naught but the upward acceleration caused by forceful ricochet of a deceased feline being propelled upward from the nadir post prolonged attitudinal plunge? (dead cat bounce)

I have to use this! 😂😂

thank you for advice :D

Im very excited about the future of steemit. In fact I think its the MAIN REASON that facebook is exploring its own token because they see the future and it doesnt look good for them unless they get on board ....and quick. Facebook, meet Myspace.

I dont think the drop is over. We may test 8k.

We are moving so fast on Alexa! Love that and it shows me we are going to be just fine get at Steemit/Steem.

Great milestone Alexa top 500! Thanks for all the financial advice... ha ha just kidding... I'm no fool!

I'm just happy my internet points mean something now.

Life has meaning again.

It's very similar to what I saw out of Tsu. They made it a point to make sure your posts matter, that you're making content that people want to share. It was that collaborative nature (and the payouts for making good content) that drew people to the network. Nothing like having your social media posts work for you, am I right?

Crypto sale is over! Hope everybody enjoyed seadooing through the blood in the streets.

good work
very best wishes for your own choices
its going to be excited that app is going to come soon in future


Yes that’s how I’m feeling too! The fear is leaving as I see we are rising from the bottom of the dip. I don’t have any more money set aside for crypto at the moment, but I am thinking of some extra money in the bank I could use... lol! But better not! I remember how horrible that felt (just two days ago!) to see everything in red and down 20-55%!

Still tempting! I think I just need to sit with this one, collect sbds, watch the prices and make a smarter move, not necessarily a greedy or rash one!

The market dips, the market swings and still we HODL

😏🌙🦌 💕 @mountainjewel

Great interview, great answers top bloke :-) My witness vote was well spent.
thank you

Woot! Thanks!

it is something that craving stemian. hopefully the brilliant idea will come.

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I want pom pom's with my cheerleading please.

YEAH TEEM STEEM!!! @aggroed you look amazing in purple!

Thanks. Though even though I recognize you and other may agree the pom poms are purple I choose to identify them as green pom poms. Thank you for your consideration.

You can identify them as what ever you see fit. Listening to you in dtube now on David Pakman. Never know you were Dr. aggroed. Respect.

your post motivated me to keep posting here and wait for the $50 and more .. hopehully :) I just found an app called steemify. This reminds you when certein people post and also when someone commented on your post.

Well since I can see the pix underneath, and justbhope for the best but can also take the worst

good sharing for today....

Before going to sleep (7 hours ago) i noticed some greens. I was waiting for a slighly more dip in prices. Yes, i was getting greedy and lost on an apportunity. Steem that was selling at 2.88$ is now 4.47$. The truth is no one can predict this market. Looks like i am going to have to wait again.

I had invited a friend to join. Today it is going to be 6th day and he has not recieved his password yet. I hope this fork solves the issue and helps new users join as easily as we can join twitter or facebook.

This is the most important thing i believe. I tried using esteem app. I was very slow. A dedicated mobile app for steem will make it a lot easier to access and write blog posts.

$50 Steem coming from aggroed, I'm feel pretty excited about this prediction!

I just bought some EOS yesterday during the price dip. I'm sort of glad the dip happened, as I missed out on getting EOS a month or so ago.

Thank you for the Mayer Multiple link. I had never heard of it.

Sounds like this is going to be one exciting year for steemit.

I hope you're right about this not being a dead-cat bounce but I'd like to get through the weekend before I'm hitting the buy button.

At least one thingwill be good about decrease of the inflation: less fight over the reward pool which is quite common these days...

Well, i think we are still not at the bottom, really. I still see light, you know. :)

You really have a great ideas. ! Thank you for sharing!

I'm considering taking money I shouldn't risk and buying in.

Breaking the golden rule of investing because of a gut feeling is no good. Don't be greedy, who cares if you could have made more, we're all making enough.

Personally, I hope we hit the bottom. But I also hope that we can see a more stable period now that the market has corrected itself, with less heavy downs, but also ups.
A smaller, constant growth is healther and would benefit mass implementation, for which volatility is a real obstacle.

I don't think we will know foresure if we will see another dip until later this month (Jan 24-25) when BTC MIGHT dip down to the ~8k level for a short period, before jumping back up to the ~10k level fairly quickly and getting stuck in a 10-12k channel until mid Feb when it finally breaks up past 14k where it then remains going forward (moving towards ~40k in August).

Coincidence??? Multi-Year Bitcoin Crash Pattern... Like Clockwork BTC Has Crashed 25-35% For 4 Years In A Row Starting 23-24 Days Before Chinese New Year

You got to remember there is a third trading factor. Market makers/players with big influence can move markets at their will. I've read some articles about big shadow players moving markets in Bitcoin as well. This has happened in traditional long standing markets as well. Remember from a statistical level cyprotos have basically no real data. Asset classes with long data sets are constantly used to predict the future and can be just as wrong. I know you quoted the 200 day moving average but I'd be interested in the standard deviation of that 200 day moving average. We use that in stocks but it really only relevant if you have years of data and can compare it against its peer group stocks that may have even longer track records. I really like steem because your earning it. You have to do the work and put in the time. Bitcoin at this point, I feel is people trying to get rich quick. The track record of that is very clear and very bad for investors!

Thank you for post.

I love that pic at the end. I may or may not be stealing it for my own posts...

But you raise a couple good points. We are seeing more people (and more bots) coming to the platform. I think Pakman was a huge help in accomplishing this, but really, everyone contributed. My one concern is that not many new people will fully understand the way Steemit works (let's be honest, we have our own culture here and it's not exactly the same as FB or IG) and will be turned off by it. That said, the influx of new users will lead to more of the established users reaching out and helping the new people grow.

And it's about time we got a mobile app besides SteepShot! That's a much needed addition.

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