Twentieth Week of Growing SP Through Faucet earnings

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Another week of low crypto prices, and faucet payouts higher in quantity as a result, which I think is great. I believe quantity matters in this case, because once crypto prices recover, all that we gathered will be worth more!

My earnings last week were 13,560 satoshi, converted to 0.0182202475 Dash and traded for 8.079 STEEM through BlockTrades (Steemd transaction link). 8 STEEM only from faucets!

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Image source: Wikimedia Commons, by Busy Stubber at English Wikipedia, effects by Ysangkok [Public domain].

My SP delegation to the Brazilians project got me a weekly payout of 1.029 STEEM, and my QuratorTokens (which give daily STEEM payouts) got me 0.225 STEEM in the week. Including the faucet earnings, the total became 9.333 STEEM (almost 10 STEEM)!

And my 150 SP lease expired. This time, I chose not to renew it, as now I have around 330 undelegated SP that should be enough to go by, and 150 extra SP doesn't change my upvote value much anyway (the downside to low crypto prices:P ). I'll go on this month without leasing SP to see if it will make much difference (I think it won't, at least in regards to my upvote value. Not sure about the RC, but I hope it won't be a problem). Still, I have 2.857 STEEM that I had saved up from last month's faucet earnings to pay for a lease, if I happen to change my mind.

Since I still have the amount I saved up last month, I won't save up anything from the faucet earnings this time. Which means I could power up everything from last week. Since the amount was rather close to 10 STEEM, I chose to round it up and powered up 10 STEEM! Still waiting for the day I'll get 10 STEEM without needing to round the number up, though. Maybe if the crypto prices continue dropping :P .

If anyone else is interested in growing SP through faucet earnings and would like to use the faucet websites I'm using, here's a post with more details and tips, and here's a short interview with a few more tips.


I have been using CoinPot faucets for several months and now collect about 1-2 STEEM per day. I convert everything to Litecoin then thru Bloacktrades to STEEM.

Why do you choose Dash?

When I began, Dash was easier to reach the minimum withdrawal value, and was worth more STEEM. I've just checked, and it seems that Litecoin may be a bit easier now that its price has dropped a lot (so we need less of other cryptos to convert to Litecoin). But I did a simulation, and Dash seems to still be giving a bit more STEEM.

As I write this, 0.002 Dash (the minimum withdrawal value) is trading for 0.867 STEEM on BlockTrades. If converted to Litecoin at CoinPot, 0.002 Dash would become 0.00222500 LTC, and trade for 0.858 STEEM on BlockTrades.

Thank you for the detailed explanation. I never went to the trouble to check conversion rates. I just new that Litecoin had low fees and a low minimum withdraw value. I will have to try doing my exchanges with Dash for awhile.

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